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|| Rashtraya Swaha, Rashtraya Idam Na Mama ||

(one of my first blogpost on hindutva writtern on april 2010)



Today during the lunch we the frenz were talking about hinduism, the absolute freedom that its followers get.You can be a bhaktha or an atheist, it doesn’t matter in hinduism.You are not forced to worship any particular god, nor r v barred from worshiping any one. I found my friend describing this as the BEAUTY of hinduism.He added hindu only means being an indian. This statement was quite interesting to hear from him, because i had thought only we the hindutva people accept it.
So when he said its the BEAUTY Of hinduism that its followers gets the absolute freedom,i added to it that its also the PrOBLEM Of hinduism.Yes, any one can do anything create a complete chaos, and as a result, many are exploited.
There will be no unity like christians and muslims have.And as a result the existance of the hindu community will also be in danger.In a few states of india,the external forces has succeeded in reducing the hindu population into minority..(eg-kashmir,north east states).Talking about all these i recollected about my journey from a normal hindu to a proud hindu.

Inspired about Hindutva

Exactly speaking my interest in hindutva started after i completed the sslc, i was first for sanskrit in my school and our community organisation decided to felicitate the students who got good marks in our school.I had to attend a speech by Dr N. gopalakrishnan, director, indian institute of scientific heritage to collect the prize.As every other school students i hated hearing the speeches,but since i had got the first prize i had to report them before the program start.I went there at time, and waited restlessly to get the prize.The speech started, the speaker was a good orator, he knew the audience, he spoke about our culture, our history, our scientific heritage etc and at the end of the speech i wAS so clear about the subject that i could write an essay then and there about the subject without any further reference..I was deeply inspired by his speech.
His speech included many problems that hindus face from people outside,and also the people inside,he mentioned about our culture and its scientific side,he was talking very funny at times,emotional at other times..After that speech i was so inspired by it that when i was called for recieving the prize from that great orator,i fall on his feet,i couldn’t stop myself from doing it. He made me stand up by holding my shoulders, and even now i could feel it.This incident pushed me to the great battlezone of hindutva..

Introduction to RSS

When i was a degree first year student 4yrs ago, my friend introduced me to rss shakhas,i had some prejudice to attend it,but that prejudice proved totally baseless..I remember my first shaka experience.That day what we did was only exercises, after that there were some games, games were chosen such that it will not be a” fighting against each other” but it’l show us the power of unity. It’l prove to us that the one man show is only a day dream.After that we all did sit around in a circle ,one did sing ganageeth, a song with a message,and also some subhashitam was discussed.The first subhashitam i heard attending shakas had this meaning-‘ a river takes many years to change shape of a small stone,like that somethings consume time to change.So keep on trying.’ After that sitting-around session we all did stand up for the sangh prarthana.The most important prayer addressed to bharatmata.I remember the spirit with which i stood for that song.It starts with Namasthe sada vatsale..(this song is available for download,those who’ve not heard it should hear it atleast once, just google it). This song is the main source of attraction as far as i was concerned.I could guess the meaning of the song, but that day itself i went home and searched for the meaning.The most touching line i felt was “patat esha kayo namasthe namasthe..”.”Let this body fall for thy cause…”.. From that day i got two mothers, one is my mother who gave me shelter for 9months and protected me till i grew up,and the other is bharatmata who gives me shelter and protection for the whole life time.My heart started pumping the patriotic blood from that day…
I used to attend weekend shakas that time, we were taught some karatte like steps.I learnt some of them. But i lost my habit of attending shakas as i had to give more stress to my academics.But my mind was and is always with the rss and the hindutva.Even today i attend shakas very rarely, but i’m always walking with the rss and working for the Hindutva.

More exposure to hindutva

the hindu philosophy is vast.The first satsang i attended was swami sandeep chaitanya. After that i ‘m even now attending yearly satsangs by sri nochur venkitaraman.Satsangs are the knowledge hubs for the great university of hindutva.  During last gujrat elections and general elections, i became a fan of sri Narendra Modi and sri varun gandhi:..! The more media did report against them, the more i was attached to them, thanx to our pseudo secular media.

The present condition

i started my twitter account only to discuss hindutva with people of various parts of this great nation.I’m not a political man, i’m not bjp, but i’m a proud rss., and continue to be so…Being Rss doesn’t mean i’m anti anyone or anything, it only means i’m pro nation, pro bharat..Rss is not above criticism, but if you want to know rss , you need to know its shakas and ways of functioning.Know rss and criticise, we welcome criticism, criticism is a source of energy for us.
I wanted to share this to all of you,lets all be proud hindus,..
if you want to contribute to our energy then you can criticise us too
vande mataram.



One Comment on “|| Rashtraya Swaha, Rashtraya Idam Na Mama ||”

  1. Sujith Menon says:

    Great vision

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