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Jai Sri Ram

What I am going to write here, I know , was already written and spoken by various hindus, but I thought I should join them and write about ayodhya, the holy city of hindus. It is not in 1992 that city of ayodhya is holy for us , nor hundreds of years ago , but ever since hindus came to existence this place is holy and sacred for us.I am Not going into foolish debates like whether Ram is a historical character or not , I would like to say we have no other option than to believe Ram is a historical character because, we neither could prove it otherwise, only maharshi vatmeeki who lived thousands of years ago , who composed the beautiful poem called Ramayana based on a person called Rama, knows the truth. Many historians have tried to twist ramayana, and have tried to prove it a myth, but the fact remains , the majority of people still believe in Sri Ram and Ramayana. But the numbers also do not speak the truth sometimes , but still as I said , there is no other choice as of now to prove ramayana is not a history. So it will be better not to speculate and let the believers believe in lord Sri Ram and those who do not , please stay quiet rather than just insulting the faith of majority of people living in Bharat.
What I do believe is that sri Ram was a historical character, and I worship him because he is said to be ideal to all human beings. So I am one among those who feel insulted when historicity of a person who I consider as a hero and god is questioned. The hero of hindus , Sri Ram , no doubt, was born in the city of Ayodhya,as recorded by maharshi vatmeeki. And the hindus like me, who blindly believe in Lord ram and his way to perfect living , had build there a grand Ram temple and it existed till 1528, when babar , the mughal ruler who invaded Bharat demolished it and build a mosque there. There is enough archealogical evidence that a Ram mandir existed there before 1528, many remenants of a grand hindu temple complex was found when archealogical survey of india excavated the site. It is said that even the pillars and walls of the demolished mosque had some scriptures written on it in devanagiri. So even if the so called rationalists say RAM is a myth, hindus should understand that EXISTANCE of RAM MANDIR is a fact that no one can deny.
Mecca , all should know that it is a holy place for muslims, and vatican for christians, and have you ever thought of why it is a holy place for them ? has anybody asked for any proof of why that place is holy for them ? I don’t know and I don’t want to know, but I know about hindu holy sites, ayodhya being one of them. There has been , I believe , a tendency of mughals to destroy the places that hindus consider holy, and that is why you see a mosque near mathura and kashi also. These mosques were not build by any indian muslims, but by foriegners like babar and aurangazebs, and the muslims should understand by supporting BABRI MASJID like structures , they are claiming that they are foriegners and descendents of BABAR and SONS ltd..!! I plead indian muslims not to cheat themselves, and support the rightous claim by hindus to rebuild the Ram temple who was destroyed by terrorists like BABAR, who was not an indian.
It is a fact that the rise of BJP, was truly based on their support to Ram janma bhoomi movement, and that tells the whole story about demolition of babri masjid. Babri masjid was a symbol of foreign invasion of bharat by islamic rulers, and it is not a symbol of indian islam, and hence I am proud of the karsevaks who did the job. The congress and communists brain washed the indian muslim, and they identified themselves with the structure which is not at all related to them, and there lies the tragedy of indian politics, about how succesfully the so called secular parties could make indian muslim anti hindus. It should be worth remembered that not a single secularists are talking about the temples that were demolished in about 90s in kashmir,And the plight of kashmiri hindus, who still live in refugee camps after they being pushed out of their homeland by the seperatists.
The temple in ayodhya need to be build and it will be built , and all hindus and muslims of india are welcomed to join us. The rift between hindus and muslims, the communal gap between us can be filled easily if the muslims of india give hindus the cities of ayodhya , mathura and kashi which were taken away from us by people who did not had any relation to india. We need brave and sincere polititians like sardar patel , to reconstruct the pride of hindus , the holy land of bharat.
Jai sri ram !!!!


5 Comments on “Jai Sri Ram”

  1. VOXINDICA says:

    It is a question of faith. Can we question why Muslims should pray only in Mecca or Christians and Jews in Jerusalem? Can the events and places described in the holy books of other religions be verified? These are all matters of faith. In point of fact Sardar Patel wanted the Sri Ram temple to be restored too. Great Chacha Nehru did not have the stomach. One Somnath was enough for him.

  2. harish says:

    hmm..fantastic job man..u hav coverd almost all d points..i wud lik 2 add some d so cald qutab minar wich d indians consider 2 b a proud monument is actually a shame for secularism..i dunno hw many ppl knw dat it was built by demolishin lots n lotsa hindu n jain temples by mughal emperors(or d so cald barbarians) ..wen 1 mosque was demolishd all d so cald secularists r takin deir swords out …shame on dese ppl

  3. arunnnnn says:

    ya i agree hopefuly verdict wil cum soon wit us…

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