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mobiles banned !! i feel vindicated !!

Namo gosripureshaya
Hope by this time you all will have heard this good news that finally the moblile phones are banned inside our temple (holle devall). It gives me immense pleasure to hear the same, because I was part of the mission gosripurambhakthajanasamooham, and am proud of being so. The following is my response to the ban.

I got mobile phone 4yrs ago, when I was studying in degree first year. I don’t know why I was against using mobiles in sacred places. I am not saying I have never used it in temples, but I have restricted its use only to attending calls and replying important messages, that too rarely. During those days I remember a meeting called to form a group. Only three attended, and i remember the place where we sat, near the devaswam library, we discussed many problems faced by youth and the effect on our temple. When the issue of mobile came in, i spoke rather strongly against it. The place we sat, the way i spoke, the way they heard my words, i can see it still when i search in my memory. But sad to say that group’s first and last meeting took place at that same place, we saw it impractical to act and hence we dropped the idea of a REVOLUTION. But read carefully, the thoughts which i expressed, still remained in the temple, it merged with some others similar thoughts and at this stage , 3years after that unsuccessful group , an online group is formed which pressurized the management to call for a ban. I’m happy and experienced a butterfly effect. I feel vindicated.
I also heard some honorable person in devaswam has criticized us for putting these issues on internet. “Dear sir, with utmost respect, this is what we have to say, technology has two sides, obviously there are many things bad and many things good. If you don’t know the people who use internet for good purpose am proud to request you are free to join this group, gosripurm bhaktajanasamooham. Nowadays internet is a medium of communication, people especially youth check their mail at least once a month. So i congratulate the founder of this group that he chose the best available medium to communicate. The issues in temple must be known to the mahajans.. Also there are only a few youth like us who discuss things related to our temple and dharma, if you can not appreciate their work, pls do not discourage them..”

The implementation part of this ban is the toughest part, only way i think is to personally plead to each one we know to respect the temple rule. The path to dharma is not smooth, its like walking on the edge of the sword.. So lets start walking:-)

Dharmo rakshati rakshitah !!


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