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Sickularism answered..

Finally i got a question from a tweeple IH, he asked my opinion about What prompts some folks to pick "sickular" ideology in a hindu majority nation and why doesn't this happen else where? I think i can not answer this in twitter,bcos of its 140char limit. I thought i should post my answer in my blog..
Hindus did not know they belong to a religion( or they did not think) until the advent (or attack) of foreign religions happened…
Whoever agrees this or not i'd say we were secular , we did not impose our faith on anYONE , atheist got the same status as saints, so are scientists were encouraged, science was embedded in our culture..This all happened pre mughal or pre islam attack period.. But after the people who came with swords and money to propagate the commandments of unknown and unseen god, some hindus were forced to leave their culture and accept them. But those who refused or fortunatlely escaped these cruel religion sellers, later identified themselves as hindus, means we are non islam non christian,a separate category of people who follow different culture but ultimately knew that this difference is just like the different ways to reach the ultimate goal.So we were secular, and also when we identified ourselves as (or we were forced to) hindus,then also we are secular. So its the responsiblity and heritage and culture of hindus to be secular…

But in your question its clear that you've no problem with media being secular, but you've problem with media being "sickular". My definition to this new recent word "sickular" is "a group of sick people who always want to find fault of their own religion,mother tongue,motherland". But the point to be noted is that many sickular people have hindu names… This is a situation which we should bother about?We can understand if a non hindu sets propaganda against hindus..But what is this? Hindus are to fight their own people for hindutva. What a awkward situation!

this growth of sickular people may be because that they donno the time has changed. They live like hindus who lived pre islam period who had no fear of attack..Possiblity of this being the reason is too low..

hindus can be classified into two group,one who are proud of being so,and those who are ashamed of being so..Those who are ashamed of being so can be put in the same category as non hindus.So they do the propaganda set by non hindus.And hence they do what hindu haters ask them to do..All know about foreign funds that reach the media..

hindus has got immense freedom compared to other faiths. And this itself create problems. Hindus doesn't think themselves as a community who need a collective force, each hindu thinks of themselves and want to uplift themselves, do not bother upliftment of the community they belong to. The sickular may be these selfish hindus…

These sickular people neither know what is secularism and what is hindutva, but bark about both, they think protecting the minorities is secularism,for them it should be made clear that if a minority community harms the interests and faith of majority community,the opposite reaction is natural.

Its a saddening case of hindus that we have to fight between ourselves for our own cause..May be we are a group of people who never learnt a lesson, or we want a second mughal like invasion to start a revolution, or may be we just are a group of selfish people,who speak about universal brotherhood but fight with own brothers,may be we are just a bunch of hypocrites,who speak big words and do small things..

Anyways happy with the fact that there are atleast a few IHs and rss and vhp to speak against the attack on hindutva. If these 3 were not here, i think hinduism wouldn't've existed now, it'd 've been destroyed by a bunch of sickular hindus themselves,not by anyone else:..
Thank you for reading..
Comment pls..
Note:i wrote this fast hence i couldn't arrange sentences and thoughts correctly..


5 Comments on “Sickularism answered..”

  1. Anant Gautam says:

    Ashok these Sickular Hindus are the biggest threat to our Dharma… it is true who ever said this “hindu hi hindu ka dushman hai”… we donot fear other abhrahmic faiths than the people of our own Dharma who jump to the rescue of the aNti nationals claiming to be Seculars… these people are the biggest Sickulars who are the cause of the decline of our culture…Nice post by you… Keep enlightening us with these posts…

  2. Ashok M Kini says:

    @gauttam thank you.. Am planning to write more on hindutva.

  3. Hinudoneline says:

    Good Job..We need to call the Blunt fact as it is..Political correctness does not work.Keep up the good Job

  4. Chandrakumar says:

    well written,,
    There were well established system of worships and temples in hindu religion even before other religions came into india. A hindu knows that he is hindu even before the entry of other religions. Your assumption that hindus felt their native religion only after entry of other religions is false. I can prove this with several facts.

    • nationalizer says:

      “hindus felt their native religion only after entry of other religions is false.”

      I would love to see the proofs,as it willadd to my knowledge..always happy to correct myself !

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