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appeal to hindu, youth and muslims

Appeal to all hindus
Secularism is a virtue, but it does not mean sacrificing the interests of nation for the selfish interests of a certain community. From kashmir to kanyakumari, and for all of us AYODHYA is a sacred place like mathura, kashi , etc. so hindus please join hands to the cause of construction of grand ram temple in ayodhya. Muslims do have mecca, christians have vatican , and in both of these places , no other religion can flourish according to their law. But when it comes to hindu holy sites, we can see a mosque adjacent which shouts, there is no god except allah, and all other religions are wrong etc and etc . why is that hindus do not have any righful powers in the land they belong to ? please do think and join us in the grand mission of constructing the Ram mandir in ayodhya .

Appeal to youth
The youngistan of today, I hope does not mean that they are not hindus . We are hindus, and will remain so. We will show to the world that globalisation and westernaisation have not affected the patriotic hindu heart in us. Come out from the small world of cinemas and MNCs and join the crowd here who wants hindustan aka india to be super power in near future. Ram janma bhoomi is not only a matter of faith and culture, it is a symbol of nationilism, the mosque mughals built is an insult to the free india and we need to reconstruct every indian temples that they demolished when they invaded our bharat. So use social networking sites and every technology we have and make sure that we heal the insult and injuries of our forefathers.

Appeal to muslims
I have no hatred for musliims,like I can not hate my brothers even if they beat me. Muslims need to understand that it is not you people who came from outside, but the religion called islam came from outside and converted you using money and muscle power. As some body said, there exist only two types pf people in india, one who are hindus, and the other who were hindus. So sri Ram is our common ancestor and a temple dedicated to him is not an insult to you but it is an honour to you people. Babri masjid was built by mughals who came from outside, and babar has nothing to do with indian muslim community.Babri masjid demolition did not kill any muslims, karsevaks only brought down the dome which was a symbol of islamic invasion in india. Realise the facts and the polititians are only exploiting you for the power. It will be great way forward if you prople allow us to build a temple there in ayodhya.


7 Comments on “appeal to hindu, youth and muslims”

  1. gauttam says:

    Ashok bhai…ur appeal to muslims is EPIC… i hope more of them read it and understand this that Ram Mandir is not only for our people but their fore fathers also prayed their or to the lord someday…. vey well written….
    jai shri ram!!!

  2. Evyavan says:

    Ashok, in your appeal to young Indian, I think the part which says “India aka Hindustan” should be “Hindustan aka India”. I am not saying that we shall rename our country now, but our nation was called as “Hindustan” by all those travellers, merchants and invaders of the ancient era. Also its not our problem if someone who couldnt say “Hindustan” correctly mispronounced it as “India”.

    And am very proud of my nation despite the name. Again I think the proper name should be “Bharat”.

  3. abdul rahman says:

    As far as Indian Muslims are concerned Ayodya is not an issue of a Muslim Arab god Allah and Hindu god Ram, but it is an issue between the truth that there is only one true god for the man kind and mistake in the belief that any body can be a god. Allah is not an Arab god , the word Allah comprise all the accurate attributes of a true god, A true god is single all the way, capable of everything, independent, but everything depends on him . Mecca and Vatican has the history as old as that of religions posses them. But Ayodya is newly created concept which is more over utilised for a political objective befooling innocent Hindus

    • nationalizer says:

      ROFL !!! You speak like suckir naic …. ! Dude even before ur religion of “peace” originated, there was Ram, ayodhya and mathura.. do not mess us with ur extremist ideology !!!

      • abdul rahman says:

        religion ‘peace’ is the aceptable religion in front of universal god from first man to the last do u know ram, madhura and ayodya is not part of the religin of ‘peace’ of their time.

  4. nationalizer says:

    What is your problem dude ? Ram is a historical king, who possesed divine qualities, at any cost a Grand mandir will be built there, in fact already a mandir is there ! stop ur blah blah and move on !

  5. abdul rahman says:

    a king with devine qualities can never be equivalent to the god who creates, sustains, destroys, and resurects the universe.deep regrets only can save you people from his punishment.

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