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my judgement on ayodhya verdict.

first read the  ayodhya verdict and then read my take on it !!!!

The area covered under the central dome of the disputed structure is the birthplace of Lord Rama as per faith and belief of Hindus”. As I heard this and I was jumping with joy as if I am one party to the case , indeed I am , because I am a hindu who was also saying for years the same what honourable court just declared. In the panel of three judges two of them ditto the above sentence , while one say “Hindus started identifying the premises in dispute as exact birth place of Lord Ram”, but when u speak of final judgement majority matters and in this particular issue of historicity of the place of birth of sri rama is hence proved by honourable court of allahabad and hindu right to the place is upheld !!!!

Now I logged on into internet as it seemed to me that the “india first” media is actually trying to interpret the judgement in a wrong and confusing way, I saw the details well documented in the offficial website (Rama Janma Bhoomi Mandir), then I saw this “The building in dispute was constructed after demolition of Non- Islamic religious structure, i.e., a Hindu temple.” It added to my emotions , but I did control and went on reading all the judges views on this! Here also 2 of the panel of judges say there was a mandir and it was destroyed to built the disputed structure , while one say “No temple was demolished for constructing the mosque.Mosque was constructed over the ruins of temples which were lying in utter ruins since a very long time before the construction of mosque and some material thereof was used in construction of the mosque”. !! This is the second victory of hindus as far as the hindu stand on “temple demolition theory by mughals “ is concerned !!

I did not stop and went out to celebrate , I continued reading the judgement, and I saw this ” the idols were placed in the building on the night of December 22/23rd, 1949?” I do not exactly know what is the stand of the plantiff in this issue , but I also believe this judgement, but I thank those who kept it because , it only strengthened the case even if their mischief was caught!! Court , by the end of the day ,did not say that the idols do not deserve that particular place , called ram janmasthan !! So this was actually a pat on hindu shoulders , and we need not get hurt by this loving pat !!! I will call this triumph to hindu view on “it is not the way , but truth that matters” philosophy.

Now the judgement part actually doesnot exactly match with the observations by honourable high court. It is in all ways proved by the three of the judges that it is a Ramjanmabhoomi , and hindus have right to worship there , and muslims do not have anything “holy” to this particular structure. But even then 1:1:1 logic of judges seemed quite interesting. Although hindus got what they want that is “the portion below the central dome where at present the idol is kept in makeshift temple “ and “Ram Chabutra” and “Sita Rasoi” went to Nirmohi Akhara, a group of hindu naga sanyasis, in total 1.8 we got acres of land, 0.9 acres of land was also given to suni wakf board. The logic of this is not understandable though , I stand that hindus are the one who are extremely satisfied with the verdict , because we got the place which we wanted, now even if we want to have the third part used for the construction of grand ram mandir , we can very well discuss with wakf board (or local muslims?) in exchange to any other site which is far away.

What hindus needed,we indeed got it. And we can build a ram mandir , which we were hoping all the time since the date of demolition of hindu temple complex during mughal rule (after 3 months,if there is no stay, but the stay is obvious as the unsatisfied party has gone for appeal ) , now according to shariah law of muslims , can they construct a mosque near a hindu idol worship place ?? I think islam do not permit it, even if we have mathura and kashi as exceptions.(mosques which are anti islamic). Hindus I do not think will object to mosque near the temple , but it should be made clear that no mosque in the name of babar, the destroyer , will be allowed to built , and as I always said , indian muslims are not the descendents of babar and sons pvt ltd.

Now finally let me judge the so called “disputed structure” (called babri masjid by many secularists and marxists to exploit muslim sentiments and thus gain their votebank) demolition in karseva. I want you all to just imagine for a moment , that if that “structure” existed today after this verdict came out ? now could we ever demolish the ugly structure to built a beautiful ram mandir at a place called ram janmabhoomi (by all judges unanimously) which is occupied by this structure ?. Now come to reality that the “structure” is no more and so we should actually congratulate the karsevaks of 1992 , who did it with perfection , and made it easy to the judiciary and legislature of this country to let the justice prevail. The sentiments of muslims were exploited and the riots that took place are frameworks of people who brainwashed them. And the situation would have been worse if that situation prevailed today.LK Advani, who always said he is proud to be part of ramjanmabhoomi of ayodhya deserves appreciation and praise at this point of time. Also vishwa hindu parishad and hindu mahasabha and sangh are and were always part of the movement and we are honoured when the honourable court of india echoed what we were saying for decades.

Now , sunni wakf board who are ‘partially‘ (actually 2/3rd) dissatisfied by the judgement , is going to appeal to supreme court and let us all hope the verdict of the supreme court will be soooner and same . But it is time to remember sardar patel who using legislature , re built the somnath temple in gujrat in 1950 , (which was destroyed by foreign islamic kings , centuries ago) ! tThere were no protest , nor there were “india first campaigns” , the somnath issue was closed within months by that able leader, the iron man of india. Had Chacha nehru heard patels formula of ayodhya too , the history of india would have been different ?

Now the media which carried the campaigns (to increase their TRP ,ofcourse ) like “india first”, “madhusha unity” should understand that india has moved on. If last decade was the destruction of the disputed structure (which is no longer in dispute) , this decade will indeed see the construction of a grand ram mandir in ayodhya! In that way we shall say india has moved from “destruction” to “construction”. Soul of bharat is hinduism and you can not kill the soul as per bhagavad gita !! Those hindus who do not want ram mandir in ayodhya can chose not to visit the temple when it is actually built , but please do not spoil the dreams of those who want it, do not spoil the dreams of the muslim community in ayodhya , who will be very much beniffited if it turns as a hindu piligrimage centre. The secularism will see new heights when you see a muslim tailor like babu khan of ayodhya weaving the cloths of Sri Ram Lalla who is virajman in the Virat Ram Mandir Of Ayodhya. Let the wounds heal this way and beware of the media and pseudo secular politians fooling my muslim brothers of india!!

Thanks for reading my views on ayodhya verdict.

!! सत्यमेवजयते !!

Truth alone triumphs

Jai sri Ram !!

Vande Mataram !!


13 Comments on “my judgement on ayodhya verdict.”

  1. kartik says:

    jaishriram! wonderful read my friend…history in making! truth has prevailed once again!

  2. lalit bhatia says:

    JAI SHREE RAM VERY GOOD WRITTING AND THOUGHTS. . Hinduism has influenced, shaped, every part of this country, every religion, every culture.It’s time to take back our nation from the clutches of pseudo-secularists.

  3. Gauttam says:

    Satyamev Jayate…. Jai Shri RAm… I always wanted to see a mandir there in a peaceful way, and the verdict just paved the way…. Hope to see a Ram Mandir there soon!!

  4. Proud Bharatiya says:

    hindu view on “it is not the way , but truth that matters” philosophy

    Lame justification.. as the Hindutva forces sing praises of Hitler and his Final Solution i.e. Holocaust of Jews.. and at the same time show sympathy for Jewsish Zionist Nation of Israel. Classic double speak of Pseudo-Moderates.

    RSS was modeled on Fascist (even their uniforms are a copy) & nazi ideologies. Later they align themselves with Zionism as both Fascist & nazi have been universally condemned by the world.

    The Zionist ideology is only supported by US & UK for their tactical reasons of a foothold on the oil reserves of that part of the world.

  5. Proud Bharatiya says:

    The High Court has given a practical and reasonable compromise Judgement which all parties should humbly accept and move on.

    1. Court has gone by the Faith of the Believers and not Historical records. ASI report does not mention the place as the birthplace. However in the larger interest of the nation, i think it is a welcome decision.

    2. Building of Masjid done by destroying Temple. Again it is a 2-1 verdict. ASI report shows remains of a structure beneath the ground. That however does not prove that temple was destroyed to build the masjid. Also the 1st report of the ASI has contradictions with the final report (which was prepared when MMJoshi was the minister). However going by usual modus operandi of the is more than likely that a Temple was destroyed to build the masjid. So this verdict is also correct .

    3. You have conveniently missed out the reasons why Sunni Wakf board’s petition was dismissed. It was done so on different technical reasons by different judges. Broadly : a) They were delimited by filing of the case after 6 years. hence by adverse possession they lost the title b) They cud not prove conclusively that they were the rightful owners of the Masjid as they cud not prove that it was built by babar or mir baqi
    Hence Title to land was not in favour of either of the parties. Not the Ram lala, not the Akhara not the Waqf. In such a case, since both communities have prayed on that disputed land in the past, they all were made joint title holders with the status quo being mainted over the exact sites.

    4. Mr Advani has proved himself to be a PSeudo-Moderate beyond any doubt. If he is so proud of the demolition why doesnt he go to the court and declare that he did it. Why does he call it the saddest day of his life? Why does he sing praises of Jinnah in his native pakistan?

    • ashokmkini says:

      actuallly this has nothing to do with the present post!! but still i may reply you…
      ” the Hindutva forces sing praises of Hitler and his Final Solution”

      no where in RSS shakas we teach about hitler and any one who you identify it !! we mainly teach from mahabharatha and puranas also from life of sarsanghchalaks and great sangh workers.what zionist nazis did has nothing to do with the way RSS sangh pariwar is functioning.

      “uniforms are a copy”

      that may be as true if i say the MNC people are copying ENGLISHmen dresses. the kaki trousers are used by policemen of early india and will you call them also fascists? the trousers of rss are suiting there job (for doing yog,suryanamaskar) and we do not worry about sswadeshi videshi status of cloths. for every job the cloth and its style does matter.

      • ashokmkini says:

        your point number 1 and 2 , u urself are saying it is a welcome decision . point no 3 neeeded no explanation, the wakf brd case lost due to whatever reasons is not a problem of sangh pariwar , it is problem of wakf board selectioon of advocates, and 4th i was praising advani for his rathyathra and not his politics followed. people do many tricks and that does not matter her.

        any ways thank you very mush for such a long comment as criticism , i am honoured, thank you!!!

  6. arunnnnn says:

    hmm was a gud read may truth and peace prevail…jai sri ram!

  7. sreenivas says:

    jai sree ram

  8. […] my judgement on ayodhya verdict. […]

  9. Prashanth K.P. says:

    Illustrious blog. An eye-opener to the many pseudo-secularists who boast and ape a metrocentric culture deliberately forgetting their very cultural fabric and history.

    There is no second opinion to the fact that Ayodhya was indeed Ram Janmabhoomi. Subsequent to the invasion of India by Baber, he was astonished to see that he could not break the mind of the people of the country. Neither his cruelties nor his riches were enough to influence the strong faith the then Hindus held in revere. It was then that Baber decided that if he need to sit and rule India he needed to break that mindset and what better way to break it than by breaking their very faith. It was this decision that led to the destruction of innumerable beautiful temples and building ugly mosques over it. When this atrocities too failed to evoke a breakdown of the will of Hindus, he plotted upon the destruction of Ram Temple, the most revered and auspicious of temples for the Hindus. Thus in 1528 at his behest, his Shiaa General Mir Baqi destroyed the glorious temple and built a fort like structure that resembled a ugly and eunuch styled structure, i.e. a sunni / shiaa mosque.

    This effort too failed. Neither could Baber defeat the will of the Hindus nor did he have much time left since his flailing health demanded his return which of course was not to be before he died a dog’s death. The new structure also left the muslims in doubt since it resembled both a sunni and shiaa mosque which from those times itself was taboo for either/or moseys. Hence it remained a cursed structure but for the fickled fabric of a dogma that lacked tangible prudence.

    And of course, the divided Hindus who would not unite, if not for a nation, at least for their faith! They stand no choice now. If they fail to recognize their history of discrimination and annihilation and remain adamant as was their ancestors, I pity them, though being one of them!

    Thank you!

  10. Awesome writing. Jai Shri Ram

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