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yugachethana and my dreams …

Namasthe all,
Yesterday yugachethana of which am a member, organized a function to felicitate the students who passed the sslc and plus two. Today we have a meeting to discuss its next course of action and I decided to write on how I see yugachethana and what can it do to inspire young people to be patriotic and ever proud of the culture they belong to.
Yugachethana is an organization which started its existence in goshripuram (kochi) even before the oldest member of the present committee was born. Its an org which is inspired from rashtriya swayamsevak sangh (RSS) and its main mission is to reach the youngsters the idea of rss, essentially its hindutva and the unification of the HINDU community under the dwaja of PATRIOTISM. Yugachethana to be frank sufferd from the lack of working force at times but never buried itself in the tide of time, it exist today also with dreams of a young hindutva mission. Taking inspiration from the past, learning from the failures we had at times , using the modern technology I sincerely want this organization of ours to reach every youngsters who comes under its area of functioning.
I have read that veer savarkar, the nationalist and a great freedom fighter had called for a hinduisation of everything, politics, military etc.. Anything Indian is essentially hindu, believe every proud indian islam and Christian is a hindu. As far as we are concerned we should hinduise the student community as a whole. By hinduisation I mean making the students aware of their history, tradition and culture. We are the victims of the politics to be frank and the politics has interferd too much that what students are learning now is not history, but a twisted one which suits the interst of the powerful political parties. Politics has really been successful in dividing the hindu community in the basis of everything possible. Our aim is to re build a tree which has been cut down into pieces by this political selfish and greedy people. We have the logs of wood with each one of us and what we should do is to bring it all together and sail the mighty ocean called time. Let the mission start now. We all have been conducting various stage functions till now, my idea is to change this idea a little, what ultimately we want is to reach the students. If we go to them, or they come to us the connection is two way. We have a school managed by our temple here, lets talk with the management and start conducting competitions like essay writing, quiz competition, etc. the topics on essays and quizzes we should select which will make them learn about our history and national heros. We can even collaborate our working with the social science club or arts club of the school(s) and hence the frequency of getting connected with students can be increased. As the chief guest of yesterdays function sri ganeshji said quoting swami Vivekananda that how much educated a person is, and if the education and values he gained does not contribute to the growth of nation, then such an education is just creating traitors. So getting inspired from His words lets start the process : lets create the desh bhakthas.

We are not here for the mere existence of this organization of ours, in other words we should broaden our vision and should say we are here to ensure the existence of our age old traditions and values, we are the soldiers of this motherland, bharatmata. As the great nationalist poet sri bankim Chandra chatterji had said in our national song vande mataram, koti koti kanttha kalakalninada karale koti koti bujairdritha kara kara vale , we should realize each one of us are the one who always speak for the loving motherland of ours, and each one of us are the ones who have always have the swords to act against the anti nationals and anti hindus, we should not forget the duties we have to this great mother of ours and should act as she need our service during these tough times. I was very inspired after I read a veer savakar poem recently in which he said “anyone who try to shackle her , we shall defend her with our life”.
We have many organization which work for the cause of hindutva. But it should be remembered sangh is the inspiring force of all these organization. Many org has adopted the path of violence, though I never justify the violence, I have decided to condemn these violent Hindu groups only after the so called secular parties condemn the islamic and pentacost terrorism. Sangh is a socio cultural organization started by Dr Hedgewar in 1925,now the largest ngo in the world, and the sangh cant be blamed for what other hindu groups do. Sangh will always carry on with their task of unifying hindus for building a akhanda hindu rashtra. Our organization yugachethana is a platform between the youth and the sangh, but why we need a buffer? Rss is the organization which was blamed in many contexts by various pseudo secular political parties because they saw the threat in rss unifying the hindu community. If hindu community as a whole unify as per dreams of rss, many polititians will lose their power and influenze. I can say without any hinderance that I also had misconceptions about rss before I attended its first ‘shaka’. But after I attended them I can say with pride that am one among the lakhs of swayamsevaks in this bharat. Sangh can not be understood by looking from outside, It should be seen from inside and if you have a patriotic blood in you, you cannot come outside. I remember talking to a ‘secular’ polititian and a good friend of mine once when he asked who is Bharatmata , I replied ”come to rss shaka once, u need not join it, sing the sangh prarthana with us, understand the meaning, and answer the question u asked to me yourself”. I hope one day he will try my suggestion and understand the sangh. So yugachethana should take the responsibility of clearing the dust of misconceptions people have with rss.
Sangh is known for the discipline it maintains, so we should imbibe these qualities from our mother organization. I request all its members to live a simple and healthy life so that people follow you as a role model. As the sangh prarthana says “susheelam” and “shakthi”, good character and health are the two main qualification required to become a a swayamsevak. Sacrifice all the bad habits for the greater cause of ours , lets live a happy and healthy life for creating a happy and healthy nation. So with great hopes and confidence I request all my brothers and sisters of every hindu organization to work with determination, if we do not work who else is going to? The goal we are to reach may take years to fulfill, may be we are just some stones or bricks used in the construction of a great palace, we should be strong enough to support the coming generation to built on us.
So ending this post with the words of swami vivekananda : do not be frightened by the barking of puppiesn nor by the thunderbolts of heaven,arise awake and stop not until you reach the goal.
Vande Mataram !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


One Comment on “yugachethana and my dreams …”

  1. Viswanath Bhat says:

    well written. may more youth be inspired by this to come out of their shells of protection and incentives provided by anti social elements, in our society, and take up their due responsibility in the developement of our mathrubhoomi.

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