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HiNDU terror- an oxymoron

This week born with a happy news we were waiting for,though it was obvious we wanted to hear it,not with anxieties,but with patience, ajmal kasab, the 22yr old pakistani jihadi and islamic fundamentalist is found guilty in 26/11 barbaric attacks.All the patriotic indians must've felt the same happiness that i felt when they heard the news that i also heard. We all are waiting for tomoros news about the punishment kasab is going to it,of course nothing less than death sentence.
All secular and sickular Media reported this news with great spirit,sickular media stressed on the terms "pakistani terrorist' some even said 'jihadi', but nobody said kasab 'islamic fundamentalist'. Ya i can understand the emotions and dedication of sirs and madams of sickular media industry to 15cr people of this country,and i would even say they did a great job by not calling him by associating his name with the religion he belongs to, because that will do harm to sentiments of the followers of same religion which that terrorist who terrorised the whole nation on 26/11 belong to.It was a great move by media.Has to agree..

I've seen people filing anticipatory bail application in court, when they know they'l be charged for their crimes.A similar act, i saw From last friday some news was repeatedly shown by some news channels,linking abhinav bharat and some hindu groups with the small blasts that happened in rajastan and mumbai. Small or large blasts are indeed anti national,whether hindus do it or muslims do it,both are punishable under same law.This is not the first time that such a news is appearing in main stream media,two yrs earlier sadvi pragya and col purohit were arrested for alleged bombing in malegaon. I do not know whether they did it or not,but till now no judgement have been pronounced against them and no developments are seen in their case, they are tried under mcoca,a law like pota, and remember this law was not even used against the co accused of ajmal kasab. No human rights are barking for the sadvi's rights,no women organisation who shouted for the right of pub going half nude girls did not even consider the violation of rights of this sadvi. Why only because she wore saffron?Who will answer these questions!?! I'm ashamed also about the party which came to power once with the support of hindus because of its hindutva ideology is not speaking a word against this injustice. Also worried about the party whose senior member went to visit the jihadi terrorists family in delhi and announced that the encounter was fake,and insulted the inspector who died during that encounter, he too never came near jail in mumbai that sadvi is put for more than two years..

Let me come back to anticipatory bail topic,knowing that kasab will be pronounced guilty on monday some channels started or made or modified some news that hindus have also terrorists. They started to highlight the term called HINDU TERROR,started debates with secular panelists and islamic scholars and among themselves.It has become a habit of these news channels to project hindus and hindu groups as terrorists whenever a jihadi is captured alive or dead,and whenever his case is discussed in the court, they simultaneously hold discussions on hindu side of terror.Is this an attempt to show that they are secular? Fools will only say yes!!!
Hindu Terror is an oxymoron! Such a term cannot exist! No hindu can be extremists, we do not have sanction of our religious texts to hate any religion,on the contorary we say every religion is true.. We are the group of people who always welcomed people from other places and helped them to flourish their philosophies here.. How can they call us terrorists?

Even if some hindu does any anti national activity,how dare the media call him hindu terrorist? Calling some one terrorist is one thing and associating his religion with his acts is a grave mistake.. Has this media ever called afzal guru or kasab or osama or lakhvi or any one a ISLAMIC FUNDAMENTALIST? Never-!these people have killed lakhs of non muslims calling them kafirs and they continu to do so even in this century!! They have demolished innumerable temples in our lands saying its against their Holy text koran!! When such a barbarian group of people exist even today, these media calls HINDUS As terrorists? What have HiNDUS done compared to these animals have done!?!

Shame on HiNDUS for allowing these media to call us terrorists? In a country overwhelmed with people who fill the religion column in forms as hindu,a small group of media people with mysterious agenda against india as a nation are successfull or brave enough to postfix our religious identity with the term terrorism? Shame on us! Shame on people who support these anti hindus!!

Above said is only a problem that hindus are facing. The solutions are many, i invite the solutions in the comment section, this post will be complete when you comment,so pls help me complete this post..
Arise awake and stop not untill you reach the goal..


9 Comments on “HiNDU terror- an oxymoron”

  1. ks(@twitter) says:

    Nice!Hinduism is a group of beliefs without fundamentals. So fundamentalism is ruled out!

  2. Anant Gautam says:

    you have written exactly what a common awakened Hindu youth of today thinks…But unfortunately that hindu youth has no power to do anything or to fight against this unjust system which is blaming his dharma, criticizing his religion everyday and making fun of his culture and beliefs by giving it the name of secularism….There is nothing such as hindu terrorism… our gods never taught us to kill non hindus, our holy book never told us to convert every non hindu to hinduism…Our way of dharma yudh is different than that of a Crusade or jihad… In dharma yudh we will never kill innocents…Jihad/crusades are about conquering ‘others’ but Dharmayudh is about protecting everyone from evil forces….throughout our indian history , hindus have peacefully tolerated and accepted foriegn religions and ideals only to have our ancestors murdered ,raped and forcefully or missguided into conversion of these fake religions , its about we hindus changed our tactics and fight fire with fire and protect the exsistance of our dharma…If this anti Indian and shamless main stream media wants to term it as hindu/saffron terrorism then let them say it….

  3. Ashok M Kini says:

    @gauttam How can we let them say it in our own country??? Bhishma was very against the insult of draupadi, but he did not speak because he thought he has no right to speak! And for that negligence of his duty, he had to lie on shara shaiyya for months!! Not Speaking or acting against injustice is also a sin’!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Nice article dear but we need to put the views to more and more hindus and strike out their unconcerned slumbers.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Good post mate. But who’s listening? Rss should sue sickular media for using the term hindu or saffron terror.

  6. Ashok M Kini says:

    Anonymus comments are added by myself, by copy pasting them from people who did comment me on twitter and via mail. Just wanted to see their views in this post , so added . .. .

  7. Anonymous says:

    Exactly what i had in my mind. Nice article (@bd@twitter)

  8. Anonymous says:

    is this the old ashok kini who studied in SH thevara?

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