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kashmiri hindus : the ignored and insulted refugees of SECULAR India !!!

As the tension grows in Kashmir, and when it seems that we are losing Kashmir from our hands, with sickular media always sympathizing with the so called ‘innocent stone pelters’ on one side , and also the fundamentalist seperatists who want to seperate Indias head, because its muslim majority region now on the other side, I decided to read and write about the most ignored and insulted refugees of the world who once lived in this beautiful heaven of bharat, but were forced to leave their homes because they did not want to change their religion, their culture and traditions, the following is the history of unfortunate hindu brothers, I request you all to read this,

I myself was not so much aware about this hindus,but after reading this from Wikipedia I got alarmed how successfully a hindu majority state was islamised , so what if they are successful in islamisation of india, where will the hindus go ?  The fall of kashmiri hindus resulted in the fall of Kashmir into this state, and the fall of Hindus will result into fall of hindusthan, so hindus !!! its your responsibility now not to let our motherland fall.. Unless hindus rise and realize the threat rising all around us, I am sorry to say that it will be too late to protest and rethink when we face the reality of Islamic fundamentalism. So all hindus , muslims and Christians please do understand that you all were hindus once who were forced to switch into a foreign religion, please act accordingly for the cause of our own motherland..There are many examples how conversions will lead to partition of this countries. The Pakistan earlier was a hindu state and part of akhanda bharat, the islamisation of sindh area led to separation from Indian state. Nagaland,misoram and north eastern states etc where the Christian conversion is on the rise, are demanding separate country,kerala is now a terror factory of india… the situation is not so good…

Those who bark about Godhra riots, should also read this and raise the same voice for kashmiri pandit cause, please do not be a hypocrite, if you can not realise anything from kashmiri pandit fate, next as our Dear communist secular CM of kerala said, the minority will become majority and we will be living a refugees life in our own country : so hindus pls rise, awake and work for own Motherland,Bharat..

Following is a history about kashmiri brahmins, which i read in wikipedia, thought you also should read it to know how hindus are/were targetted and forced to leave thier homeland by these islamic terrorists ::

kashmiri refugees

Source : wikipedia

Kashmiri Pandit (Hindi: कश्मीरी पण्डित) refers to a person who belongs to a sect of Hindu Brahmins originating from Kashmir, a mountainous region in South Asia. Kashmiri Brahmins are probably the best specimen of the Aryan Race. Many credible experts are of the opinion that this Race has its origin from the Vale of Kashmir and neighborhoo

Pre-Islamic History

Kashmir’s association with Hinduism is very old. The very name Kashmir is said to be derived from Kashyapa, one of the seven Rishis in Hindu mythology. Most Kashmiri Pandits are devout Shaivites, however many Kashmiri Pandit families who had migrated into other Indian territories have been ardent Vaishnavites as well. Kashmir is home to some of the holiest shrines in Hinduism like Amarnath, Kheer Bhawani, Shrine of Sharada, Shankaracharya Mandir, Hari Parbat, and Zeethyar.

The religious philosophy of Kashmiri Hindus is rooted in Kashmir Shaivism, a school of Shiva philosophy that originated near Kailasha in Himalayas around 400 AD. The first teacher of this school was Tryambakaditya, a disciple of sage Durvasas. Sangamaditya, the sixteenth descendent in the line of Tryambakaditya, later settled in Kashmir valley around 800 AD. His fourth descendent, Somananda, extracted the principles of monistic Shiva philosophy from the scriptures and incorporated them in his own work, Shivadrishti, which is the first philosophical treatise on Kashmiri Shaivism. Later a galaxy of illumined sages, such as Vasugupta, Kallata, Utapaladeva, and Abinavagupta further refined this philosophy. The philosophy of Kashmiri Shaivism is generally called Trika Shastra, since it is a philosophy of the Triad: Shiva, Shakti, and Nara (the bound individual self). The literature of the Trika System of Kashmir comprises three categories: the Agama Shastra, the Spanda Shastra, and the Pratyabhijna Shastra.

Kashmiri Shaivism, also known as Pratyabhijna (meaning “recognition”) school of Shaivism, adopts a purely monistic metaphysical position. It considers the Supreme Lord, called Shiva or Maheshvara, as the Supreme Reality, which is innermost as well as transcendent. As a conscious and active principle, the individual self (atman) is identical with the Supreme Lord. Due to the influence of maya (ignorance) the individual self forgets its divine nature, becomes liable to limitation and bondage, and thinks itself to be different from the Supreme Lord. Thus one’s mukti (spiritual freedom) li


8 Comments on “kashmiri hindus : the ignored and insulted refugees of SECULAR India !!!”

  1. sreenivas says:

    its really shocking….i never knew such a thing….

  2. nisha says:

    I dont know and have NEVER understood the fickle mind of THESE sick people. I think in THEIR religion the word PEACE is a forbidden thing. They dont want peace and would not allow others too to live in peace. What they are trying to create is immense hatred in minds and heart of people worldwide. With such attitude and mindset, they are hailing nowhere, there is no end to this dangerous road. They are hopeless and UNWANTED creatures on this earth. & someday somehow they will extinct.

    Truly saying I am proud Hindu (one who is not religiously inclined and never is too much of showing her Hinduism) the one like ALL OTHER who believe as HUMANITY as first religion (at least thats what I have been taught by my all gurus, parents and have inherited the essence of non violence and LIVE and LET LIVE philosophy. Believe me the more you turn towards human/humanity the more god will be happy and JANNAT will be justify then and there ONLY. :):):) No bloody JIHAD is going to help you out.

    God created this world, beautiful nature and beautiful US so who and which type of GOD is THIS who asks for blood of humans????

    • ashokmkini says:

      Truly saying I am proud Hindu (one who is not religiously inclined and never is too much of showing her Hinduism

      yes we need such proud hindus like you who speak against adharma always.. thank u 4 ur long comment, and agree with you

  3. gauttam says:

    Kashmir when it was invaded by the pakistanis in 1948 had good population of hindus mostly kashmiri pandits but after the accession by the islamic separatists and invaders the pandits were given 3 options
    1. Convert to islam
    2. Flee from kashmir
    3. get converted
    many of themm chose the third hoping that onee day there indian govt will take this issue seriously and they will be sent back to there homeland… but this never happened and as a result the 7 million kashmiri pandits are refugees in there own countries….

  4. ashokmkini says:

    I have a great devotee who is one of the Pandits that you describe. Religious rage and constant fighting are indeed most unacceptable. The Kashmir Valley is the home of the branch of Kashmir Shaivism that I follow and all of my Swamis follow. We are considering puting an Ashram in the Valley. In order for peace to prevail, we must view everything in the absolute understanding that there is NOTHING that is NOT GOD. I welcome you with great love and great respect.
    Mahamandaleshwar Swarupananda

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