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AS I was on my way to AKHANDA BHARATA SMRITHI DINAM, organised by RSS here ,  i saw one SECULAR friend of mine, who asked me the logic of observing such a day ? He commented that pakistan and bangladesh are now different countries and the dream of undivided IndIA can not be ever realised. He added that this concept is exclusive of RSS and no INDIAN people or government is working for this cause. The time was not apt to argue with him, as i had to reach there on time, i suppressed my words and promised him to get back to him with my arguement.That function started with our national song, VANDEMATARAM and the speaker expressed his thoughts about indian partition came freedom struggle, the program was concluded with Our NATIONAL ANTHEM, JANA GANA MANA(which is the source of my arguement).
Being back home i replayed the SECULAR talks of my friend.Two things i found from his arguements, that SECULARIsm according to modern secularists is against so called Akhand bharat, also i had heard aurbindo ashram was asked by INDIAN secular govt in 1972 to remove the akhanda bharat map of their main building. So reading it both together we can argue that SEcularists are against AKHANDA BHARATH. Second thing i could understand from him is that Only Rss and few of their daughter organisations work for this cause. I would take it as a compliment and i am proud to work in such an organisation.
There has been a lot of misconceptions (or true conceptions ?) about jana gana mama in regard to who the song calls ‘ViDHATHA ‘. Is it King GEORGE in whose presence the song was first sung in a congress meeting ? Or did Tagore wrote it addressing ALMIGHTY and congress used it for their selfish gains? The answer is yet to find out. Keeping in mind such a doubt and accepting the fact that janaganamana was used to sideline Vandemataram , we still sing the song with as much patriotism as we sing our dearest VAndemataram. My topic is not to discuss this controversy, but the substance in this song that will help my arguement on AKHANDA BHARAT.
As we sing janaganamana and following the song closely on the geographical references it makes we can see some mention of places like SINDH, BANGA , PUNJAB , which will be my points of arguements which follows.

read about these three regions ( thanks : wikipedia)

The Punjab

Punjab is a cultural region straddling the border between India and Pakistan and comprising the Indian state of Punjab and the Pakistani province of Punjab.[2] The “five waters” are the Jhelum, the Chenab, the Ravi, the Sutlej, and the Beas. All are tributaries of the Indus River, the Jhelum being the largest. Punjab has a long history and rich cultural heritage. The people of the Punjab are called Punjabis and their language is also called Punjabi. The main religions of the Punjab region are Islam, Sikhism and Hinduism.The area now known as the Greater Punjab comprises what were once vast territories of West Pakistan and northern western India. The bigger section of the Punjab at about 60% lies within Pakistan and 40% within Republic of India where it has been further been divided into three states.


Sindh, Indus (pronounced [sin̪d̪ʱ]: Sindhi: سنڌ, Urdu: سندھ) is one of the four provinces of Pakistan and historically is home to the Sindhi people. It is also locally known as the “Mehran” (مهران) and “Bab-ul-Islam” (باب الاسلام) The Door to Islam, because Islam in South Asia was first introduced via Sindh. Different cultural and ethnic groups also reside in Sindh including Urdu-speaking Muslim refugees who migrated to Pakistan from India upon independence as well as the people migrated from other provinces after independence. The neighbouring regions of Sindh are Balochistan to the west and north, Punjab to the north, Gujarat and Rajasthan to the southeast and east, and the Arabian Sea to the south. The main language is Sindhi. The name is derived from the Indus River that courses through it, and was known to the Assyrians (as early as the seventh century BCE) as Sinda, to the Greeks as Sinthus, to the Romans as Sindus, to the Persians as Abisind, to the Arabs as Al-Sind, and to the Chinese as Sintow. To the Javanese the Sindhis have long been known as the Santri.

In 711 AD, Muhammad bin Qasim led an Umayyad force of 20,000 cavalry and 5 catapults, aided by Mokah Basayah, Thakore of Bhatta, Ibn Wasayo. Muhammad bin Qasim eventually defeated the Brahman Raja Dahir, and captured the cities of Alor, Multan and Debal. Large numbers of In the year 725, Junayad Abbasi, the Abbasid Emir of Sindh, started an expedition from Nerun. He commanded a large army under the Abbasid flag, combining Arab and Sindhi Muslim cavalry. This army eventually destroyed the Hindu Temple of Somnath (which has been rebuilt now), and returned victoriousSindhi tribes, Buddhists, Yogis and polytheists were converted to Islam.


(Bengali: বঙ্গ Bôngo, বাংলা Bangla, বঙ্গদেশ Bôngodesh or বাংলাদেশ Bangladesh) is a historical and geographical region in the northeast region of the Indian Subcontinent. Today it is mainly divided between the sovereign land of People’s Republic of Bangladesh (previously East Bengal / East Pakistan) and the Indian state of West Bengal, although some regions of the previous kingdoms of Bengal (during local monarchical regimes and British rule) are now part of the neighboring Indian states of Bihar, Assam, Tripura and Orissa. The majority of Bengal is inhabited by Bengali people (বাঙালি Bangali) who speak the Bengali language (বাংলা Bangla).


So That is three regions described in the national anthem is not in India . then why the song was not edited ? why do we need to talk about people who lives outside Indian boundaries ? yes there IS where my point comes , yet we all, who sing the national anthem , accept the concept of akhandh bharath. That concept can not be suppressed from our hearts. Not only the RSS, all those who accept Jana Gana Mana as our anthem directly or indirectly agree to UNDIVIDED INDIA, the AKHAND BHARAT. Just see joining the maps of these regions to the political map of india : we can see the real INDIA, BHARAT which was and which is our dream yet to fulfill.

I HOPE NOW IT IS PROVED  TO YOU THAT AKHANDHA BHARATA IS NOT AN EXCLUSIVE DREAM OF RSS, ALL THOSE WHO SING AND RESPECT THE NATIONAL ANTHEM OF OURS DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY RESPECT THE CONCEPT OF AKHANDH BHARAT, AND THOSE WHO DO NOT RESPECT IT ARE IN TURN DISRESPECTING OUR NATIONAL ANTHEM AND HENCE COMMITING A MAJOR OFFENCE.I  appeal to all those patriotic citizens of this BHARAT to dream about the AKHANDH BHARAT, and one day it will be a reality. The partition of India was the saddest chapter of our history, please study about that and do live as a proud indian/hindu . please download the patriotic song (From chanakya serial) HUM  KARE RAHTRA KA ARADHAN here and be a patriotic citizen always.


4 Comments on “AKHANDA BHARAT”

  1. harish says:

    ashok ..d probem with d concept of akhanda bharat is dat nw india is much mre peaceful dan it wud b if akhanda bharat concept is achieved..i gues v hav2 drop sch a concept in recent times so that islamism n al dnt get an upper hand here..d so named secular persons will b more interestd in facilitating islam(even without knowin who their father is which will be mst pbly a hindu) betr leav dat concept n work for a peaceful hindu nation where love nd prosperity rules 🙂

    • ashokmkini says:

      ” probem with d concept of akhanda bharat is dat nw india is much mre peaceful dan it wud b if akhanda bharat concept is achieved ”

      as and how d region was islamised , we should welcome bak dem to our patriotism aka hindutva which is not religion. that may solve der and our probs.

      i gues v hav2 drop sch a concept in recent times so that islamism n al dnt get an upper hand here

      who said islamism hasnt got pper hand here now. r u not in kerala, where pfi simply cuts hands, and kashmiris throw stones on indian democrcy.

      “so betr leav dat concept n work for a peaceful hindu nation where love nd prosperity rules”

      where is this hindu nation? india ? what i meant here is even the national anthem of ours defends AKHANDA BHARATA .

      you are certainly right wen u said ” their father is which will be mst pbly a hindu ” everybody in india is a hindu. its upto dem to to accept d diversity or get the hell out of here wit der religion.


  2. gauttam says:

    Akhand bharat should not be labelled as the dream of Rss or hindu Rightwings only… Its the dream of every nationalist Indian who considers this pure land of bharat as his motherland… we may celebrate 15 august as our independence day but we should also accept that while delivering india and Pakistan the mother nation Bharat died that day….
    So Akhand bharat shoulld be every person’s dream….

  3. Sudhesh R.Pai says:

    Great Ashok… U prove that u r a luving son of Bharat maaaa…

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