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For our HM is an honourable man

I have come to accuse hindus not to praise them,
The evil that hindus do live for a long time,
The good is often forgotten deliberately.
So let it be with saffron people , the noble HM has told you
That saffron hindus are threat to the nation,
If they are , then its indeed a grave matter,
But hindus have already grieved a lot,
For our HM is an honourable man,
So are they all; all honourable men

Here I am to speak about saffron hindus,
I am their friend, and one among them,
But HM says they are threat to nation
And yet HM is an honourable man,

Hindus have welcomed all religion to here,
Which flourished and cherished here,
Now are you saying we are terrorists,
When whole world was killing the non believers.
We welcomed them, did not mind any beliefs
But HM says they are threat to nation
And yet HM is an honourable man

We could have maintained this as hindu nation,
If prithviraj chauhan did not let off the ghori 16times,
Why do you think prithviraj chose to pardon his enemy?
Because he feared their votes like you uhhh……
Yet our HM says the descendents of prithviraj r terrorists,
And, sure, he is an honourable man.

I speak not to disaprove what HM spoke,
But here I am to speak what I do know,
That hindus can not be terrorists,
We do not believe in violence in name of gods,
But does that mean we should allow them to behead us,
If our HM says so , he is an Honourable man,
And all those who says so are honourable men..

I am not here to speak against islam, not any religion,
But does that mean they are peace lovers,
Look at kashmir !!! honourable men and women,
It was islamised and what a wonderful situation,
Yet our HM says they are peace and we are violent,
Yeah our HM is an honorable man, no doubt..

I know HM is not a fool, nor an ignorant man
He knows who are the real threat to nation,
If there are any hindus who are threat to this nation,
Then its you and you, hey honourable men and women,
Who ruled and ruined this country for last sixty years,
Still ruining, but yet some call you honorable,
Yeah the voters,They are alll honourable people
So honourable young men and women, correct your mistakes,
Else the honesty has its limits, we can not always be honest
We are honest to our motherland , and are enemies to the enemies of this nation
We do not mind being called by any names, as we know our real name
You are the ones who are threat to this nation and its culture,
But yet you call yourself honourable, and that is an insult to us also..
The evil that hindus did, live for a long time, and hence you all



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