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In GSB temples…

I 'm back again. This time after a sumptous lunch in sri ananteshwar temple in manjeshwar. Typical konkani gsb food from here,made my stomach think of samaradhana in our T.D Temple.Yes we were in a gsb temple here in manjeshwar,the prathishta here is Sri Lakshmi Narasimha. The premises of temple is not different from the temples we have in our city.The main difference i noted here is the temple priest here,i hope every gsb bhatmams should come here and learn how to do the archana and how to give the prasadam and the theertha.I can not help criticising our bhatmams in our temples when i see the priest(bhatmam) here. I'l explain his behaviour to devotees coming to temple in due course..
The temple is like our td temple,though smaller, have 5 sub temple (upa devall) for lakshmi,hanuman etc.We did 'archana' for each one of us and waited for prasadam.The bhatmam was an old man, who speaks louder than the youngest bhatmam, was active than people of his age. He came inside the temple garbagraha and gave deepa and dhupa upachaara to the god.Then temple door was closed for a while to offer the food to do the niveda,(act of offering the food to the god, and the food thus become the niveda). While it was being done, another man was singing a bhajan in kannada i think.But the language doesn't made the song difficult to understand. It took us more to the god's abode..The arathi was over and the bhatmam gave the prasadam to all. He doesn't simply give prasadam, he blesses each one, not in sanskrit but in our language. It make us feel we are really recieving the blessing of the god. He chant shlokahs like oushadi jahnavi toyam etc loudly when he give the theertha. Every gsb or every keralite should visit here atleast once to see how he does or in my uncles language each bhatmam should be trained here before he's given charge of a temple..He seems very dedicated to his job.
Some people criticize the priest recieving dakshina, but for them i should say something.For every job done there is a fees paid, what the priest does is not different from the job. He earns from this job, and he earns from what people give to him. You can call this in any terminologY, like spiritual marketing etc,marketing is not a bad term anyways, if both the producer and customer is sincere to his job…So do not put the priest in a separate class, they also have familY, they also have worries, they also need money..So giving dakshina is our duty.After the prasadam meals we are now leaving for the uduppi sri krishna swami temple.On the way we saw a temple inaugurated by former PM rajiv gandhi, we saw it from outside, as the darshan timings are over.
Earlier in the morning we visited the veera venkitramana templ in mulki, this is a ugra narasimha temple built and managed by gsbs.

Saw on the way an ad by idea, "save paper, use mobile". I think i'm actually practicing it. I type this in mobile, store this in web space.Wow! Now moving to uduppi temple, the sri Krishna 's place, supreme personality of godhead lives there..By the way two good news for me as a writer, my letters to editor of new indian expres,kochi got finally published, and another i got a comment from another blogger, i did not expect it,because till now i made my friends read the blog (some time using force). Thank to that friend who read and commented on my blog..
Now in the hotel room after having the darshan of sri krishna. Superb experience, i love this temple very much next to tirupathi only.If i write about it here the blog will become extra large, so my next blog entirely dedicated to the uduppi sri krishna swami..
Govinda Gopala
gopala govinda..
Vande Mataram!


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