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i do not fear 'stage fear' now

Are you one of those who have stage fright/ or fear of presenting yourself before a large group of unknown people, are you one of those who fear some blunder will come out from your month and it is better to be silent than accepting challenges ? are you one of those who have under estimated the talent you have ? then I am sure you WERE like me (not ARE because,I do not think now I am like you), and this post of mine may help you in some way !!
Yesterday was the day which had changed my life, the way I looked at myself, the way I thought about myself. As I said earlier I was one among you, but a single experience has changed me. Now I am confident, and I am just the opposite of what I was. Our college has started a new initiative, in which the seniors can teach juniors some topics according to our wish. Inspired from the words of my friend I accepted the challenge of ‘teaching’ juniors. I was quite tensed and I was frequently asking ‘HOW COULD I ?”
The week before :

There were no specific dates announced for us in regard to when we should take lectures. But I was in a mood to post pone this to a date far away. But when I approached sir, I was asked to complete it by this next THURSDAY. So I started preparing for the same with some tension.

The week of ‘change‘ :

When Thursday was coming nearer and nearer, I was slowly losing the confidence, but one ‘chat’ with my helped me regain it, it was something like this, the ‘He’ in the chat below is my friend who is doing some course in psychology,but I should say this helped me a lot..

me: tomoro i goin to take class for juniors

HE: great
me: ok
any advice?

HE: ha ha ha
i am not up to that mark
think n do u can
me: u talk at various places? i ve stage fright

HE: ok to over come stage fear
me: tell
HE: just imagine n believe u are going to talk with ur friends
the crowd infront u is me, sreenath, macha, ravi etc
me: 🙂
HE: n before steping to dias smile, n step with that smile
n present a sweet smile to audiance
me: 🙂
i had thought like this
to speak somrthing personal
like why i have come and wat does t mean to me?
1some simple light heart moments
to be created
HE: yes the best starting way to resolve starting troubles
n most important think if u are a bit frustruvated n has some anxiety abt tomaros class
just visualize the class before bed time

me: B-) ok imagine?

HE: i mean just a few minutes before ur sleep
like mental re-hersal

me: ya good idea

HE: n visualize every word u saying

me: but i ve some lang probs,i mean malayalam and eng is not that good

HE: only then u will come to wot all words are going to come from ur mouth tomaro for thats y i am saying to mental rehersal
me: okay thank you
HE: n visualize the claps n happiness on audience face, the pat from colleugs for best presentation
HE: u will surely manifest the things u dream and visualize

As he said, I did , I started visualising myself taking a class on matrix optics. I even rehearsed how I will start with, I was not able to sleep though, the thought of how to present was eating me, finally I slep to wake up on Thursday.

The day of ‘CHANGE’

I again went through the topic I am supposed to lecture. Before I left for college, I called my father who asked me to go ahead bravely, my mother gave me an inspiring ‘bye’ and I reached the college. My friend gave me this advice : “even if the students do not understand what you said, you will get a new experience which will change your perception about you, talk in simple language, tell things straight forward manner, hope for the best ”. I thanked him for the advice, and reached the class and the sir who was in charge of the subject I am to lecture about was also with me. He introduced me to the juniors and the moment had come for me to appear before a group of 45 ‘not so known’ faces.
I prayed for some time , and started. I was surprised to see myself NOT shivering, NOT making any blunders, not frightened, but talking with somebody who i know. It was an hour long lecture. And as I came out of the class, I had the feeling like I came out from darkness, the ignorance about my capacities. So my dear friends, if u have any chance , please do take such classes and always be brave to talk in public. That will change you, will push you into light.


4 Comments on “i do not fear 'stage fear' now”

  1. jith says:

    Kudos, young man the process of letting onself out of the shell is painful as well as strainful ( i think so).Any way its rebirth ,adding lot more dimension to your personality.Happy Birthday….. again

  2. The fire is within you. Just blow it and feel the difference… Then we will be able to speak from our hearts without fear… I too had a same situation like this. Once you are able to pass this fire you will think you need some time more and you see your colleagues waiting for your next sentence… All the best Ashok. 🙂

  3. sreenivas says:

    good dear……
    teach this technique to all your collegues, let all develope and unleash their power

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