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5 Comments on “muradeshwar”

  1. Anant Gautam says:

    where is the Muradeshwar temple??? its beautiful….

  2. Ashok M Kini says:

    South Karnataka.. If you go there you should visit this temple as well as uduppi sri krishna temple,mookambika. It’l be a Worth pilgrimage. Temple management is at its best now in ktka

  3. Anant Gautam says:

    okkk…. i ve never been to South India… but ill definitely plan to go here sometime with my family,, its really beautiful….

  4. Ashok M Kini says:

    @gauttam you are welcome. I’ve never been to north india. Will definitely visit the great places..

  5. Ashok M Kini says:

    @gauttam about these temples i’ve written in my blog under the label travelogue.Especially about uduppi,which i liked most..

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