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Trishur krooram:(for elephants)

Yesterday was thrishur pooram, the great festival of kerala,famous for the panchavadyas and elephants,and also for number of people visiting that place.. I'd been in thrishur pooram once long back..When i switched on the news , i saw in headlines, a video of an elephant falling down When she was participating in the pooram. People were pouring bisleri water on its body to cool it,finally it stood up again…Why did she faint? Almost all the people assembled had caps on their head and bisleri bottles in their hands, but poor elephant did not had both, and hence she fainted because of the heat and thirst…!
I thought,why so many elephants for the god to sit on? (actually only one elephant is carrying the god,rest all are for a show).Is it meant for entertaining god?Shut up! Stop the hypocrisy!! Its for entertaining us humans (and tourists)!! Do you think god will forgive us if we enjoy by hurting His one of the beautiful creation? No and never..!!
Many attending the pooram are in a great spirit, less because of seeing the great kudamattam,(act of exchanging umbrellas),more because of the spirit they had in them. I know this as i had attended the pooram and then i was surrounded by this "SPIRITED" Men.Its pure business that is going on there, tourism business, media business,making business out of everything.I worry how our traditions are misinterpreted and misused for business..
Coming back to elephant topic,i request all the temple organisations to consider the facts and reach to a good amicable conclusion. Many traditions have been stopped when they were proved wrong,..Those who support the arguement that the "elephant show is tradition and hence cant be compromised" have more business interest than the interest in tradition. From now on when you pray to god who's sitting on the elephant, pls see the small eyes of that poor animal, you can see her weeping and praying to you..
I've some suggestions to those who think its absolutely necessary to have elephants for the god to sit on,do not use elephants during noon time and hot seasons ,
use only minimum number of elephants,sue the owner if elephants are beaten up,temple authorities should see to it that its given e enough food and water, hope the govt take good steps in this matter.Our govt should shift focus from money that they get from the poorams and temple. The money cant justify the cruelity.
Those who cry for the ban on COW SlAUGHTER Should also take this matter seriously. Cow slaughter must be banned, no disagreeing as its given a motherly status in hindu tradition, but pls extrapolate the lines.Let Every slaughter and cruelity to animals be stopped..
! Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu !
Vande Mataram


One Comment on “Trishur krooram:(for elephants)”

  1. ANIL PAI says:

    the authorities are violating the rules of honourable HC,that elephants shud not be lined up b4 3pm……….

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