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BHOPAL!! no hope for justice !!

I have read about Bhopal gas leak trajedy , once in a history text book during my school days, and now in newspapers and our media. It happened in 1984,in short a US company Union Carbide was sanctioned to work in bhopal, it was headed by a US man called Anderson, there was a leak in the plant, many lost their lives, even generation suffered, and is suffering even today. But the man responsible is missing even today, the questions asked were, who helped him escape ?

The justice delayed is justice denied is a good proverb. But after twenty six years here is a judgement, which gave TWO years punishment to those responsible for TWENTY THOUSAND deaths. They got bail within TWO hours, but the victims did not get the justice even after waiting TWENTY years. What a pity! Who is to blame for this? Indian judiciary? Or indian legislature? Or we ourselves?
All should know that Indian judiciary has very less powers, it can only act on the laws which the legislature do. The cjm (chief judicial magistrate) here can give the maximum of two years punishment according to his powers. So blaming judiciary is like accusing the helpless. So next fingers point to law makers, our dear politicians? Why should we blame them? Politicians are created by people, people elect them. So its better we blame ourselves. Blame the largest democracy for being crazy.

Rajiv gandhi, the then pm is no more, Arjun Singh the then cm is here, but is silent. Anderson, the union carbide chief is absconding. Media,is everywhere, but has many other agenda . The victims are in Bhopal. Haven’t we learnt another good proverb : procrastination is the thief of time, if the case was discussed within a few years after the tragedy this situation could have been avoided, rajivji was alive, arjun ji was young and active, media was no other agendas like it has today.I am sad to say india has become a place where any one can come, do anything and easily escape the place and can guarantee themselves that they will never be caught in their life time. Anderson also is one among the tourist who visited the heart of india and broke the very hearts of thousands of that place. The then govt of Madhya Pradesh priorities need to be probed thoroughly. How could Anderson escape so easily ? Who asked the piolet to take him away ? was the priority to save Anderson or the sons of the soil ? why so much delay in this case ? why india still not pressing for Anderson ? how dare we continue yet another deal with US when they do not help us catch the culprit who was responsible for all this? Who will answer all these questions ??

India is never going to get the answers unless the corrupt generation of polititians are thrown to dustbins. Be it bjp, be it congress, they have no agenda for the country, they have only plans how to fill their own pockets. Congress have a lot to answer , particularly the Nehru-gandhi family, most of the riots and scams happened when they were in power. Emergency, sikh riots, babri masjid, Bhopal tragedy, and many more and none of this issues have got the answers.
We will keep on writing like this, the victims always get punished like this, we do not lack answers, but we lack the courage to answer !!


One Comment on “BHOPAL!! no hope for justice !!”

  1. BK Chowla, says:

    This is my first visit to your site.Very interesting.Will return soon

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