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a letter to octopus


i am not sure what to call you, but only because i do not want my letter to be rejected on the basis of what i call you , i decided to call you as SIR, pls pardon me if you deserve more. anyways this letter i am writing on behalf of somebody who knows you closely. He claims you are his brother in some way and he even pointed out the similarities between you and him. He showed his legs and asked me to count it and it was exactly eight in number, also he made me take his photo and said he looks like you. I could not disagree with him and hence I wrote this letter on behalf of him,.. following is what he wanted to convey you..

my dear brother,

             I know you might be wondering who I am, because we have not seen each other since we came to this wonderful earth. It’s a long story about how we parted which I will tell you when we hopefully meet. First let me introduce myself,people all around me call me SPIDER, and i live among these people who gave me such a name eventhough I also have eight legs like you. I live anywhere, sometimes in the suit cases that these people carry and at other times in the closet. I am not rich and hence I am always a rolling stone. Some people try to kill me always but I don’t know why. Some do run away screaming when they see the small me and I run behind them just to have some fun. My life is in risk 24*7, and I want some assistance from you to live.

A few weeks ago I used to stay near a TV set, and I was seeing the world cup football. It was at that time when I first saw you, and I got excited that you got started your career as a fortune teller. I congratulate you for your successful starting with 8 successful predictions in a row. And I am proud that you got more viewership than the football matches. I request you to plese help me live a good and fearless life like you by teaching me some prediction tricks. Or you may help me by sending correct predictions to my doubts : following are doubts by predicting which I want to get fame and name.. pls do help


1. Will Indian team qualify to play atleast one world cup match ?

2. Pawar, the bcci man, knows how to play cricket or not ?

3. What is indias national game, hockey or cricket?

4. Is dhoni a film star or cricketer


5. who is indias prime minister now, Soniaji or manmohanji ?

6. Is the so called prime minister of india , is in Us or INDIA?

7. Will communist party ever lead the country ?

8. Has Bjp decided to commit suicide or is waiting to be killed by some one?

pls do help me ..


Yours lovingly.

Brother spider.


One Comment on “a letter to octopus”

  1. I have a great devotee who is one of the Pandits that you describe. Religious rage and constant fighting are indeed most unacceptable. The Kashmir Valley is the home of the branch of Kashmir Shaivism that I follow and all of my Swamis follow. We are considering puting an Ashram in the Valley. In order for peace to prevail, we must view everything in the absolute understanding that there is NOTHING that is NOT GOD. I welcome you with great love and great respect.
    Mahamandaleshwar Swarupananda

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