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Govinda Bolo Hari Gopala Bolo

Today morning i visited the sri krishna swami matt in uduppi, this time alone,reached the temple and joined the long queue of devotees who were standing there waiting for the darshan.I removed the shirt and put the jai sri ram saffron shall, moved behind the people who were before me. Reached inside the temple, where the inside walls surrounding the main temple, is painted with beautiful photos of sri krishna in the bal leelas, in kurukshethra battle field,in nanda palace,etc,the temple premises are airconditioned although it was not switched on that time,every sides the fans where working, and on every corner there were lcd tv which showed us the pooja going on inside, upper parts of temple were closed with wooden roofs,watching all these i reached the front side,here the sri krishna is facing the west side, and a long story is associated with it, which says the krishna gave darshan to a low caste person named kanakadas who was barred from entering the temple from the east side. He entered from the backside and peeped through the window and sri krishna is believed to have turned himself facing west to give him darshan.Since then this custom of darshan throug windows follows till date.Remembering this story i followed the queue, the temple atmospher was filled with the sound of bells and musical instruments which helped us not to deviate our thoughts away from the temple.Finally we reached near the window with folded palms and the family before me took more time for darshan, may be they've a lots more than us to tell the god here, anyways we waited for them, the security there was making interesting sounds to make them move, and when his tone began to change, they moved on, still praying.Next was my chance, i also peeped through the window like kanakadas did,saw the lord of the universe, the supreme personality of godhead,the nanda lala, the warrior arjuna's friend,Sri krishna.I did not take much time there.Satisfied with the darshan, i went to the priests there who were giving theertha. After having it, i sat in the temple premises itself and started reading the sahasranama,i had to read it fast as i'D to reach back to hotel at 9. A cow and her calf was bought there for the gopujan at that time. After finishing parayana i went to cow and the calf, touched them and put my hand on the forhead, an act of paying respect.The cow has an important place in a hindu life,every hindu must pay respect or atleast he must not disrespect the sri krishna's favourate animal.Cow is our mother, we call it gomata,so the cow slaughter need to be banned throughout the country.Hats off to some state govt who've already banned it.. I got the laddu and the prasadam from the counter there i returned to hotel and had the break fast.
Back in the hotel room i was thinking of how to write about yesterdays experience. Some things can not be put into words. Anyways i did trY.
Yesterday we reached back from gsb temples, had the bath and walked all the way to the sri krishna matt, all were hungry and hence we were redirected to the hotel there, we masala dosa for which this place is famous for.Saw the huge ratha while we were waiting for the dosas to come, we went outside, and prayed , took video of that huge rath, came back and had the food. All stepped out of the hotel with happy stomachs, i was walking ahead from my people.We could see the rath moving and also the crowd pulling it. I observed the crowd, there were people wearing pants and shirts, some were holding suit case in one hand and pulling the rath with another, there were women among them, some old, some young, that means irrespective of the age and profession, people were working together to make the rath move,i donno which force made me join the crowd, i felt like somebody pushing me to them, may be its krishna himself,i joined the crowds who were shouting jaikars, govinda gopala, i also did govinda gopala, the whole crowd was singing the same. May be that gave them energy to work, in my case that added to my energy. I was doing this in great spirit,i enjoyed doing the service. I felt a little bit dissatisfied as the rath pooja was over, i wanted to accompany the crowd for one more rath pooja, but can not because i'm leaving today.:-(.
The rath episode taught me something. The rath symbolised the challenges of the hindu as a community is facing. And the crowd symbolise the unity can make anything happen.Our rath of challenges is more mighty and we need more crowd to face it.Anyways i will adjust the timings of my next visit to here so that it'l coincide with the rath pooja.
I loved this place next to thirupathi.
After the participation with people associated with rath puja, i lost my people who did not participat, i directly went to the temple expecting them to see there.Joined the queue there just like today,and was a perfect timing,the arathi started just after i reached the front part.A unjalseva was going on,saw the sri krishna swinging, and the swami of some matt was doing the arathi.I got the darshan as today. After that we had meals there in temple itself. It was a nice time in ktka, we did our lunch and dinner in temples itself. In kerala you cannot dream of getting free food everyday from temples, only in our some temples we've that system.Kerala needs to learn from ktka, it onlY Needs to kick of atheists from the devasvam board,all wil be well if the kerala govt took this bold step.Anyways lets wait and see..
Taking only memories from this place, only because i can not take this place with me i'm back in train. I saw a sanyasi in railway station,i just went to him just to know from where he's, he's a north indian and has come to the sri krishna temple. He saw my tulasi mala asked from where did i buy, and commented that i should year a saat mukhi rudraksh if am a student,i said a namasthe and moved away. Why i donno, may be the lord sri krishna wants me to study better, thatsy may be he has put him on my way.
So now the train to e k m is coming,my pilgrimage is over, enjoyed sharing things wit you, hope you enjoyed listening to me, waiting for other pilgrimage, will share that too, keep in touch..
Proud to be in a country of temples which gives us some memories to live with, proud of being in a religion, which gave so many gods to choose whom we like,
proud of the people who came with me,without which this pilgrimage wouldn't've happened
proud of everyone who has read this blog,as you've given me a place in their heart


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