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thanking my readers

Today I crossed 2000 clicks in my blog which is entirely dedicated to nationalism and hindutva. Exactly speaking I started my blogging (getting inspiration from my classmate) on 4th april this year in,  but moved to in july 2010. As a beginner I wrote about my personal experience and some funny happenings of my day to day life. But I was advised by a friend of mine not to write about personal happenings as he said no body will be interested to read others life. That was the turning point and from then and there I streamlined or in otherwords broadened my thoughts to write about Hindutva, nationalism and patriotism. Exactly speaking  when I was in blogger I did not know how many readers actually visited my blog, so the figure 2000 is all about visiters to wordpress blog.2000 clicks within 4 months is not a bad rate, and for a beginner it is more than what he deserve. So on this occasion I would like to thank my class mate who introduced me to this blogging world , the friend who advised me to write about “something important” (but later he turned my greatest criticiser of the ideology I propogate) , last but not the least , my readers , most of those who are Internet Hindus From twitter who commented in my posts and those who helped me advertising this . I should not forget @iamgauttam , @jemin_p   and many others from twitter who always inspiired me to write more and more and help me reach out to many !!

Particullarly I am happy about the fact that my post on ramjanmabhoomi got about 115 visits and that was the highest number I got for a single post. Following is the stats of my most read posts

Title Views
Home page 471
my judgement on ayodhya verdict. 115
Ram janmabhoomi movment 2010 98
my experiments with hindutva 86
ramjanmabhoomi judgement 76
thodupuzhaHORROR 72
lord macaullay laughing…………. 71
Jai Sri Ram 65
जीत आज नहीं तो कब होगी रे !!! 61
kashmiri hindus : the ignored and insult 59
sickularism exposed 40
यह अयोध्या है , यह हमारा है !! 39

Thanking you all once again , I request you all to advice me on how can I improve further here , criticism also invited !!!



One Comment on “thanking my readers”

  1. Gauttam says:

    congratulations buddy its just the start many more hits are yet to come…..keep writing the way u write… let the pen be your clarion… jai siya ram.. vande mataram!!

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