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The way I wanted my nation to be

Firstly I would be frank enough to say that I do not like the official name of my country (hope I would not be arrested for saying this), INDIA , because I do not like the names without any meanings. I can not make out anything when I hear india ( could you ?) ? It is a sad fact that the name was only introduced because the foriegners could not spell the words with indian language. If I was to choose , I would have chosen the Name of my country as BHARAT. Although the name ‘bharat’ is in use now in local languages, officially it is not much in use. As we all know it means “affinity to knowledge” ., and it represents the ceaseless strive of bharatians to acquire knowledge .
Secondly our national anthem, it is not so much clear about the song in regard to whom tagore ji addressed by ‘ADHINAYAK’ and there is a little controversy (though suppressed) regarding the place the song was first sung (in welcoming king george). VANDE MATARAM is more patriotic and dense compared to our present national anthem. Though our constitution gives equal status to the song and the anthem, vande mataram suffers negligence because of the minority politics played by certain political parties. Even if vande mataram is a national song, only first two stanzas are officially included, but all should understand the beauty of a flower lies in its smell as well as how it looks, the suppressed part of ‘vandemataram’ {starting from ‘koti koti….} is the fragarance of the beautiful flower called Vandemataram. Many of our freedom fighters (including gandhiji) had a great affinity to this song composed by patriotic poet sri bankim chandhra chatterji. Revolutionaries like bhagat sing, rajguru ,sukadev etc uttered these two magical words during their last breath. And polititians need to understand by insulting the song , they are insulting the people who sacrifised their life for freedom of this country. JANA GANA MANA is also a great song which describes AKHANDH BHARAT (for our satisfaction, we should believe that “ADHINAYAK” is “ALMIGHTY GOD” in the song), but I love VANDE MATARAM more.
Tricolour flag of our nation is beautiful and I do not have any objection to it, rather I feel respect and I would love to apply these meanings to the colours which it contain. SAFFRON represents the age old tradition, history and culture of our land which has great relation to the colour. The sages here wore the saffron clothes, many kings had their flag saffron , even the great kings and gods here bowed when they saw sages who wore saffron, so saffron has much importance and it is given the first place hence. WHITE represents PEACE. Non violence has been our identity , only peacefully flourished civilisation was ours, and even we happilly welcomed the foreign religions to our land. GREEN represents the geographical beauty of our nation,it greenness and the importance we give for nature . We from time immemorial had given importance to forests , mountains and plants. ASHOKA CHAKRA represents the wheel of DHARMA , our adherence to the values like rightousness and truth.
The boundaries and the people , AKHANDHA BHARAT is not only my dream, as long as the unedited JANA GANA MANA is our national anthem , the undivided bharat is a national dream of all people living in this country. The partition of BHARAT is the most saddenning and tragic event in the history of independent india and one can not deny the fact that it was done on the basis of religion. Precisely speaking the region which we lost was taken away from us was exactly like the present attempts to separate kashmir from bharat. Our nation was never a theocratical nation and can not become one,The narrow minded ness can not enter our minds , and that is the spirit which keeps this nation and civilisation alive. Hinduism is not a religion, it is a geographical representation of people living here, which respect and worship this nation as their motherland , fatherland and holy land .
We are sometimes described as the wrong people with right ideas. I would have felt more patriotic if our people followed the customs and traditions of this country , and protected it with sincerity. Most of our holyplaces are lying dirty as some accuse, we use public roads as our dustbins , we do not protect the monuments, insult the woman and the old, insulting the tourists etc is a shame for all of us as a nation. We need to understand what we are and rise upto that level. The caste system based on superiority of one caste over other was a trap to divide us that we fell into, and we need to come out of that. We should rise as a nation , as bharatians , as hindus , as indians , and the goal we all want to reach will come running towards us.


5 Comments on “The way I wanted my nation to be”

  1. arunnnnn says:

    hmm gud

  2. Evyavan says:

    Of course, we are described, sometimes, as the wrong people with right ideas. I have read many times, at many comment sections of various blogs, some hot-headed westerner asking us Hindus in Bharat to awake and respond to the atrocities by the minority to wards us who are the majority here. Sometimes I have replied, but to the comments which say “You are cows, who eat veggies and worship animals”, what is to be told? I tried explaining our theology in very short posts. But thats the limit.

    About the national identity, I have seen many Hindu-born youth who are reluctant to admit they are Hindu. They are afraid they will be called communal. I mean, what went wrong here? I see the main problem is that no Hindu parents are ready to teach youngsters about our culture, quite contrary to people belonging to other religions. I saw one girl asking a Muslim man about Hijab and how is to be worn. I saw him teaching her about the virtues of Islam and obviously he explained it to her as the religion of peace. When I asked him not to spread things which r contrary to the real teachings, there were many so called ‘secularists’ to his support! On the first place why would a Hindu girl ask a Muslim guy about the Hijab if she had the proper information about how women are considered in Sanatana Dharma with respect to other religions, rather sects? I also saw her lamenting that she wont be able to wear one as her parents would object to it!

    So we must start from every single home. We must spread the awareness to the need of teaching our children about our culture.

    • ashokmkini says:

      ““You are cows, who eat veggies and worship animals”, what is to be told?”

      vegetarianism and non vegetarianism has nothing to do with strength of the individual , many of the great people who changed the world were not non vegetarians. Worshipping nature is the virtue of sanathana dharma, we do not keep the ‘nature for man’ concept unlike ‘semetic religions.we are like elephants , we always suffer even if we have the strength to defend ourself.. and it is high time these elephants realise thier strength.

      ” see the main problem is that no Hindu parents are ready to teach youngsters about our culture ”

      yes quite true !!! people always blame the present generation for degradation of values and culture, but they should understand it was our former generation whose mindset made the younger generation ignorant about the importance of our dharma. we all are victims, and we need to start building from the beginning.

      ” I have seen many Hindu-born youth who are reluctant to admit they are Hindu”]
      yes, the marxists and westernaiasation has made people quite over secular, if you ask a hindu about his religion , then he will suddenly say he respect all gods , but he is ignorant that the followers of other gods do not follow his .

      ” We must spread the awareness to the need of teaching our children about our culture.”

      importance of sanskrit , vedas and indian sciences are taught in school abroad, but our sickular government fears this will be called saffronisation and hence we are denied things which are our own, and you are right ,everything should start from homes .

      and also

  3. Evyavan says:

    Also it would be nice if the post could be made into paragraphs. 😀

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