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the encroachers

Last week (before 24th ) was quite tensed because of the ayodhya judgement , but as the judges decide to delay it by one more week the weekend was quite easy going. When the things seemed coming normal in the world of internet also (mainly twitter where ayodhya verdict was trending worldwide) , one overtly liberal journalist called sagarika ghose of a overtly secular (read sickular) news (paidnews) chaneel cnn ibn tweeted something about lord sri Ram, calling him DIVINE ENCROACHER , however she deleted the tweet fearing the group of people who herself has named INTERNET HINDUS. Many hindus are now on virtual world a fighting the people who unnecessarily try to defame hindus and hindusthan, and (un)fortunately in internet also there is the so called MORAL POLICING.

Divine encroacher is not a so much insulting  term  (not at all an insult when compared to MF hussain (PBUH) ) and I should agree, and some people (liberal hindus) are even of the view that we should not have created such a ‘halla bol’ on internet which made her (sagarika) delete the tweet. The fact remains many of us responded her remark and asked her to apologise , I called her “coacroach journalist (CJ)” (I don’t know she read it or not) and many others did insult her with various other ‘good’ names. I was criticised by many of my friends(in twitter) for not being a ‘real hindu’ who suffers the insult and pain silently , as if he is at the mercy of someone.

Sagarika is a popular journalist , and it is her duty to be secular , impartial and considerate. And when the basic duties of journalists were violated , the basic so called qualities of hindus also got violated.Now , ”divine encroacher” is not so much an insulting term , but it is an highly political and extreme comments in the present scenerio when the ayodhya judgement are impatiently trying to jump out of judges desks. When a person of sagarikas stature doubts whether the land of ayodhya does not belong to lord ram and his followers , is not she feeding food to babar and his supporters ? The internet hindus actually wanted to expose her and her news channels impartiality and her agendas against the majority community, by creating a halla bol like situation in the virtual world and it has found some results also. The sickular media is getting more and more exposed that one day it will have to roam naked (thanks to ourselves.)

Hindus are actually fools, if better we are like elephants. In south india  during festivals, elephants are used and we can see their masters beating them unneceassarily , but she silently bears and suffers inspite of the fact that her one kick will directly land him in some ICU. We do not know the strength , and there lies our fault and the lesson for the future. Adharma needs to be criticised manasa vacha and karmana , where manasa and karmana are two extremes , manasa means mentally criticise (lower extreme) and karmana (higher extreme ) means physically criticise , the middle path is the best let us defeat the encroachers of hindustan with our  ‘vacha‘ , words.


2 Comments on “the encroachers”

  1. harish says:

    hmm..i havnt seen ny such i shud say dat i agree wit d fact dat hindus r like elephants atleast in dis country..may b dey r mastered upto a certain xtent..nd v do suffer a lot for wen it xceeds d limit d elephant jus gets mad n destroys everytin in site..hop d mastrs know dis rely well so dat anothr babri masjid or a anotr godra happenss.if it does it wud b d end of othr religions in india

  2. harish says:

    correction..i mean anothr godra or babri doesnt happen

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