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Amme Narayana…..

Yeah as i said in my previous blog, i'm attempting a travelogue on my pilgrimage to the famous temples of south india, the KoLLUR Mookambika devi kshethram and Uduppi Sri Krishna temple. Me writing this sitting inside the marusagar express,away from my people,as we got our seat number scattered in different places.So i thought i should write something here.
Now the train has started moving with a moderate speed,i dont feel the wind, because the windows are closed, as this is an air conditioned compartment.I'm first time in an ac compartment, obviously because i dont travel much in train, i'm a less travelling man who has become a travel crazy man recently..
The forward motion of train causes a perpendicular displacement to its passengers, exactly like a sine wave each passenger is moving with respect to the observer outside the train. Oops the physicist in me woke up at a wrong time.Anyways the life moves forward!
I've Heard a quite lot about the temple which i'm going to visit, but i'l be there first time.Have read a pilgrim account bY our mega star lalettan,i was inspired by that.I could read Its a temple with a natural back ground,where the nature is worshipped, the devi there fills each particle of that forest.So moving fast to see the place at approx 8okmph.

Oops! I hate walking inside the train,loses the balance,'ve to move like a drunkard,we are six people and got the ticket at 5 different places, with many permutation and combination calculations,we are now divided into 3 groups,me being a single member group,is alone in b2 compartment.The calculation was never easy as we do in maths, here it was like a physical exercise, talking to various people, compromising talks,some do agree, some do not even look at us, some say they cant defy rules, some murmur something, atlast some kind hearted people do agree. Dont think we are the only sufferers, majority of the passengers are sufferers! I think train is carrying more sufferers than travellers.Trying to recollect a lalettan dialogue "Suffer"on ki zindagi kabhi nahim katham ho jaati hai. Shambo mahadeva…!
All settled, now am on the upper berth, trying to sleep, below me i can see the ttr sitting confused in middle of many sufferers.Ttr too suffers. Watta train. Many people showing tickets at him from many sides, i wonder whether he'l actually survive this test. Mera suffer khatam ho gaya, now watching others sufferings..!
The ac is on, and the time is fifteen min to ten, me happy with the fact that we got the best possible answer to the p & c question,is thinking whether to help others solve it. But now i decided not to interfere,and not make it more complicated. I gave sleeping pills to my 'sympathising' mind,me not feeling sleepy as the lights are on.
Below my berth, i think they are a family of many members,all speaking to each other in some malapuram malayalam language. Quite interesting the way they speak.I can hear the train moving forward but couldn't guess where we've reached as i cant see outside.Seeing the people in this train, i realise how this mode of traffic play the important role in people life. The train is full with passengers, capacity of train, not very sure, is certainly more than thousand, that means atleast thousand people move from one point to another each day.Its quite interesting, that this much people shift their position each day.. May be some are getting transfered, some might be on a trip like me, some may be shifting their place of living to a new place, some may be visiting their relatives, some others for some other reasons.The life moves and it moves,what ever the reasons may be.If thousand people are leaving the station, the same amount of people are getting down at the same station,that means the no. Of people living in a place is a constant, but the faces do change..
Another fact that i realise during this journey, is about the population india contains. Every train contains atleast 1k people, how many trains are running today in india at various places, let it be X ,multiply 1k wit no. X, will get an amazing big no. Yeah, i know india's population is 115cr,thanks to GK books, but now i feel that the population does exist..Thanks to my amazing thoughts..
Yes some've stopped talking now, have switched off some lights, two more bulbs waiting for a rest, me too waiting for them to rest.Thinking about words of my friend, after hearing it which i started doubting why should i blog,'he adviced me not to blog personal things siting the reason that no one will read or no one are interested to know what i do. Yes he's right, no disagreeing, but then why i'm typing this all?'. But now i understand why should i, i'l explain..
First reason, for me typing in a mobile is not a difficult task, or its very easy.Two,when i'm alone or travelling, what should i do else,just look at others faces? its ok if the faces are worth looking at, but what if there are no such faces? so this help here.Third, you cant express all the thoughts verbally to someone, they'l think we are crazy, but this place, i mean web space is the craziest place in the world where we can upload our craziest thoughts.Fourth, i dont want many readers to my blog, i want people who really know me to read this, ha ha, i cant demand like i did in my previous sentence, because the people who care about me will dare to read what i write.Anyways thanking them from the bottom of my heart, i mean the place where the blood pumping take place.
These fantastic four reasons made me start writing again, i'm optimistic again, because i know i'l get atleast one follower, i mean myself, i'l read it myself and enjoy my experiences at some point of my life.I can see a no. 12k on my screen which indicate, i've writtern here the blog of size 12k. That means approximately 6oo words or more if my multiplication is right.Am Planning to stop todays blog when i see the no 13k,its still 12k.So what else? Yes last two days i was having bad days for bloging, as no ideas were comin to me, no noble thoughts were coming to me from any sides,i couldn't complete them,i didn't get the ideas about what i should write. Yes mood depends, the approach to anyone or anything depends on our mood, you speak nicely to people when you are in good mood, what we do is not important, because our mood controls what and how we do!
Yes 13k has reached, i love the no. 13,some fools hate it,now i can stop my blog about todays experiences in train,now perfect timing, i stopped writin, they switched off lights, bulbs 've already got rest, let i also take some rest, now journey starts to a dream world..
See you all tomoro,
amme narayana!
Devi narayana!
lakshmi narayana!
Bhadre narayana!


3 Comments on “Amme Narayana…..”

  1. Govind.K says:

    Post photographsHoep you had a nice trip to Kollur Mookambika Temple. Please try to upload photographs after visiting these great temples….RegardsK Govindan Nampoothiry

  2. Kini says:

    Sure. I’l try it. I do everything using phone, so photo uploading is difficult. Once i get pc net ‘l do

  3. manchitra says:

    I liked your traavelogues a lot. You know I am a travel buff. You express also well. Keep sharing:)

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