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i hate these hindus

  1. Who bear hindu names and do not do justice to the name they bear, (for eg ashok, means ‘no worry’,but fact remain I worry)
  2. Who are quite pessimistic, and make false comparison of the state of Hindus with kaliyuga.(“this is kaliyuga, and this all things will happen,we are helpless…”)
  3. Who eat dead bodies  (this may include my friends and relatives) I hate them only because they do anti hindu activity.
  4. Who close eyes when ever they see adharmic things instead of reacting against it (includes me also,sometimes)
  5. Who create unnecesary divisions in society by discriminating people wrt castes and social status.
  6. Who insult women and girls
  7. Whose blood does not boil even if they hear hate words (mf and other sickular thinkers) about their mother at ‘hundred degrees’.
  8. Who talk about ahimsa (gandhian, using once own face for some one to practice boxing on it) and philosophy (‘tat tvam asi’ when a lion prepares assault on us, result: we are his food) when the enemies are all around (they are enemies to themselves).
  9. Who escape to foreign countries(MNC,USA,AUS) and work against interests of india.
  10. Who preach and practice  other religion even though they are sure that the reverse is rare to happen.(also unnecessarally using the word sdsb(sarva dharma samabhavana) )
  11. Who try to modernise hindu arts and songs by westernising and uglifying it.(bollywood janmashtami and western hanuman chalisa,harekrishna)
  12. Who do not clean their ears to hear good things that hindu and hindu organisations does (no ear cleaner has been yet invented to clean their ears).
  13. Who disobey their parents(hmmm..) and insult elders without any reason.(extraordinary reasons like parasurama had, for every insult they make they should be sure that they can pay back)
  14. Who spits in public places and put garbages in places they chose.(they are garbages themselves) and pollute sacred places citing tradition.
  15. Who lives among those he hate (because  he has no other choice) but never tries to transform the hate to love (too shy to become a leader).

hate post not completed, paused for a while..


One Comment on “i hate these hindus”

  1. Sachith Bhat says:

    Yeh sab padke bhi agar kisika khoon na khola…..
    toh woh khoon nahi woh paani hai………
    jo apni desh, apni dharm ke kaam na aaye…………
    woh bekaar jawani hai…….

    [Courtesy: Sri. Chandrashekhar Azad]

    “Even after reading all these, still there is a hindu who can identify with the above statements, and still if his blood didn’t boil enough to bring abt a change in his attitude…..
    if u are not usefull to ur nation, ur dharma, then………….ur youth is simply wasted”

    Good points Ashok……..
    You enlighten us more than you inspire………..

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