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confessions of a loser

The cruel fate,defeated me this time too
the hope i had to rise from the ashes,burned me through
when i look back, its horrific,its painful
to see how i let them down,who live for me

my eyes are not wet,not that i'm not sad
i can see the wet eyes, of those whom i love,
i'm helpless and sad that i can not wipe their tears
with the cruel fate of mine, the reason for their cries

whatever happened is happened,all will say
but it has happened to me,why i say
it might have happened for good i know,
but what happened now,why nobody knows

i dont know how to say the sorry word,
to myself,to the people who shape my world
i only can say,i'm helpless,pls do try,
to forget the pain ,of which the reason is me..

Rolling tears is not the answer,beat me up
i have sinned,by not listening your words
the shout i hated to hear,i admit my mistakes
that they were alarm of the ship about to sink
the captain,the cursed,didn't realise,he went on,
now the ships have sunk,we all drowned..
I'm sorry, i hate to say the word again..

But i have one request, hope you hear
not to curse the already cursed, me here
give me one more chance,to heal the wounds
bless me for yet another chance,

i shall rise, i can rise, i will rise
for you, for me, for them i again rise
bless me , i plead , i cry
for mercy
i will make you proud, one day, sure..


6 Comments on “confessions of a loser”

  1. roshny says:

    heart touching ashok..coult totally relate to it,passing through the same phase myself. theis poem was so heart felt, your best one so far..hey..dont worry..i told my father about how bad my exams went, he said, to just try my best and not to worry..he said he was the only one who got a second class in a class of 18 for his bsc, and look where he is now..hmm..if its any consolation.From the ashes a fire shall be woken,: A light from the shadows shall spring;: Renewed shall be blade that was broken,: The crownless again shall be king. …J.R.R.Tolkien from the Lord Of The Rings.P.S. sorry for the late reply, read it from my moblie thats why.

  2. Anant Gautam says:

    very touching indeed Ashok,, im in that stage my self… loved these linesBut i have one request, hope you hearnot to curse the already cursed, me heregive me one more chance,to heal the woundsbless me for yet another chance,i shall rise, i can rise, i will risefor you, for me, for them i again risebless me , i plead , i cryfor mercyi will make you proud, one day, sure we will maake everyone who loves us Proud onr day….

  3. Jith says:

    Just joining the queue here as cursed one are always there for cursed ones but the cursed one are not always the worst one.They are the people with fire in heart, the fire of desire,the desire to perspire….now on you are in the list of counted ones.The count down to glory..

  4. ashokmkini says:

    aparna says : very nice really touched our hearts.

  5. ashokmkini says:

    Sachith says :
    Rolling my shirt’s sleeves is the answer,to beat you up,
    i have sinned,by listening to your words
    and reading the poem………
    and i’m not JOKING anymore
    wat a bakwas poem man
    ppl comntd that ‘it touched their heart ,’ur blogs are alsways inspiring…
    but POEMS…….dont write essay poems…..leave it to yester-year poets like wordsworth ,todays poems are shortconvey the grief in max 16 lines
    nothing more is bearabl ..euse simple english…..
    u shd…
    i was honest with u……..
    either i dont knw english to understand it…….or i’m heartless….

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