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Namasthe,Having got a few encouraging comments on my previous blogpost on hindutva, i decided to put forward my views and thoughts about the subject.My upcoming posts will deal with my answers to various questions that people may ask to me..
In this post i'l try to answer these questions wit a little knowledge i've..
1. What is hindutva?
2. Why hindus should be proud?
3. What is mission hindutva?
4. Hindutva= secularism.How?
5. Does hindutva take criticism ?
Letme try answering,

what is HiNDUTVA?
There are many versions by many historians about the origin of the word HINDU.The word hindu according to some is derived from the word SINdU,which is a river in now pakistan.But the version which i want to believe is true, is the RSS version,ie
HImalayam samarambhya yavat INDU sarovaram
tam devanirmitham desham
HINDUsthaanam Prachakshate
the sacred divine land between himalaya and indumahasagar is this Hindusthan.And the people living in Hindusthaan are Hindus.
Whatever the interpretation be,be't sindhu or the rss definition, its clear that the word Hindu doesn't represent a RELIGION, but it is a collection of people living in a REGION which is bounded by specific boundaries. These boundaries existed atleast 5000yrs ago,because if we even take the western version of Hindu History,we can see Rigveda, which mentioned various rivers and places which are even now in our nation itself was writern about atleast 5oooyrs ago.The mahabharata even mentions the names of some places extending upto places which now exist in foreign countries like afghan burma etc proves that our country was even more larger than what its now.The journey of sri Rama as described in Ramayana also proves the same,the proof of which even exist today.We study in history about mauryan empire established by koutilya known as Chanakya,who i believe is the father of political science.So the nation concept was here since atleas 5000yrs ago..
So hindu means a GEOgrAPHICAL representation of a group of people who are blessed with atleast 5k yrs of heritage..
The term Hindutva is derived from the word hindu itself,meaning is very vast,its a word coined by nationalists to represent proud hindus.

Why we should be proud of being hindus?
Hindutva explains:Hindus are the people who represent the living civilisation which started its existance from time immemorial.Its a historic fact that this civilisation has been attacked ruthlessly by islam and other foreign religions.Hindus did not hate any religion,but also it accepted all religions as true,budhism,jainism etc were accepted as part of hinduism.But when a group of people used swords and guns to propagate their religion,hindus who only knew to love ,first encountered the attack of people who did not know what is love. To speak in the language of love needs some ears which can understand it. But in the case of islam,that language proved waste.. From then and there the Hindutva started,Chatrapati Shivaji, Rani Lakshmi bhai,were the chariots of the great uprising.The fight for Hindutva still continues…
When hindus started priding about what is worth priding upon we could defend oursele.So defence need confidence,confidence comes from pride of being someone,pride comes from knowing our great culture..

What is mission Hindutva?
Simple,we want to let all be proud citizens of this country..We do not want some people to move away from the main stream culture. Let all people of this country be proud of our national heros,songs,culture.We do not want people who propagate misinformation about hinduism in this country which is inhabited by overwhelming majority of hindus.We do not want our age old culture and heritage to be destroyed by being westernised,we dont want to be slaves of the only god,but we only want to chose our ishta deva from thousand choices.We can not tolerate people (even if they are hindus or anyone) who say their ancestors were fools,because we all came from a common set of ancestors,insulting them is like insulting us.We do not want mini taliban to grow in our country.We want the law to be same for all.We do not want our own government to insult our culture and national ethos.We want all to keep aside their religion,and start serving this great nation of ours.I hope this missions did not hurt any one..If it hurts,i cant help!

How Hindutva=Secularism?
Hinduism as i said is not a dogmatic religion. Hindu (Sanskrit) equivalent word for religion is Matah,or in malayalam its 'matam', which only means opinion.So opinion depends on individuals.Ones right may be others wrong.We can not say which is right and what is wrong? So hinduism give perfect freedom for its followers to choose any modes of worship,atheists are also part of hinduism. Hinduism is a phenomenon of opposite poles existing together,advaitis are hindus,dvaitis also are.Bhakthas and atheists,both are hindus.
In other words hindutva means secularism or even more wider concept.Letme quote from our holy books.
Lokah samastah sukhino bhavanthu
ekam sat vipraha bahuda vadanthi
aakashat patitam toyam
yada ghachathi sagaram
sarva deva namaskaram
keshavam prathigachathi
the meanings of this underlines the equation of hindutva=secularism..No more explanation needed..

Who all are Hindus ?
No matter you are what by birth , you are a hindu if you are a citizen of this country,or in other words you are a HINDU By default..You needn't change the god you worship or change the way you worship. But we cant help if you join the group of people who preaches hate propaganda against Hindus and their culture.

Does Hindutva take criticism?
Yes. We do. The hindus evolved as open minded beings because we accepted constructive criticisms,we did not kill the atheists and scientists , but we incorporated our culture with their scientific contribution.Swami Vivekananda has criticised many times and have corrected various closed mindsets.Even now criticisms are welcomed,but we request them to be constructive..But a request,know hindutva before you criticise it.

The questions are endless..
So our answers are..
So keep on writing
so keep on working
for the noble cause..
For the hindu cause..
For our great nation..
For our great bharatam..
Will be continued…
Vande Mataram


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