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My BaBRI questions !

The hindutva which preach 'let the noble thoughts come from every side' is under attack from everyside.. we have islamic jihadis to fight on east,there are western evangelist who sell wrong products in our good country. When secular terrorist attack us with their big mouths of hatred towards us,we also have some so called pro hindu party which amend hindutva in weird ways to get into power , we have naxels who kill and exploit the poor, we have regional parties which divide us on the basis of language, also we have cunning politicians who divides us into castes.. The worse of all the above said attacks on hindutva is the HINDUS themselves..
The sleeping man can be woken up, but what about them who pretends to? Never! Many Hindus falls in this category..This post is an little attempt to make them rise up with us..

Here i'm asking some simple questions about big controversies, and challenging those sleeping hindus to give me explanation for their sleep..

Babri 'masjid' – demolition

I was only five year old when this incident took place.. But this is what i could read from the books and newschannels. On dec 6,92 a disputed structure was demolished by a large group of hindus (karsevaks). After a few days that disputed structure was named as babri masjid.

My questions

1. its a fact that no namaz was happening there for a long time. Then how its a masjid?

2.Lord rama 's idol was inside that structure and it was taken to a safe place by karsevaks..How come an idol inside a masjid? Is it acceptable to people who call us kafirs?

3.As far as i know neither babar nor any islamic preacher was born in ayodhya.Then why its important for muslims to have a masjid in ayodhya?

4. Muslims do not believe in idols nor any particular geographical location for worship nor they give importance to material representation of their god. Then how come demolition of this structure is an insult to them?

5. As far as hindus r concerned, sri rama as said by maharshi valmeeki was born in ayodhya. So We need a temple there. Why did not muslims offer us a temple during their talks with hindu groups when we offered them a masjid constructed by us in some other place..?

6. Its a historical fact that many temples are either been demolished or converted to masjids during islamic mughal rule? Compared to the number of temples they demolished, this one demolition of one structure by hindus is not so important one. Then why mess up things?

7. Forget about history, see the present situation in pakistan, muslims are themselve demolishing their own places of worship using bombs, and that too when people are praying inside! (Remember babri demolition took place when there was no worship taking place in that structure for years). So if muslims can bomb hundreds of populated mosques in an islamic country , what is the big deal when hindus broke down a empty unused mosque!?

8. Our secular terrorists has succeeded in making muslims remember the date dec 6 more than their own birth dates and thus produced anti nationals and anti hindus! Why did they do so? Smell the agenda..

9. Some weird arguements by secular terrorists is a fun to hear. All the jihadi terror activities are defended using one word 'babri masjid.'. May i ask: are we so great to provoke bin ladens and co for a world wide terror organisation?

10. If somebody knows answers to above my question,let me think about counter question. If you do not have, pls do not chant babri babri from now on, chant ram ram.. So do you've answers?

Thank you for reading.. Suggest me on what i should write next. Eagerly awaiting your comments..
Jai Sri Ram !
Vande Mataram !


4 Comments on “My BaBRI questions !”

  1. Anonymous says:

    ohhh my goodnessssssssss…………

  2. superb………..go on man….also give publicity to ur blogs….we too will help….

  3. Proud Bharatiya says:

    1. Masjid used to have namaz, later both communities used to pray there. After idols were placed and locks opened, only Hindus were allowed to pray there by court order. A Masjid is a masjid because it was built for the prayers.

    2.You have accepted elsewhere on your blog in pride that it was the handywork of karsevaks who placed the idol inside the dome. So this point you have answered yourself

    3. Yes Babar was not born in Ayodhya. Muslims dont have any special sacredness for the city. They only have sacredness for any Masjid anywhere in the world.

    4. Muslims view of God or Ishwar is similar to Rig Veda (Which all the Hindutva forces conveniently have never read). Rig Veda as i understand does not promote idol worship and mentions the Ishwar as the formless supreme being responsible for all creation. The present Hindu tradition of Brahmanical based idol worship is a late addition and was conveniently promoted by both Bharamans and Kings as they needed each other to stake claim to rule.

    5. Yes Ram was born in Ayodhya. No Muslim ever denies that. However Valmeeki never describes at which 2×2 sq feet plot of land was Rama born. There are 20,000 Rama temples in Ayodhya. So no one has any idea where exactly rama was born. All people have are Faith based arguments.

    6. Yes Mughal invaders destroyed Temples and built masjids on top of them. So in this Hindus have a bigger claim over the land at Ayodhya. But History doesnt start with Mughal invasion of India. Much before that Budhisim and Jainism were flourish which were trumped by Bhramanical Hinduism. Stupas were destroyed and Temples built in its places. History doesnt begin there also.. before advent of organised Hinduism were the tribal beliefs. (e.g. Coorgi’s , adivasi’s). Even before that was Aetheism. So History is long and complex, why only stop at Mughals?

    7. Pakistan is the prime reason why a nation based on narrow interpretation of Religion will Fail. All that praise of Jinnah by your Hindutva champion Advani shows that Bharatiya Jinnah Party is full of PSEUDO-MODERATES. They harbour fanaticism in their hearts but for the world they will try and show a moderate face. They are as bad as PSEUDO-SECULARS, only difference being Pseudo-Seculars dont go out and kill people.

    8. If Shame Day & Shourya diwas can be celebrated at the same time then both of these are really two faces of the same coin. Both have their agendas.

    9. 12% of Indian population is Muslim . If as per you all are terrorists then India wud have blown to pieces by now. Fact is Indian muslims at the most have been involved in Riots which are always a complex thing. Before the first stone is thrown, riots are always planned in advance by both sides. They are never one sided and riots erupt only after a considerable period of tension which is escalated by both parties. On the other hand it is naive to believe that the fringe elements of Hindutva who get killed while making bombs or are caught by the ATS are any different from those in Pakistan or Taliban who seek violence as the means to their religious beliefs.

    • ashokmkini says:

      1. it was used by muslims for prayer, before 1948 , it was unused at the time of demolition.
      2.for 50 years idol was inside the temple, rajiv gandhi has allowed the pooja there in 86 , before that in 50s the administration has alllowed the pooja there. why do they want masjid now at the place which is not sacred for them, which is sacred for hindus very much. hidu org had pleaded they will build the mosque at another place, but they were not hearin hindu org?
      4.hinduism unlike islam is an ever evolving religion. we neither claim this is the perfect path, but has always criticised and evolved. rigveda is written during of the orgin of hinduism , and it does not speak of one god or the number of gods, as far as i understand it speaks of nature and ever pervading force. vedic hymns are used during the pooja of idols. rigveda unlike koran never mentions idol worship is a bad practice, rather it does not even talk about idol worship. so it should be understood that rigveda is the beginning and the people who followed brought various traditions and culture which doesnot contradict the rigvedis line that “truth is one but can be worshipped in many ways”.
      or in other words most hindus do not view idol worship as bad practice , but even the liberal hindus go and pray at the temple which you call as a brahmanical concept. so just shut up !!! sri rama and ravana himself were worshippers of shiva,shivalinga! many seers of rigveda had constructed temples in various part of the world. if you hate idol worshippers you may better join the army of idol haters who kiss the stone at masjid ul haram !!
      7. i do not belong to jinnah party as you say, and i have nothing to say in this issue, i only stand advani was a tool which can not be ignored in the process of reconstruction of ram mandir. i am not a defender of advaniji or any bajpa!!

      8.yes in that case , in bengal, maoists and marxists r same face, congress gained by rajiv gandhis death , bhutto killed and her husband becoming prez, leftists and rss etc are worth suspected that they are playing a drama. come on man !! seems that u r saying muslims have the right to become terrorist and destroy the country. read my point 8, same answer.

      5. now you are complicating, then we need all the land in ayodhya , so that the place of birth of rama will be no longer in dispute. let us build a piligrimage city in ayodhya so that evry spot is holy.

      6. those buddhists , jains and adivasis have thier own toungue, please let them come forward and speak, a refree doesnot have right to score goals!!!

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