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In Mookambika, amme narayana

Yesterday was very tired as we reached back very late. So i decided to write it when am in good mood. So now writing this from taxi moving at a speed of approx 70kmph to manjeshwar and mulki, the two gsb temples near mangluru.On Both sides of the road,i can see the trees, standing firm!
So yesterday we reached the mookambika in the evening after four, the temple is not very big,but the people visit the temple in large numbers. That itself shows that we do not visit a temple only because it gives a material pleasure of enjoying the beauty of the external structure of it, but also we count the spiritual wealth of the temple, which is at its most in this mookambika temple.The people visit there irrespective of their religion, to have a glimpse of the universal mother, the mookambika! This place is famous for the vidyarambha during the navaratri festival.
Today as we reached earlier, there was no big rush, so we got the darshan twice in one go, i chanted some parts of INDRAKSHI Sthothram and 'ya devi sarvabhooteshu' and asked for the blessings of our jagad amma!We sat in the temple premises for a while and after that went for shopping, i bought some Charadu and tulasimani mala and later decided to give it for poojan.We had a poojari friend there in temple, he did the pushparchana . He helped us do the sankalpa with sanskrit shlokas, i could understand some part of it. The content of sankalpa was this.."we are doing this archana with flowers to the devata here,to cleanse ourselves from the past sins of this janma and the previous janmas, everything including the brahmahatya papa will be washed away with the blessings of the ever pervading devi here, let all of us be happy and live according to dharma after the archana here,let all our problems be solved, we dedicate ourselves to the devi here." it was a very nice time with the poojari here, when the meaning of samskrit shlokas become understandable, the joy of performing archana gets doubled.Paying my respect to this great language, the mother of all language, the language of our ancient seers, samskritam!
After that we got our charada and the mala with the devi's presence in it, we wore it ourself. My little sister asked why we wear this.. My answer was fantastic (not boasting). I said "see, if we think of doing harm to others or doing prohibited things, when we see the hands with the charada, we realise we shouldn't do it, we feel the devi's presence in our hands, and will restrict ourself from the bad actions we are going to commit. Also when we were harmed by other people, we could react with great power, as the devi's strength is with us. ". So this is to help us do the right things at the right time..
Here also devoteed are provided free meals, we waited for the prasadam in the hall exclusively made for annadaana. We had our meals and went to the pujari to collect our kashaya theertham..There was mangalarthi and rathapooja during that time.The temple was closed at about 9pm.
We couldn't go kudajadri because it wil consume more time, but we visited the sowparnika river there during evening.Washed my hands and face there, remembering the song 'sowparnikamritha veethikal padum..' we visited the garuda guha, the place where the garuda did tapas once, that place is crowded by monkeys, all naughty, naughtier than the naughtiest of their human counter part, they were fighting with each other, during that fight one fell into the river, and was humiliated. We saw the guha and returned to our taxi.
So this was yesterdays experiences. Todays in next blog, photos taken at mookambika temple will attached later!
See you all..
Amme Narayana!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    good writing

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