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saffronisation of games


                         The cwg although suffered a lot due to its negative propaganda by indian impartial media , i think it regained it stature with yesterdays inaugral ceremony. The fact is that kalmadi, has been successfull in making the ceremony wonderful and he deserves the appreciation. This post is about some thing which made me wonder about INDIAN goverment secularism after watching the inaugral ceremony.

                       I believe no one will disagree with me that most of the cultural items they performed during the function was overtly saffron in colour and taste. Right from the starting ‘OM’ , ‘Namaste’ , upanishadic message, Sri Krishnas dance with gopis, yoga and suryanamaskar, the gayathri manthra and various sanskrit shlokas, it was obvious that the colour was terrificly saffron. In between there were advertisement of the great SAFFRON land ruled by saffron terrorist(NaMo)! There was too less green colour used, when they were showing the ads of andhrapradesh, and when they were playing allah u akbar, the "dd channel" seems reluctant to show it. Am i  wrong in calling all these things as "hindu"  ?? But what made me think so.? read on!

                       I was taught by my parents that “om” is the sound of universe, but once as I was seeing some news regarding some terrorist , what they called hindu terrorist , they showed “om” symbol to represent the criminals. I still believe that they showed so because, they were hindus , and hence I started to believe my “not so educated “ parents are wrong, OM is just a symbol of some saffron terrorists as said by our “educated” indian media.For some islamic scholar called Zakir naik, NAMASTE is anti islamic as it means to "naman to you"  , for them they will bow only before allah. So there is no chance that both "OM’ and "namaste" belong to secular india, rather it belongs to hindu extremists.

                     Not many years ago, saffron party called bjp was ruling, sorry they  were destroying india with saffronisation of education, i was taught so by the congress spokesperson official and unofficial both . Today also india is not free from those destroyers of indian secularism, because they rule in some 6 or 7 states. Taking the example of madhya pradesh, i remember some lady of some secular news channel was shouting “saffronisation of education” by bjp chief minister of MP. What crime he did was he made yoga and suryanamaskar a part of school syllabus. Some green groups called it is anti green agenda and her channel joined the mission green earth. Then and there i was taught by the secular madams and sirs that yoga and suryanamaskar is an exclusive hindu practice.

                     Now if Rama is a myth as per my government, then there is no need of affidavit that krishna is also is just an imagination of some hindu fools. When secular media also supported the government and repeated it many times in their debates , i was made to believe that sri krishna is exclusively a hindu mythical character.Now upanishads and gayathri manthra, as some leftist leaders, call it is a symbol of brahmanical supermacy , i believed them that only brahmins chant it and hence it went exclusive to deep saffron groups.

                    So taking an overall account of programs that were conducted in cwg yesterday, no one can deny that it was saffron in colour. So I was wondering why the secular government in delhi used so much saffron and “Saffronised the games“ . Do not you also think like what i thought ? even if I could not get a clear cut answer about why it was saffronised ,I think my answer will be something among these options.

1.india became a hindu rashtra. !

2.what media and congress govt taught me was non sense !

3. congress really ditched the green people. !

Now as I have more better things to do, i just leave the answer to the fate.



3 Comments on “saffronisation of games”

  1. Govind says:

    Good article. Adding on to this, when we were kids in history we were taught more about people like Babar, gazni etc etc.. But we were least taught about Bhagat singhs and subhash chadra bose. I have only one concern dont we have rights to learn about real heros of India… Why we are not letting our kids to learn great history of India…..
    Sad state of Indian Hindus…

    Jai shree Ram

  2. Anurag Aggarwal says:

    The views expressed are quiet anti hindu. OK, forget anti hindu, they are anti national as your article seems to be written like the author was quiet ignorant about Indian history. i mean many point like”Now if Rama is a myth as per my government”, i would like to question here, who is d govt. to issue birth certificates 2 Ram or Krishna?? next line “Now upanishads and gayathri manthra, as some leftist leaders, call it is a symbol of brahmanical supermacy , i believed them that only brahmins chant it and hence it went exclusive to deep saffron groups.”…..dis shows deep ignorance about the upanishads recital…
    i have read many of your other articles but this 1 seems 2 b contrary 2 other articles in which u sound pro-india nd so, pro-hindu….dis article seems to be “sickular” according 2 ur definition….
    please clarify if uv writtn dis article or coppied from some sickular jihadi??

  3. ashokmkini says:

    @anurag views expressed here should not be taken in literary sense, i was quite sarcastic, my point was actually “hindu and india can not be differentiated” but some politicos do differentiate it , do you think i will call NaMo a terrorist and ram a myth ?
    “.dis shows deep ignorance about the upanishads recital…”
    actually it is what leftist says not me, i am again sarcastic here,,..
    yes this article was writtern in a sickular point of view to let people know india and hindu is no different but same !! thanks for reading , read these again in the “right” way !!

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