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Note: i know a little about these people and ipl,i know them thru the controversies they were in and their behaviour.

Shashi-tharoor(or twitterer)

Shashi took his birth in a small village X (donno name) in kerala(his character tells it),spent his childhood with locals here(know a bit of mallu),and spent his good days in america(speaks english more,standard words, people dont understand),became a under secratary(wats that%?) to UN General secratary,So he spent his long official life in US (he once wanted indians to sing their national anthem in US style),came to india back few years back for social service(social networking to be exact),was interested in politics,so joined a party(%) whose madam president he had criticised in his book long ago(he writes book too,and forgets about what he writes),he was given a chance by the same party to become an MP(enough proof that his book has only few readers),he contested election and won(people love comedians),fled to delhi where he was offered external AFFAIRS ministership(he does his job well:affairs),he was a very democratic minister(wanted to share all affairs secrets with tweeple),wanted a good indo pak relation(went to uae,and spoke a new word ,even oxford failed to explain it),heard he is marrying the third time(first two might've left him),he travels in business class (he hates cattle class),loved kerala very much(wanted ipl to kerala,before rice and sugar and vegetables reach here),so tried to influence(%) other man of his status mr lalit about whom i'm going to write next..

L For Lalit:
lalit took his birth (where?,may be he is a INCArnation to establish IPL in india) somewhere! He was never in news till the great concept of IpL was introduced(so donno about his mysterious past).He was a human synonym for IPL( i think in IPL,L stands for lalit),he brought a concept of Auctioning of cricketers(reinvented slave trade,slave=cricketer,trade=auction,),he managed to get people like tendulkar to 10yr old in his ipl(great),many states got their own team(lalit blessed them wit a team),he watched every match,(sitting in middle of hot actresses,watching cheer leaders ,not cricket,lucky lalit!),successfully launched ipl for the third time(4th,lets wait and see),recently got strucked in a controversy with shashi.(perfect combo,both are tweeple).Thats all i knoW About him.Plus, now income tax officers are busy visiting him. (wish they've a great time with the great guy)

IPL-indian pickpocketers league

I do not watch cricket nowadays,(i donno why), so i know very less about ipl.I know its cricket(or business? Am not sure).Lalit introduced it (he incarnated to establish it),bcci helped him(pawar wanted people to watch cricket to forget about hunger and sugar price).Its a twenty over game(who watches?) watched by a house full stadium.(the seats near cheer leaders are reserved for lalit and his frenz),cheer leaders are mostly foreigners (not cos indians lack in that art,but our rates are high),they dance to the rock music (and the people watching them have dancing eyes tuned to cheerleaders belly ).The starting and finishing of match is sudden(people complaint of getting very less time to watch cheerleaders).There are many teams,each stand for some states,but the players need not belong to the states. The names are great,eg delhi daredevils,rajastan royals(does't mean they are devils and royals,oops i donno).They take on against each other manytimes and cup goes to one team(obviously).Many watches this game(people love being pickpocketed,weird situation)..

Recent controversy

last week my twitter profile was overflowing with my friends tweeting about this two men and the game.I was really fed up with them,then i thought i should join them if i cant beat them..So wrote this blog!
About recent controversy i know very less, it goes on like this,shashi tried to influence(how can he?) lalit(he's ever ready to be influenzed) for a team kochi, lalit tweeted that shashi misused official status,some body retweeted't to shashi's enemies(rats too've enemies),they re retweeted to madam(who read shashi's book recently,saw she was criticised). Madam called PM who was in exile in US (ps,personal secratry to be exact,m stands for some word in italy which has same meaning as secratry) and gave him a pen(and a paper too)and asked him to sign.He signed and shashi became the first man to be out of the ministry(indian political league,ipl)..Shashi made some emotional speech(even his party men were laughing) in parliament and quoted patriotic words(that too in malayalam, wow,i dono how many times he've had rehearsals for it). Stepped out of the parliament(dismissed from nursery school) and office(hostel).He even lives in the hearts of people(sorry i meant tweeple). By the time lalit too was strucked, his teams office and his office was raided by Income tax officers(finally they got some job to do/). He now has threatened to reveal something once he is suspended from ipl(hungry peopl of this country waiting for it anxiously). The media is full of this news(yes,ipl has become food to bpl people).I wonder how long 't will stay….
Thats all…
This blog i wrote as suggested by my friend,wrote it just for time pass, nothing against anyone mentioned above..!Thankyou for reading! Do comment if you liked!


3 Comments on “ipl,tharoor&modi”

  1. Ashok M Kini says:

    Pls leave comments here

  2. Harish says:

    hmm.. i tink u shud b a bit mre specific in criticisin others ..i think u rote smetin wich u dnt hav mch of knwledge..betr try 2 rite smetin wich u hav mch betr knwldge..i wud lik u rite smetin wich wud make mre ppl turns veggies n al..dese isues r none of our busineses 😀

  3. Ashok M Kini says:

    Sure.. I donno much.. And its not a criticism of St. I tried just to make a funny post. If it was not funny for you, sorry

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