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ISREAL- INDIA a comparison

Isreal and Palastene, i have never learnt the history of both these places, nor i am interested, but from recent political debates and news i thought i should discuss some thoughts about it here..
Isreal is a small nation which i guess is smaller than the largest state in India.

Country : isreal
popultn :7cr
major religion : 77% jews
neighbours: egypt,jordan,syria.
As am writing this i am studying the history of isreal as well.. Ok what i read is that isreal was a culmination of the zionist movement, whose aim was a homeland for jews scattered all over the world. In 1948 they achieved a jewish state..

Not going deep into history lets go to the present, what do we normally hear about isreal from political circles. If you know it or not kerala is the only state which protested by a 3 hour hartal when saddam hussain was hanged. So it might be clear to you that what they will bark on isreal, common terms that we hear about isreal from the mouths of marxists is that they are A TERROR NATION, killers of POOR muslims. The tone will get shrill when election bells rings.

May be because i think just reverse of what these political parties think, or may be because i am a proud hindu nationalist (extremist, some call so) i've started to love isreali patriotism. Earlier this month, newspapers were full of anti isreali editorials, somewhere between the lines, i saw these words : " we will do anything for the protection of our citizens ". The words were from non other than isreali pm. Hearing these words may have not surprised the citizens of isreal, but it would certainly surprise people like us who see PM and the ruling parties always talking about minorities. Our PM Would never dare to say such words. Why?

Its high time that india realise, it has the same kinds of boundaries like isreal, if they have 7o pc jews, we are 7o pc hindus, they r surrounded by islamic nations, we too are , they have to fight separatist islamic groups, we too have. But only difference is their government is as much patriotic as their people, but neither our govt nor majority of us do not care for ourselves. A small nation like isreal do not fear even america, they are ever vigilant against the islamic terror groups,they are religious too and are proud in what they belong.
What about us? We are 7th largest country, nods at everything US say, alwys vigilant to condemn the annual terror attacks, and too much secular that we fear of losing vote bank if we attack terror camps in enemy country.

Remembering veer savarkar patriotic words and dreaming it echoes with every hindus :
"if any one tries to shackle her, we shall defend her with our life "
Vande Mataram !


16 Comments on “ISREAL- INDIA a comparison”

  1. Anant Gautam says:

    i can never agree on that… just because Israel are killing Muslims makes a hindutvadi person support israel, then im not one of em… unlike Israel India never killed innocents.. Israel on the name of “self defense” kill Innocents… gaza was never a part of Israel… Kashmir was always a part of india…

  2. Anant Gautam says:

    one more thing bro, u wrote that israel is not even afraid of Us… if u read the world history then ull know why America supports them… America and Israel are the dtrongest because they fear Islam will take over there nations…US role in the Middle East has been far from helpful. US policy in the region has been especially duplicitous, targeting Iraq, one of the most modern and secular amongst the Arab nations, while backing regressive monarchies and regimes based on sectarian chauvinism or religious fundamentalism and exclusivity…

  3. Anant Gautam says:

    so bro in my view a more appropriate comparison is one between the undemocratic Islamic state of Pakistan and the Zionist state of Israel. Rather than India being an oppressor in Kashmir, both India and Kashmir are victims at the hands of Pakistan sponsored terror… In the same way Palestinians are victims at the hands of Israel and US…

  4. Ashok M Kini says:

    @gauttam then should we advice isreal to be non violent country like india who entertain kasabs spending 1lak per day for him? Ahimsa is not a weapon against dos who preach himsa, bro!

  5. Ashok M Kini says:

    @gauttam I have never equated gasa and kashmir, i talked about d common threat both countries r facing, i spoke abt the patriotic words deir primeministr spoke,

  6. Ashok M Kini says:

    @gauttam i only asked us to imbibe good things from isreal as a nation, the leftist r barking many untruths about isreal, and i d say leftist r more cruel to muslims wen dey compare muslims with these international terrorist

  7. Karmasura says:

    David Ben Gurion, the first PM of Israel was highly desirous of friendship with India. But the skirt chaser Nehru found it more feasible to create the NAM rather than ally with Israel. However, there is a conundrum in India supporting Israel. Remember what happened on 14th August 1947? That event happened exactly to provide grounds that a state can be formed on the basis of religion. So, if we support the Jewish state of Israel, we are in a ‘dharam sankat’ of either supporting the unmentionable nation to India’s northwest, which was founded on the same philosophy, or appearing as a hypocrite.Which side do you choose? I chose to be a hypocrite. Better be a hypocrite, than be a supporter of Islam which killed millions of our ancestors and injected a tumor into the body of the motherland, which keeps getting worse with each day.

  8. Ashok M Kini says:

    hypocracy helps sometimes…i want india to develop anti terror mechanism like isreal… which is now near to impossible when we have ‘ secular’ congress in power

  9. Well i espouse the same opinion as yours. In fact i have made many Jew friends out here. One thing to say they are very intelligent. Lets hope that we are able to convince more Indians to make India take same attitude towards enemy of the state.

  10. mk says:

    Then why fight for a lost cause, for majority of us do not care for ourselves or our culture? it is better to fight with ourselves rather than with outside enemies. If our government is not patriotic, remember the wise words of the statesman of yesteryears, every people deserve the government they have..

  11. But everyone has to remember that Israel's land is owned to Palestine. It is seized by Israel, now palestine is fighting for its rights to get back its land. Even India is handed over to hindus by mughals after over 7 centuries of ruling. You all are always being fanatic. If the sameway Mughals acted means then there would be no hindus in India now. But we are always pleased people towards other community. But you are jealous about us. You dont want us to get rights, even the fundamental rights. Please get rid out of the vision of your own community. Respect other feelings also. Atleast have some mercy.

  12. govind(rss) says:

    make military education mandatory to all citizens in india ,this will ultimately shape up the counter terrorism will power among indians ….vande bharat matram

  13. Like India Isreal is surrounded by hostile Islamic nations.Hence isreal is tough and does not tolerate hostile attacks.If some nation tries to attack or aggress Isreal they act swiftly and ruthlessly.Hence its neighbours think a 100 times before attacking Isreal.Inda should be like Isreal.We are similarly surrounded by evil nations.India should be tough and neighbours should fear us.

  14. abhi(rss) says:

    Mr Ashokmkini— Marxists always sticks to their own viewpoint whenever there is question arises to please the Muslims.In West Bengal the Govt trying to make 10 per cent reservation for muslims in job on basis of religion only a contradiction to our constitutional acse of Palestine problems as well as Saddam Hussein's execution they sheded crocodile tears and organised protest rallies in Kolkata.But whenever any questions related to Hindu's facing injustice they openly criticise it.Never wish to go looking for the other side of the sheid.To buld up ma strong defence for our country against Pakistan and ChinaIndia neeeds to be friendly with Israel.The CPIM party appreciates making friendly tie up with China who always betrays others (say Nehru govt faced so in 1962).Even if world condemns i personaly like to salute Israel for it stands against Palestine extremists and really wonders why our Central nGovernment being so handicapped in tackling pakistani sponsored terrorism.Is it their dirty politics of pleasing minority Muslims in India???

  15. Vainateya says:

    I liked this comparison very much.

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