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Vande Mataram-redefined

VandeMataram,i've been hearing this national song of ours since childhood.. But the full version of this patriotic song i heard when i attended a program conducted by youth wing of RSS. Both the sangh prarthana and vandemataram are the two big magnets which attracted me to hindutva and patriotism.Here am trying to redefine vandemataram. I'm trying to think what the poet have tried to convey.I'm blending this patriotic song into a song that urges us to be patriotic, i'm trying to project the poet's view about 21st century bharat.I'l be attempting to define each word which attracted me..

Vande Mataram
These two magical words was inspiration to many of our freedom fighters, it were the last words of the patriots who were killed by the british for speaking for our motherland. Vande Mataram means 'we bow to thee,motherland'.. Many interpretation have been put forward by various secular nationalists,like it onlY Means salutation,respect,and hence its not against dogmas of certain religion etc… But i'm of the view that it means 'bow' and it ask us to bow to our motherland as we bow to the almighty.. Where is the problem? Those who aspire for tickets to heaven from the unseen god should hear these words from lord rama:janani janmabhoomishcha swargathapi gariyasi.I love my mother and motherland greater than heaven.Every hindu should echo these words thru their behaviour and dedication towards our motherland…All the religions are secondary to the religion called patriotism.The unseen god is not above our motherland.So lets all sing together

Mother, I bow to thee!Rich with thy hurrying streams,bright with orchard gleams,Cool with thy winds of delight,Dark fields waving Mother of might,Mother free.Glory of moonlight dreams,Over thy branches and lordly streams, Clad in thy blossoming trees,Mother, giver of easeLaughing low and sweet!Mother I kiss thy feet,Speaker sweet and low!Mother, to thee I bow. Who hath said thou art weak in thy landsWhen the sword flesh out in the seventy million handsAnd seventy million voices roarThy dreadful name from shore to shore?With many strengths who art mighty and stored,To thee I call Mother and Lord!Though who savest, arise and save!To her I cry who ever her foeman droveBack from plain and SeaAnd shook herself free. Thou art wisdom, thou art law,Thou art heart, our soul, our breathThough art love divine, the aweIn our hearts that conquers death.Thine the strength that nervs the arm,Thine the beauty, thine the charm.Every image made divineIn our temples is but thine. Thou art Durga, Lady and Queen,With her hands that strike and herswords of sheen,Thou art Lakshmi lotus-throned,And the Muse a hundred-toned,Pure and perfect without peer,Mother lend thine ear,Rich with thy hurrying streams,Bright with thy orchard gleems,Dark of hue O candid-fairIn thy soul, with jewelled hairAnd thy glorious smile divine,Lovilest of all earthly lands,Showering wealth from well-stored hands!Mother, mother mine!Mother sweet, I bow to thee,Mother great and free!

My Little attempt to define the song..

We have two mothers, one who protected us for nine months and took care of us till we grew up,the other mother who protects,take care of us since our birth to till our death or beyond..She bears all the insult we do to her,loves us always,loves us very much, more than our mother,we live in her,die in her,she live for us and we should live for her..This mother is called Bharatmata. All the patriotic people should keep his religion and his personal matters away for the cause of her,our beloved mother,bharatmata..
So lets bow to her,live for her,love her,respect her,make sacrifice for her..Vande means all the above.

our bharat is blessed with many water sources,ganga,yamuna being the main among them.Every proud hindu consider these rivers not as mere water bodies but as river goddess.Every poojas start wit invoking these rivers. So our culture and tradition as given so much importance to them and so has sri bankim chandra chatterji has started the song by invoking them first. He wish 'sujalam' means let our water sources be always pure so that our culture and tradition remain sanathan. All hindus consider this river as divine, but its time to introspect are we doing justice to these divine things. Ganga and many rivers suffers from pollution by industries and common people do harm the river by throwing plastic wastes etc to them.Half burnt dead bodies are being thrown to these rivers siting tradition,which of course causes nuissance to the pilgrims.Govt has to take steps to stop this pollution, not only govt each hindu organisation should consider this a serious issue and act on it. Many organisations have already started doing their duty towards these rivers and i thank them from the bottom of my heart..
Suphalam malayaja sheethalam Sasyashyamalam…… Mataram
The climatic change is the hot subject which is discussed widely today. Many scientists suggest many things. But the poet who lived more than hundred yrs ago, wished this country be always fruit producing and green with plants and trees..
He identified that the material prosperity of a nation is secondary to the natural wealth it has. He wanted to see our country produce its own food, from agriculture.He wishes our motherland has the colour green,filled with enough trees and plants,so that we could live freely and healthy among them.Deforestation is happening widely in the name of development. Its time to pay ears to the poet who urges us to start reforestation..
In the following stanzas the poet has described the beauty of a green bharat.Its remarkable that the poet described the natural strength of bharat in his first two stanzas. It simply takes us to think of nature first, the vision of a green earth,has been put forward by this great poet that too hundreds of years ago..

Koti koti kantha …. Ripudalavarinim mataram
these lines represent us, the people who always speak of their mother land,who love mother land from the bottom of their hearts,who work for their brothers and sisters of this land,the poet describes that our voices accumulate and produce kala kala effect. He also say there are crores of hands which are ready with swords to attack the enemies of this country..And with a people in these numbers, who can call our bharat is weak! The patriot say 'never! our bharat mata is never weak when we have patriotic hearts beating for it.. '.
These lines are in support of these people who love our nation truly,and also these lines are against those people who live in bharat and love the other countries..These lines are against anti hindus who always bark against anything that is hindu.. These lines are also applicable for hindus who sacrifice the interest of our nation for their selfish needs..These are secular lines. Those who love the nation has the support of the poet, and he's damn against the anti nationals and anti hindus…

Tumi vidya…. Twam hi prana shareere.. Mandire mandire..
knowing about you is our knowledge, protecting you is our dharma,for you our heart beats,you are our soul,and we care for you as we care for our soul,you are the oxygen which drives the blood in our body,hearing about you makes our blood rush through out our body.,our hands are for your cause,the strength comes to our hands when we work for you,we are your bhakthas who always sing thy glory,in the lakhs of temples in this nation, in each temples, each idols represent you my mother, we see you in that idol,we pray to you to work for you,you are worshipped in mandirs though in various forms..
The temples represent the culture of bharat, if you closely see, our kings pre mughal period built many temples to propagate spirituality, while the mughal rulers o
nly built palaces for themselves.The poet ask us to protect our temples, and protecting our temples means protecting our nation, and hence he has equated the bharatmata and mandirs.. Ram janmabhoomi movement should go on, when the temple is built in ayodhya,we are really installing our bharatmata in our hearts..
Twam hi durga dashapraharana dharini… Vaani vidya dayini
you are the durga ma,lakshmi ma, and saraswathi ma, who gives us strength, wealth and knowledge. These three devis are nothing but manifestation of thee in three forms. In other words poet want this country to acquire the latest defence technology to protect the territories,he want to be as mighty as the mightiest.. He wants the country to materially prosper,he wants to crush the poverty, he wants all the citizens to live without hunger and fear, the poet wishes our education system to educate every one in this country,he wants the children know the roots, our real history and heritage… Strength , wealth and education are the 3 basic qualities of a developed country..The poet wishes our bharat to be a developed nation, developed in all ways, so as the other countries are jealous of us..

So our duty is to propagate the vision for our bharat put forward by sri bankim chandra chatterji. So lets all work together for this great nation of ours..
Vande Mataram

note:i've tried to define in my own way,if any mistakes happened,i regret, pls notify me if u see it,pls do criticise,i know each word of this song contains dense meaning, i'm plannin to write a book after many years describing each word of the great poem(my dream) pls comment here, if possible pls give links to vande mataram full song audio links.Lets together popularise this patriotic national song of ours..
Vande Mataram


5 Comments on “Vande Mataram-redefined”

  1. Anant Gautam says:

    ita a shame that this song has become a political issue now… these two words “vande maatram” were a big inspiration to our freedom fighters…In every school and college this song should be made mandatory…Garv se kaho Vande Maatram….

  2. Ashok M Kini says:

    Those who protest against Vande Mataram should be thrown away from this Bharat.. You are right!

  3. Anant Gautam says:

    yes exactly… they should be thrown out if they think their religion is so fragile that they cant even bow down to motherland, then they have no right to live in our country….

  4. Sb(@twitter) says:

    gud job. U shud blog views on Sanatan Dharm more often.u wanted link to original Vande Mataram Its not AR Rehman modified version..

  5. Ashok M Kini says:

    @sb thank you ! Your support is my inspiration. Thanks for the link.

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