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Afzal and kasab can not jump the queue : says a responsible minister of the present indian government. If any non resident indian or non indian resident who doesnt know who these two guys r should not think that the queue the minister mentioned is not a queue to heaven but to a death rope..

Afzal guru , the LeT trained terrorist , who was the main conspirator of parliament attack abt 10 yrs ago , who was given punishment by supreme court of india about 8yrs ago, is still alive, too much alive, in the airconditioned jail..And the country still debates whether he should be killed or not.. What a pity?

The kasab will also meet the same fate- punishment hang till death, will be put in ac jail.. Thousands of terrorist who r going to visit the country to kill hindus and other kafirs will meet the same fate., they'l be put in ac jails till death..

Kasab is said to have promised heaven if he killed the kafirs and their nation, and l e t and their holy words doesn't make false promises, kasab will get the HEAVEN as the afzal, but not after death, but in AIR CONDITIONED fool proof security indian jails… Also he was assured of 72 virgins for his holy act.. If he applies for it, he may get it too..!

Its too sad that we, the incredible indians have to debate whether a terrorist should be killed or not.. This question is really a boring question to debate with- what we should debate is that whether incredible india with its military might should attack the sponsors of kasabs and afzals.. The govt should've been discussing about the strategy on how to attack these barbarians who r blinded with the religion..
Its sad that the secular congress government identifies muslims with afzals and kasabs. They think the muslim community as a whole will react against the idea of india if they hang those terrorists.. I donno about how the muslim will react? But if the upa is planning to continue with such foolish appeasements i'm sure, the stupid common men will suffer..!!

Note : unpublished post i wrote long ago.. Thought i shouldn't delete it..


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