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Indian Football Dreams

Yes, argentina won 4-1 against korea. I was watching the match now. Not a foot ball fan though, the songs “Give me freedom .. ” by k’naan and “waka waka” by shakira made me watch the beautiful sport this time. Cricket is too boring when we compare the spirit and emotions of football. The playground is always alive with the sounds of ‘Vuvuzelas’ and Fans…I really enjoy this sport.
The only thing which saddens me when i see the WC is the absence of a team INDIA,when the countries smaller than our smallest state plays very well, our country of hundred crore people fails repeatedly to enter the world cup. Why so ?Are we so lacking in spirit ? Or are we too weak to play the strong men games ? Or is it that we do not care about the game ? Whatever the reasons may be its disappointing when we are forced to be fans of another nation just because ours not in the game. If india were in the race, it would’ve got the support of millions and it would’ve boosted our energy than any other country. But how ? Whats the use of moral support if our people do not know how to play ?
Let Indian govt do a 10yr plan for the foot ball, ie in 2o2o , like dr kalam’s mission, lets all prepare to be super power in all fronts including the football. Lets be a team which could go par with argentina or brazil. We have enough time to groom our lions- 10yrs! get a good coach, and train the team. Make sports a compulsory/important subject for academics,train the students for football when they are school. Inspire the keralites who are most crazy football fans, to be not just crazy, but to work for the team. Nothing is impossible friends, even if india get one player from each state, we can make a good team… Above all Let there be a sports ministry with a minister who is a sportsperson, not a politician, our good times will start when we does this. Each ministry of india shouldn’t contain the politicians, but the experts of that field. Like a personality like sachin to be made a minister of sports, a retired army man the defence minister.
Sport is not just a joke, it represents the strength of the country. Particularly football, a nation like ours who aspires to be developed like usa and japan and france, should be able to play what they are able to. Just economic, or military might doesn’t call us developed.. Sport is not a joke, its a part of a nations growth..So lets all get our kids, our gen next who are going to live here after us love football, let them be lucky enough of shouting “GO INDIA Go” during fifa world cup finals..
Waiting for the good days to come,
it may take time i know, but sure,it’l
when the time will come,and dream come tru,
we will sing, this century belong to us..
pls give ur views on how football can be encouraged in india. If u have any say in politics or administration, pls suggest the importance of the sport. Thank you…

4 Comments on “Indian Football Dreams”

  1. Anant Gautam says:

    i agree bro n im sure that india will definitely play in the 2014 world cup… we have already qualified for the 2011 Asian cup.. our team is improving under the leadership of baichang Bhutia and the coaching of Bob Houghton..lets be optimist and give our team the full support.. im confident as a fan that our team will definitely do well….one thing i like about your post is that unlike others u dint blame the failure of football on the success of cricket… cricket is the passion of the country and its not appropriate to blame cricket for the failure of football… im a avid cricket fan and a football fan…Nice post… keep it up…….

  2. Mahalingam says:

    But if india is to play in any major football event, we have to eliminate political influence from them. No political leaders should be allowed in sport managements. The sporting councils should be purely based on their contributions to that sport.No recommendations should be entertained…

  3. AP says:

    very good write up….really agree with ur views….i feel disappointed when countries even smaller htan our smallest state play in the world cup….but i think indian football is changing fast…especiallly under the guidance of bob houghton….just wait till next january for the asian cu….india will be playing against 3 major fooballing nations…australia,south korea and bahrain…it would be great if we get a single point..

  4. jith says:

    While reading this thing that got into my mind was Kerala sports ministers comment that India will play World cup in 2020.Bye the bye even a child will replay no World cup in 2020.So having a vision is good but it should be realistic to an extent.First of all India needs a good national league.You can find talents in every nook and corner but getting them to big stage is a task. So coaches should be well trained.Any way All the Best for TEAM INDIA for Asia cup Hopes they can start a sensation that we too can….

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