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GSBs,all Hindus read this..pls.. I plead..

Disclaimer:this post doesnt cover scientific explanation on vegetarianism,nor does it demand whole world to be vegetarian.I plead my brothers and sisters of hindu community (especially my community GSBs) to consider this post as a humble pleading from their brother..For all other hindu communities replace GSB wit name of their community..

A dark Green history of GSB

As all know GSBs migrated to kerala and neighbouring states from goa hundreds of years ago when christian missionaries were forcefully trying to convert us.Our temples were demolished,our idols were destroyed,priests were killed and much more happened. Not going into that darker part of our history,but to greenish dark side.Our wells which we used for drinking water and for doing puja were contaminated with the animal flesh which we consider impure.We being vegetarians were forced and tortured to eat the non veg. Suffering all this there, our forefathers who did not want our culture to die, fled from there with the deities with them and later established temples in kerala. Point to be noted here is that our forefathers suffered a lot to keep the tradition and culture alive which includes our vegetarian culture.Until a few decades ago this vegetarian culture continued…

The Red Present

The successors of the same forefathers who were killed for not eating meat and flesh(by the portugese xtian missionaries) are now busy visiting the hotels which sell dead bodies.With no shame and fear and love for their own ancestors they subscribe to dead body eating..I wont say majority of gsbs (or i 'd like to suppose so) are non vegetarians. But a large number are having an inclination towards the non vegetarianism..Why this sudden change within a few years? This change is alarming ! If not cured it'l kill our culture..

ReD Factors

As noted above, this change happened post 80s or 70s,when people began to go colleges and mingled with people of other communities.I'l site an example here which will show you how a gsb non vegetarian is born..
Till tenth majority of gsbs in kochi are studying in a local school owned by our own community, bringing NON is prohibited there.For higher studies we go to many other schools and our friends will be mostly belonging to other religions or castes.We all sit together for the lunch time and share food.I'L explain the experience i had during these times..
i always used to bring rice or some vegetable curries to schools.Once during lunch time in school my non gsb friend asked me why am i not bringing anything nonveg, i replied to him rather proudly-"i'm a brahmin,not supposed to eat this stuff". He laughed at me and just asked me to see on my right side,where a fellow gsb brother was enjoying eating chicken and fish. He further commented:"is he not your caste,see how he's eating,why you cant eat?". This question is the turning point to many of our young people,i did not turn as my steering was quite tight but many did.I can say 4 out of 10 of us will fall to this statement…!Why do some fall here? Its because their parents are not determined enough to do the responsiblity they have to to the culture and our community..Here the parents should be strict and i'm sure no children will be defying the family rules..
Another thing that prompt our youth to eat it is the wrong notion that nonveg food is good for health,it adds to our vitamins and proteins.Some even claim to have got their eye sight back when they started eating chicken. Some doctors even give medical advice to start eating non veg.Non veg as medicine for some disease is prescribed in ayurveda, but medicine is always medicine,it doesn't mean we've to go on eating it. Once the course is completed it has to be stopped. This wrong motions about non veg projected as healthy diet is nothing but a utter foolishness.
There are some other factors too,like a man gets only hanged once irrespective of the number of people he killed,the guys who accidently eat the non veg think they've already eaten impure and let them continue to be so.This is because of the misinformation they've about their culture.Our culture do not judge us by our past actions, nor by our mistakes,but by our present actions and our commitment to rectify our mistakes… If you give up the non veg food even now, you are doing a lot service to the community and its members..
Some has even more funny arguements. They say the food like cake and some chocolates contain egg. So if we can eat that why not eating non veg?if we commit a smaller mistake, will that can be justified by a larger mistake! Smaller mistakes shouldn't be used as stepping stones to larger ones.Wise people will try to rectify the mistake when'it is small. Some others ask plants also has life, we eat them.. Ya plant also has life,but for one plant you eat , thousand others are planted. Good thing with plant life is that humans can produce them , grow them. But can you'produce a chicken or goat or fish like this! I'm sure they wont allow it even if you try(a lighter note..)

Turning Red to Green

i've personally tried to change our colour back to green, but have failed miserably many times..May be i couldn't give them convincing statements, or may be that food has conquered them so much,i donno, i am really crying at this moment when i write this, not because many of my best friends are non vegetarians, but because they insult the name and fame of our common ancestors and kill our own culture..Just think for a moment, why did your grandfather's grandfathers lose his life to keep this culture alive? Just to produce you who 'l finish this by doing the opposite of what they'Ve done.?Or why did they came here and built temples and organised us as a community? Just for you to disorganise it?Why the hell have you subscribed to your friends view before paying heed to the people who sacrificed their life hundreds of years ago?Give me answers..Pls pls pls i'm pleading again and again to pls stop suicide and lets all live again together happily..

A green request..

I'm not sure whether this post will be so good as to change your food habits.I'm not sure whether it'l produce any guilt feeling among those of us who eat nonveg,neither i'm sure this will be an inspiration for a few like me who wants a green community..I'L be extremely happy if atleast one of my friend in my community will decide to change after hearing me, if none has changed i'l sadly accept that i was speaking to deaf ears or i was only dreaming that i was speaking.My wellwishers ask me "who'l change,Who'l hear you?". I donno,i'm sad, i'm worried,i'm doing my part,this all i can do. I cant hate non vegetarian friends,because i will support them even for the greatest crime they commit,but pls my friends tell me,am i wrong in taking your support for granted? Wont you support me? Not me, wont you support us, which include you and me. Dont we want our kids to be proud gsbs..?Pls pls then support me,..
I'l be thankful to you if you heard my voice , thanking you again
swadharme nidhanam shreyaha, paradharmo bhayavaha
performing ones own duty is the greatest virtue..
vande mataram

note:pls comment here if you liked this post or not.


9 Comments on “GSBs,all Hindus read this..pls.. I plead..”

  1. ab says:

    hey…this posts gud..lyk the initiative in truing to it shdnt be solely based on caste\religion as u say..

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wy being anonymus in comment?? Ok anyways it is my duty to restrict a green communty from turning red.-Post Author

  3. Anonymous says:

    gud 1 Ashok !!Now i wld tell my experience.Till 10th i used get out off Non veg.Even i used to move away from non vegetarians.But among my friends who wnt to a non veg restaurant,they forced me to eat Non veg telling it s not chicken but its Gobi..As i eat the chicken the taste was quite charming..From then i started eating non veg..But as the tme went it caused health problems to me and i was disliked of eating it.So i decided to stop eatin non veg ..As its almost 7 months i eat non veg…2nd thing all parents are not responsible of their children eating non veg.Parents are not aware what the child eats when he goes out with friends for an outing..Best Regards,

  4. Ashok M Kini says:

    Thank you friend for commenting and stopping the non veg…. Do not think you are a sinner if u ate something in the past.. That concept is not our culture.Now do serve the society by continuing to be a vegetarian and inspire your friends to stop non veg..

  5. Ashok M Kini says:

    @ab our caste and religion taught us we should be vegetarians b4 the science did. So i’m a proud vegetarian hindu…Those who hate science and hinduism can continu to be dead body eaters. Thats all.. Thanks4de comment.

  6. Anant Gautam says:

    Born in a brahmin family im a vegan since birth… in our family eating any kind of meat is considered a sin… so i havent tasted Non veg in my life,, im sure it doesnt tastes good…i also love animals so i dont like people who kill them to satisfy there stomachs…

  7. Ashok M Kini says:

    @gauttam what you think about vegetarianism in your community’. ? Are majority vegetarians..? In our case(gowda saraswat brahmin community) also i dont think maj are non veg. But still a concern.. Thatsall.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Good One…

  9. ancient indian says:

    Why we are vegetarian? because Atma persists in all the living beings and eating veg causes less Karma compared to eating animals, 24 teerthankras of Jain tradition from past lakhs of years have told the same, earlier there was no Hindu/Jain communities, only Varna were there, who ever wanted to attain salvation they use to become devotees of Teerthankaras and who ever intersted in wordly things use to worship gods/godesses and used to get the boons.

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