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The deepavali message

Today is deepavali and I am celebrating my first deepavali as a blogger and Its my responsibility and right to write here something about this festival that unites india , bharat !!

For us we are celebrating this day so as to remember the slaying of narakasura by lord sri krishna , for others it is the return of valiant Sri Rama to ayodhya and for some others it is the lakshmi puja. The whole hindusthan is celebrating this day may be for different reasons but for the same goal, and it is nothing but a celebration of nationality. Deepavali shows us what is Unity in diversity that is inbuilt in the great culture of hindus/indians.

In addition to the license to celebrate the historical triumphs that Sri Rama and Sri Krishna had , this diwali gives us some food for thought. Narakasura symbolises the darkness and sri krishna is the atmajyothi , the divine light within us , with the help of the ever pervading almighty we should oppose the forces of darkness which destroy and divides us the hindus. The major problem that our nation faces today is terrorism,corruption and poverty. We have not got freedom from terrorism even though the british and mughal raj no longer exist. The whole system is corrupt from top to bottom and political parties blame it on each other. The millions of guys of our age are living without having food and shelter.

So the solution of all these problems is not in our hands , but we may be a part of solution and also the solution is incomplete without us. What we can do is to worship the nation tan man dhan , and the three has got equal importance. It is important that you donate a part of your income to the needy brothers and sisters of yours, you need to work and with great dedication.

Another message of deepavali is renounciation , the supreme sacrifices made by sri rama for the welfare of his nation. Had sri Rama been like the present day generation who go behind money and pleasure , he would not have said this : जननी जन्माभूमिश्च स्वर्गादपि गरीयसी ! Sri Rama was offered the golden kingdom of lanka by veebheeshana, instead , Sri Rama showed us how the devotion to motherland should be ! We may get insulted, terrorised , and we may not even get anything for the service we do here , but still we should not leave our mother alone , in the hands of demons of the present world .Our manthra should be राष्ट्राय स्वाहा राष्ट्राय इदं न मम !!

Lakshmi pooja gives us yet another lesson, the wealth according to india is not something which has sellability. Anything which brings happiness is a wealth for us, and we need to protect our culture, tradition,family,society and nation. We need to throw out the Alakshmi out of our nation and install the lakshmi which will make us to the top of the world.

So this is my message of deepavali to all those who love this nation and I hope the day is not so far away when our motherland will be jagadguru of this world!!

Vande mataram !!


2 Comments on “The deepavali message”

  1. arunnnnn says:


  2. B K CHOWLA says:

    A very happy Diwali to all of you and wish you keep writing such meaningful posts.

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