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amma !

Today as all say is mother's day.. I thought i should write something dedicated to my mother..

I'm wat i'm bcos of u,
my mother,i'm from u.
i donno how to thank u,
but i know how i love u.

I 've hurt u many time,
right from my birth time
still i do during lunch time
but u loved me everytime

i've seen u happy cos of me
also sometimes sad of me
but i'm always happy ma
cos u care for me,only me

i've squashed ur dreams
which u dreamt for me
i've quarelled with you
when u spoke for my good
but my ma,i know u know
that how i cared for u
but some times i did fail
and i worry wy i fail

but inspite of all my failures
i saw her hands on my shoulders
with the words of love and care
she sat with me to share

mother is always above god
amma,i chant your name
god might be feeling jealous
i call u,more than i call him

i needn't wish u today
a very happy mothers day
cos my days are always happy
wen i c my mother happy
i wish i am happy always
always and for always
to make you always happy
that is my life,my mission..

The lord we worship,sri ram
once told to his brother
that his heaven is there
where is mother is,hear
the follower of that lord
though not great,but small
i too say my heaven is there,
where my mother is there..

I donno how 2 end this poem,
if i can call this a poem,
cos ur love for me is endless
which make me speechless

a few words for u, reader
love ur mother, always..
And i thank ur mother
for giving a friend like u!

Thanking all thanking all
wish you all,wish you all
wish u always,not only today
many happy mothers days..

Vande Mataram…


7 Comments on “amma !”

  1. Anant Gautam says:

    very very emotional and beautiful…. its true that God wanted to be everywhere so he created mothers…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ashok, This is the best poem I have seen.I am making a card out of this poem for my mother.God bless you and your mother(this is the one of the best two comments on this post that i got from a tweeple thebuckstopshere,thanking him from the bottom of my heart)

  3. Anonymous says:

    My Friend pls dont make me cry more. It was really touchy poem. I called my mom and was completely on her feet. (this is another comment from a tweeple @cleverjackel which i thank from the bottom of my heart!)

  4. Jith says:

    Finally you are out of shackles and words are flowing.Your matirbhakti gave u power hopes this a beginning …

  5. A B says:

    hey aweesssome man..way 2 go 🙂 …very nice..luvd it

  6. Ashok M Kini says:

    thank u @jith and @AB for awesome comments

  7. Shankara says:

    True, there is no one else above mother, not even god. Mother is ‘Janani’ the creator even the god must have a mother!!!

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