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Secularism also has its limits..

Today is ‘Vinayaka Chaturthi’ for hindus, ‘eid’ for muslims , ‘both’ for secularists, ‘9/11 anniversary for americans. For me, being an indian and a hindu, i celebrated / participated in vinayaka chaturthi function in local temple here.
As i saw twitter today, i was quite amazed to see #GAnesh #chaturthi being the most trending topic in the tworld today. I was quite happy that the india/ hindu festival is being discussed across the world today. Somewhere in the trending list there were also ‘ EID ‘ tweets. I just checked separately the tweets on ‘eid’ and ‘ganesh chaturthi’ and what i noted is this. I saw many ‘Ganesh chaturthi‘ tweets by hindus, secularists , foreigners etc and many of the tweets contained a ‘and happy eid’ extension. Ok, what is harm in that ? Now i checked ‘eid‘ tweets, there also i saw many tweeples who say ‘happy ganesh chaturti and eid’ , and most of the tweeples carried a hindu name. I checked for ‘muslim names’ in them and finally found it, but they were only wishing ‘happy eid’ and no ‘ and ganesh chaturthi’. Oh! May be! Idol worship is ‘haram’ for them, let it be, we shouldn’t care, but hindus seem to be hitting goals at every posts they see. They do not see any ‘muslim’ in ‘eid’ and there lies the heart of indian secularism – ‘SDSB of hindus’ (hope you know what is that ? if u do not know , you too are a fanatic hindu like me. :D)
Appreciating the fact that hindus are the back bone of indian secularism, i would like to ask my brothers and sisters here, that ‘dont we have any responsibility to make the ‘non hindus’ in india also secular? ‘ ‘dont we need their support in keeping this beautiful nation of ours secular for ever? Dont we want them to participate in national / hindu / indian / maratti / bihari/ etc etc / local festivals? Dont we have any desire about they wishing us a ‘ Happy ganesh utsav ‘ ? I do not hope that any of your answers are ‘no’ for the above questions.You may accuse me of seeing religion everywhere , but unfortunately I do or I am forced to. Will ‘allah’ curse the muslims if they greet their neighbours who are happily celebrating the festival ? come out of your ‘stereotype’ ness, hey muslim brothers and sisters of this hindu rashtra ! As some body said, ‘you were also part of us’ and hope you are again with us.
As I said earlier, hindus seem to be hitting goals at every posts they see. There were many hindus, AAM AaDMI and not so ‘ aam aadmi’ people who thought it will hurt their secular image if they do not place a ‘ ‘and eid wishes’ to ganesh chaturti tweets. This is the hypocracy of hindus, and it will remain so. Secularism (SDSB) of hindus is a great virtue, but that does not mean we need to sacrifice a lot for that. Hindus should take the great responsibility of ‘secularism’ and make the whole world ‘secular ‘ by ‘educating’ the ‘fundamentalists’ if any existing in this planet.
A few days ago I read an article comparing the islamaphobia of americans and indians in regard to building mosques in ‘ground zero’ and delhi. We do agree that we have an islamophobia, because such a threat exist in name of islam. But shall I ask the author of that article (he was also a hindu) whether islam is having any ‘hinduphobia’ , that they do not allow any temples or any unislamic worship centres in arab nations ? secularism also has its limit… please beware…


3 Comments on “Secularism also has its limits..”

  1. Ranganaathan says:

    Truth is that Secularism is part of Sanatana Dharma, which need not be preached to us Hindus, but i doubt whether Haddith read Islamist would be able to understand inclusive practices. As you said most of us want to project ourselves as secular, proving to any muslim friends that we care for him..Absurd, he cares only for his beard and haddith..Lets still not keep pretending to sleep…Wake up Bharath vaasi..

  2. ashokmkini says:


    saw ur article.Fully agree with u.Most unfortunate fact is that they know they can get away with anything under “minority ” tag.muslims & christians hav developed a VOTE BANK which hindus have failed to do.Had it been this sort of situation will not come.Govt s encourng them by giving money for Haj ,minority place of worship as wel as eductn inst hav no govt control so they njoy.Muslims at least in TN behave in 2 diff ways – when they r in muslim dom area they r fanatics,but minglefreely in other places.

  3. Hinduidf says:

    Good Article..and keep blogging and always make sure good tags and put as many links as possible. that why your blog get more hits and your blog will have effect in due time..So keep at it

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