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RSS and alleged terror


This news was expected , whenever the congress falls in trouble due to their own miscreants who are curropt to the core, the divine mouth of media shouts some words like RSS,hindu, saffron terror etc. As an attempt to deviate public attention from CWG and the kashmir problem , the media is back on their duty to protect the first family of india.I am sure the intelligent voters and citizens of india know this dirty games of media and congress, there are few others who do not know anything about RSS who are being exploited by this paid news channels. As a swayamsevak and as a hindu , it is my duty to clear the misconceptions people have about RSS and SANGH PARIWAR !

RSS is the mother organisation in sangh pariwar founded by Dr Hedgewar to unify hindus for the cause of our motherland. It is not for the first time that the RSS is called terrorist and extremist, ever since it was founded it is under constant criticism. It is indeed true that RSS was found to protect and defend Hindutva and the nation belonging to hindus and hence it can be called an extremist in some way. If bhagat singh and rajguru type of freedom fighters are called terrorists then extremism alleged on RSS is not that derogatary. The gandhi assasination is the greatest crime alleged on RSS , only because Nathuram Godse was an ex RSS ! The assasin had clearly said in court about why he killed gandhi and that there is no role of RSS in the murder. The ban on RSS was revoked later by the same government which banned it.

Whenever the ex RSS or any RSS active worker is involved in any kind of criminal activities , there seems a systematic planning to defame the entire organisation. The motive is not personal , but it is purely ideological and political to the core. There are people and polititians in india that thinks the ideologies of RSS easily gets diffused into the minds of people and thus making them patriotic and hence they want to tarnish the organisation. One failure of the hinduism is that it teaches patrotism in many of its scriptures than any existing religions of the world, but the followers are quite unpatriotic and selfish. RSS rejuvinated the spirit of these scriptures using its “nation first” ideology and the hindus slowly began to learn the lessons they had forgot to learn.

Indeed RSS hs worked a lot against the attack on Hindus by ‘organised religions’. Guruji had called the muslims, christians and communists the threat to the nation. The recent problems of islamised kashmir, arunachal pradesh and china and north east christianised states indeed a proof of the guruji theory on the trio who are anti india. Whether you like it or not I must say if Hindus are reduced to minority the concept of india, nation willl cease to exist and if you study the present problems in india you can prove it for yourself.

One problem and a plus point of RSS is that the organisation gets associated with the individual who does a good or bad activity. If a person speak about hindutva, put a tilak on his head , says vande mataram , even if he has not attended one shaka of RSS , people call him an ‘agent of RSS’. Similarly another person who do not like the ‘defensive and soft’ nature of RSS ideology , finds refuge in another organisation which he thinks is ‘offfensive and hardline’ and create mischief , at the end of the day it is RSS which get the blame. Either way RSS is forced to represent and defend both type of hindus and share the crime.Crime however small or big is a crime and it is done by an individual ,an organisation consist of many individuals like you and me, and if the ideology of an org doesnot support the activities of a minority in the org , then how can someone blame the entire organisation for the miscreants minority ?

The working of RSS can never be understood if you look it from outside, because they never publicise and advertise their activities. I would request all haters of RSS to come to shaka and see what is going on there , if there is any terrorist activity , you may report the police or else remain as a patriotic citizen of this nation. But take it from me that however they try to tarnish the sangh for their selfish anti national agenda, the ideology and the spirit of  nationalism will never cease to exist.



5 Comments on “RSS and alleged terror”

  1. Govind Kini says:

    Good piece of writing and gives insight on what RSS is all about..We should definitely take pride in what this org do…My suggestion to RSS is, dont care what the vuvuzelas of Indian media shouts, just continue your good work… India will realise the RSS role one day for sure..

    Jai Hind

  2. Sachith Bhat says:

    Gud article Ashok.
    I’m not an RSS activist, Sanghik or even remotely associated with its functioning……..
    But i can easily connect with few of the organization’s ideologies bcoz we are on the same track…….
    Respect for Hindusthan and protection of Hindutva is our common dharma………..
    Politicians and other parties are trying to malign the organization’s image since its inception bcoz the organization’s activities are on right track……….and that will surely affect some of those in power, who make decisions not in the better interest of the nation or its people…..

    “As an attempt to deviate public attention from CWG and the kashmir problem , the media is back on their duty to protect the first family of india.”

    You rightly conveyed the message of the whole article through this single point, which, is there for everyone to see……and start thinking……….
    Anyway……… Keep up the good work………

  3. ashokmkini says:

    chat with a friend {akrp} on the topic !!

    akrp: hmm u say no one shud blame rss??
    caught ws nt a sevak bt a top guy

    me: i did not say so
    yes a top guy
    so what?

    akrp: hw cn stress tat org is nt invovlvd??

    me: even the top guy is also a swayamsevak
    how can u blame the entire org?
    akrp: if top guy is caught thn it affects org image
    me: first thing he was not caught
    he is only mentioned in thechargesheet
    read the real news
    they misinterpreted it first
    they corrected later that he is not chargesheeted
    so if i bomb some place after i meet u
    akrp: u say Whenever the ex RSS or any RSS active worker is involved in any kind of criminal activities , there seems a systematic planning to defame the entire organisation.?
    me: yes it does eg: nathuram godse
    akrp: its nt jus wit rss its case of all org
    if if manmohan or sonia is involvd in sum case wnt ppl blame congress??
    and they mau evn lose elactns
    so gud ppl shud be made to top posts

    jagadish tytler
    u know>??
    5:46 PM akrp: Whenever the ex RSS or any RSS active worker is involved in any kind of criminal activities , there seems a systematic planning to defame the entire organisation.
    Whenever the ex RSS or any RSS active worker is involved in any kind of criminal activities , there seems a systematic planning to defame the entire organisation.

    me: u know jagadish tytler?
    akrp: ya ex mp min?
    me: accused in sikh riots
    akrp: kno
    me: did media say congress is involved in sikh riots?
    never they have said so
    recently maha cm ashok chavan
    akrp: ya gona resign
    me: is sonia gandi saint or something
    akrp: i gav an eg nw dnt say i lik cong etc etc
    i hate all partiss
    me: why put every sin on some individuals when it comes to congress and non bjp parties
    f u
    i know u hate all
    akrp: i jus gav cong an eg ‘
    me: u said “same is the case of all”
    akrp: ya it iss
    me: yes man thatsy i bent upon congress
    akrp: ??
    me: then why the fuck do not people say CONGRESS IS CURruPT
    congress terror link in sikh riots etc!!!
    akrp: all kno cong is inefficient
    bt they win cos bjp is almost dead past vajpyee
    me: ha ha ha
    akrp: u agree??
    me: bjp is ruling 9 indian states
    akrp: i meant centre’
    me: recently local body election in guj congress wiped out
    akrp: n their image lol
    me: who cares centre
    akrp: yedurappa rofl
    me: when it comes to governence people are affected by state gov
    ha ha
    he survived
    akrp: centre controls nation nt states…
    all kno hw he survivd
    me: babri masjid was demolished when CO?NGRESS was in power ?
    bjp ruled the state
    should i telll u more now ?
    akrp: bt centre didnt heavily oppose it
    me: ha ha it can not simply
    akrp: narsima rao n co
    me: again
    akrp: ws dumd asses
    me: see this is the problem
    when you people blame congress
    u put it on ondividual
    akrp: wahhh
    me: double standards eh?
    akrp: i put on who??
    me: indresh kumar do you know
    akrp: i jus tld info abt govt tat tym
    me: he was one who wanted to bring muslim manch of rss
    he almost started an org
    akrp: oho so ws tat gud move or bad?
    me: now by making him a villin u r actually trying to destroy a good beginning
    and there seems a systematic planning
    to keep muslims anti rss aleways
    akrp: let him prove innocence’
    me: dear sir
    he is not chargesheeeted
    akrp: nw v cant judge
    me: he is mentioned in chargesheet
    see if i bombed some place
    before that i met you for some other purpose
    chargesheet ur name will come
    akrp: then??
    me: and police will Q u
    so r u a criminal being a friend of mine
    akrp: so ws tat so simple accusatn??
    me: r u a criminal only cos u talked with me
    yes it was blown out of propotion
    akrp: hmm y?
    me: see, sangh meets many people
    akrp: can one can buy all media??
    me: people have many motives
    read it
    and dare the news channels deny it
    akrp: k leemmme chk
    me: it is pity that u r so unaware of the bias
    akrp: i said lemme chk
    me: pls take time and read the petition also
    ok read
    akrp: so ur sayn all media is fake??
    me: no
    akrp: cos owners r nt hindu??
    me: but ndtv and ibn i can say
    akrp: thn y?
    me: read this rajdeep tweet
    how he managed to mislead
    he showed earlier news
    but did not correct
    he did in twitter due internet hindu pressure
    please read it
    akrp: readn
    me: kk
    6:08 PM ?
    now rahul mania of indian media
    please read other contents
    that guy really exposes the media with proof
    akrp: kk
    me: u there what happened?
    akrp: readnn im no superman
    6:11 PM akrp: i read it
    6:12 PM me: k wat tiink
    akrp: no doubt media interventn
    bt y??
    me: simply
    y r missionaries so bent to baptise india?
    6:13 PM akrp: hmm
    me: y r people try to islamise india?
    akrp: to promote??
    me: u hmmm will stop
    do u know the percentage of hindus in nagaland and many north esterns states
    akrp: less i tnk
    me: do u know kashmir hindu percentage
    how much less?
    just guess
    akrp: im no expert jus gk
    me: make a wild guess
    akrp: 20%?
    6:15 PM me: in kashmir 20 percent
    in nagaland hindus r less than 10 percent
    manipur arunachal pradesh every where
    akrp: waw exact i gt it right in kashmirr
    me: so u know kashmirr pandits
    akrp: hmm cnvrsn??
    u mean in naga n all??
    me: they r thrown out of thier home land
    PM yes
    akrp: y nt nobody stoppn thm??
    me: none of news channels ask thier view on kashmir
    kashmiri land still on paers belong to these hindus?
    akrp: u hrd arundathi roy???
    Asdii bulshitt
    me: last time an old lady was talking on times now
    abt wt??
    me: on this arundathi debate
    if u had heard her
    u would have stopped all ur HMMMs
    akrp: wt she say
    me: she was a kashmiri hindu
    she said she has more stakes and rihgts in kashmir than any kash muslim
    yet she is in delhi not allowed
    akrp: who threw them out??
    no law??
    me: kashmir main rehna hai to allah hu akbar kehna hai
    6:20 PM this was slogan of seperatist in late 80s
    akrp: y so??
    me: check in wikipedia about kashmiri hindus
    u talk about godhra , but why not kashmiri hindus
    akrp: wats govt doin ter??
    me: f@cking
    read this full
    u will be having ur eyes opened
    am i disturbing u
    akrp: da 5 min let it load
    me: ok
    akrp: Kashmir is home to some of the holiest shrines in Hinduism like Amarnath, Kheer Bhawani, Shrine of Sharada, Shankaracharya Mandir, Hari Parbat, and Zeethyar.???
    me: hey hey
    read it full
    6:24 PM akrp: kk
    me: u may understand y army should be there
    6:25 PM akrp: Sultan Sikandar Butshikan (1389–1413), the seventh Muslim ruler in Kashmir, and the second Sultan of the Kashmiri Sayyid Dynasty, is known for his oppression of non-Muslim populations, which caused many Kashmiri Pandits to leave the Kashmir valley.[3] Historians call him an iconoclast or idol-breaker and he is said to have killed several thousand Kashmiri Pandits and/or forced them to convert to Islam or flee.[4]
    me: 😀
    i ve read ti many times
    akrp: bt y stil ppl do tat to hindus??
    me: yes thier religin says so
    i mean it is interpreted so
    akrp: wt fk govt nt stop them??
    me: there is an open sentence in koran to kill kafirs idolworshippers]
    there is an open sentence in xtianity which says all other god worshippers r sinning
    no govt can stop them
    akrp: bt nt in gita
    me: absolutely not
    me: krishna never says he should nt be criticised, think and accept his teachings
    me: do you know nilaykkal incident?
    akrp: 🙂
    akrp: nilaykkal incident?
    me: now
    this sabarimala
    there is a place called nilaykkal
    akrp: thn
    me: the evangelst kept a CROSS there
    said it was ther in the past
    vhp and rss brought it sown
    akrp: lol
    me: he he
    akrp: waw gudd
    me: they say ayyappa idol drowns
    plastic christ will not
    and convert the adivasis ther
    now say why
    and do u know YSR
    akrp: ha ha they them selvs killd christ n nw barkin..
    me: ha ha
    akrp: hmm ws he cnvrtd??
    me: yes absolutely
    u may read i will give u link
    akrp: k
    6:33 PM me: he tried to make a christian prayer hall in holy hills
    akrp: lol
    6:34 PM me: u donno but why
    during his sinless rule
    akrp: ysr fulform??
    reddy na??
    me: yesu samuel reddy
    akrp: @@@@@@@@@@@@
    6:36 PM sorry
    akrp: 5 min

    chat ended !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Nachiketh says:

    Keep up the good work dude !!

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