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This post is dedicated to the person who first introduced me to the philosophy of RSS, I do not remember his name exactly, as far as I can recollect it was something like Shailesh (it ended with ‘esh’,I am sure) because I did not hear that properly when he told me. Let me start with the glorius moments of my life time. This happened four years ago, when I was in a queue of people who were apppearing for learner licence test. We were together and we started talking about each and he asked me what was am doing, and somewhere in between the talk surrounded around sanskrit, and he said I am fortunate that I have studied sanskrit and also he was in charge of some sanskrit classes conducted by RSS. This was my first encounter with an RSS man, before that I have never talked about RSS to anybody, though I might have seen many workers. As the topic of RSS came, he turned talkative and as the queue was not moving we sat somewhere in the building and continued the conversation.

At that point of time, I asked him, is not RSS communal organisation, is there communal elements in all religion, to which he patted me and replied that it was a good question. The malayalam equivalent word for commnal is ‘vargeeyam’, he said, vargam means a small group of people, and hindus are not a small group of people, we are part and parcel of this nation. At that time his reply did not seem that much appealing to me as I feel today. We got the learners licence and we returned hoping that we may meet for the test. But unfortunately after that meeting , we never met because my date of test was postponed and his did not. There were no mobiles with anyone of us to exchange numbers, and hence I lost connection from the first official messenger to me from RSS. I even search for him when I attend district level rss programs. But never mind, individuals do not matter, we all are part of the nation now, the brain need not ‘see’ the hand to make it move.

Today I know RSS and its way of working,the sangh prarthana have always inspired and encouraged me. In the sangh prarthana there is a stanza carrying the word, HINDURASHTRANGABOOTHA,which means we are part of this nation, (like hands and legs are part of the body). Is not the same things that shailesh ji was trying to convey. Yes ,I think. Is not this word make us more responsible to the motherland we live ? yes it does !! As the entire body feels the pain when a finger is injured, any problem that nation face concerns all of us. We feel the pain when our motherland is insulted, such a group of people singing such a wonderful and patriotic prarthana every day can not be communal.
There is nothing called hindu community, because hindus are not ‘A MERE COMMUNITY’ in india BHARAT . Are americans a community in US ? are arabs a community in UAE? Are communists a community in china? And how dare some body call us communal? We are hindus from hindusthan , and we are nor a community ? islam is a community, christians are a community , but in Hindusthan these communities are part of ’ hindu’ nation. From historical times our nation was /is called ‘hindusthan’. What is ‘ sthaan ‘ ? it means ‘a place’. The author of ‘SAARE JAHAN SE ACHA’ SRI MUHAMMAD IQBAL has told us this is HINDUSTHAN . So what does that mean ? This is a place where hindus lives !!! But can we say this is only ‘ a place’ where we live ? no!, we are a nation, we are a RASHTRA . That is HINDURASHTRA. So HINDURASHTRA is not something which is yet to come,nor it is a creation of RSS, but its is synonym of the word HINDUSTHAN patriotised. So when I say HINDUS , I address the 110 crore people of this country who are/were hindus, when somebody say he will cut the hands of those who HARM hindus, he means those who work against the NATION of ours should think twice. So to conclude with we are not COMMUNAL because we are not a COMMUNITY in BHARAT. Those who call us communal should reconsider their opinions because,if hindus are reduced to minority anywhere in this country like kashmir, the stone pelters are ready with the stones for SATAN.Beware all honorable men and women!!!


5 Comments on “Are Hindus ‘A MERE COMMUNITY’ in BHARAT ?”

  1. gauttam says:

    excellent write up bro…. hats off to the person Shailesh also, RSS now has a dedicated Swayamsewak like u….
    n yes Hindus are not communal at all… if we were communal we would never have allowed Muslims to shout on a loudspeaker 5 times daily “Allah hu Akbar” which means Allah is the Greatest and only true God!!

    Keep writing Brother…
    Let Pen be your Clarion!!

  2. sreenivas says:

    superb yaar…..go ahead…..!!!

  3. harish says:

    tru..i wuld lik u 2 ryt smetin on saffron terror comments dat is raised ryt nw..

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