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The selfless assassin

I am not very sure how to write about nathuram godse, as from child hood we are taught to respect gandhiji and hence hate the assasin. In our school days we are taught that gandhiji was killed bya HINDU fanatic, and nobody of us dared to ask why ? The life of gandhiji is incomplete and imperfect if nathuram godse had not kill him. Many politians , I am sad to say, including those who claim to be his followers, USE gandhiji as a mask for their anti national activities, corruption, and power. The nehru family starting from indira gandhi use the surname of gandhi as it adds to their profile, because the surname gandhi , the people of india consider as divine. The communists and leftists in general USE gandhi to tarnish SANGH PARIWAR, by calling them assasins of gandhi. In a way we all are assasins of gandhiji, when we run behind western way of life we are actually ditching gandhijis idea of ram rajya, when the government official accept bribes sitting under the big smiling face of gandhi we are again doing the same , when selfish political families dominate over others , they also are murdering the selfless gandhi. So it is my humblest attempt to differentiate or to see what make nathuram godse different from other assasins of gandhiji, ie from all of us !!

A few years ago I came across a book called “May it please your honour” which contained statements and justifications in court of nathuram godse on why he killed mahatma gandhi. The book is available here now as pdf and I request all to read and study. In that book he really exposes gandhijis soft corner to muslims , culmination of which resulted in partition of Bharat. Even if you read gandhijis “my experiments with truth” you can very well see there is no major criticism of ISLAM or muslims was made, on the contarary he at times heavily criticise CHRISTIANS and HINDUS. May be gandhiji knew the politics and population statistics very well, he might have thought even if christians are not with him , the goal of “free india” can be achieved, and at times it seems that he identified christians with british. And hindus as we all know are the group of people who accept criticism and amend the religion and hence he would have taken us for granted. The silence of gandhiji on muslims is quite not surprising taking into account their behaviour and their numbers were not very low for gandhiji to ignore them for his campaign against british. So does this silence means ISLAM is a sacred of all religions devoid of any shortcomings?

The silence of gandhiji on islam and their acts , contributed to hindu humiliation. For instance , gandhiji was against cow slaughter, but he did not advocated for it only because he thought muslims will go against him. Many GODSEs might have born among hindus that time but none dared to take the gun.GODSE did dare and hence the father of our nation was killed. GODSE did not think about his future, nor the future of organisation he associated with, he did not think about RSS of which he was once a member. May be GODSE was too selfish, selfish for his motherland which he loved more than himself, more than us.

So today is the day in 1949 when NATHURAM was hanged as part of punishment for killing gandhiji , what he left us was only his ashes and a ‘will” which you can read below :

My dear Dattatraya, I. you are allowed to perform last rites of my body you may perform them in any manner. But I am to express herewith a specific wish. The river Indus (Sindhu), on the banks of which our Prehistoric Rishis composed the Vedas is the Boundary of our Bharatvdrsha i.e. Hindusthan. My ashes may be sunk in the Holy Sindhu river when she will again flow freely under the aegis of the flag of Hindusthan. That will be the sacred day for US. It hardly matters even if it took a couple of generations for realising my wish. Preserve the ashes till then, and if that day would not dawn in your life time, pass on the remains to posterity for translating my desire into reality. If and when the Government lifts ban on my statement made in the Court, I authorise you to publish it. 14-11-1949 Nathuram Vinayak Godse I have donated Rs. 101/- on this day for its utilisation for the dome (kalasha) of the sacred Somnath temple which is under construction.

15-11-1949 7-15 a.m.

Nathuram Vinayak Godse 

Seal of The Magistrate

As I said in the beginning we all are assasins of gandhiji and “his idea of india” in our own way, for our selfish needs, but think many times before accusing NATHURAM GODSE who brought tears to the whole audiences in the court room with his patriotic statements, he never killed gandhiji for his selfishness, not for any organisation , but it was a revenge of a son whose mother was butchered.

Clarification : I do not support the assasination of gandhiji and violence even in the name of patriotism, but still I wanted to bring the suppressed voices to the masses. Let the people decide…

Vande Mataram….

Akhandh Bharat Amar Rahe

note: click here to download “may it please your honour” .


18 Comments on “The selfless assassin”

  1. Ketan says:

    This is the first time I’m on your blog and I must say you’ve written on something very thought-provoking in simple and clear words.

    I’d read somewhere that Gandhi had written that he had read the Quran and that it had a message of love and peace. I lost whatever residual respect for him. For such statements, if indeed made, can come from an accomplished and manipulative liar, or from a person in need of psychiatric help.

    I have never been able to understand why we’re expected to unconditionally respect Gandhi the way we’re unconditionally expected to respect God?

    Anyway, coming to Godse, I’d read the initial portions of his speech that you have links but not beyond. I refuse to think unidimensionally of people who do those things that they know will bring them sure death/life-imprisonment. This includes even like assassins of Indira Gandhi or even suicide bombers. If Godse planned what he did and didn’t repent it much, that is a demeanor of immense courage – it OS difficult for me to dismiss it easily.

    Thanks for inviting me to this post!

  2. Govind says:

    The problem is with the system what we have. As you rightly said we as kids were taught only about Gandhis and Nehrus. But real heros like Bhagra singhs n chandrashekar azads were dumped in the history. If some one writes abt them then they becomes facists. Indian history is always potraited as history of muslim ruling india and bristish ruling India. But real good things were never tought. But its good that lot of us are with keen intrest have learned the history and are clear on how gandhi dynasty has scrwed our lives…

    Good article again. Keep those coming

    Jai Hind
    Govind K

  3. Hariharan.C says:

    May it please your honour is the vision and mission of Godse. Gandhiji asked to disperse congress but Nehru was not ready to do it.All the thinks done by congress are against the decision of Gandhiji.Nehru used some tricks to compel Gandhiji.Nehru was also opened the way to assassinate Gandhiji.He know that 2 days before a killing attempt occur on Gandhiji but Nehru didn’t gave allowed security. At last he shot dead. If Nadhuram Godse made shots on Nehru our nation shall be the no.1 in the world before 80s. Indira married Firoz Gendi how can it change to Gandhi ? The truth is hiding by the politicians. Excellent work.

  4. VOXINDICA says:

    I agree with you in that I too do not support Ganhiji’s assassination whatever might be the compelling reasons that Godse had had to justify his criminal act. However the papers relating to his trial should have been declassified by now. A drawback with our Indian value system is that when we adore a leader we do so unconditionally and refuse to countenance kinks in his / her character. We tend to hoist the leader on to a pedestal but refuse to look at his feet of clay. This is not to denigrate Gandhiji whose greatest virtue was he tried to – unlike many others – practised what he preached. But as a democratic polity we must learn to live with and acknowledge the dark side of personalities too!

  5. Nachiketh says:

    Wonderful blog dude. Keep up the good work. Even I blog on such topics, when i find time. Take care 🙂

  6. Abhishek says:

    If Gandhi ji would not have died by those Bullets i am sure he would have pardoned Nathuram.
    Gandhi ji lived quite a good part of his life in South Africa where he worked for Muslims, Hindus and freed them from drastic rules by Britishers.
    Why should he criticize Islam ? there are loop holes in every religion, don’t tell me Hinduism is all sane.
    What did Gandhi Ji got by all his struggle through out his life , don’t make Nathuram a Hero who killed an innocent man.
    I wonder how one speech of Nathuram inspires you all and whole life time of Gandhi ji didn’t.

  7. nationalizer says:

    i did not make nathuram a hero, but yes, it is my duty to let public know the statements he made. I never said hinduism is all sane, only i said is islam is also equally insane !! Gandhiji did not criticise islam, while he did hindu and xtian !!!Gandhiji is an inspiration for me, but i can not say he is my only inspiration..!

    • I used to admire MKG in my childhood days, probably more than others, always reflecting his courage on speaking truth.

      With the information flowing out about his overall personality and dark hues and shades, all of that respect had already evaporated! I am in a state, where that name irks me. Good that you still draw inspiration from him.

      All the best and love.

  8. […] my take on nathuram godse in my old blog. click here national days ← Black Money – 1500000 million $ in one […]

  9. sanjeevirao says:

    Having read Godse’s court statement “May It Please Your Honour” long back I’m not having any animosity to him. Even the judge who delivered verdict later on reported to have said” if the audience in the court hall had been juries Godse would have been judged innocent. The purported crime should be assessed with ref. to the motive.

    • Gopi says:

      And also the result. The result was turning of a failed, helpless politician (Gandhiji) into a top icon and huge damage to the cause he claimed to hold dear (Hindu Nationalism). It took many decades to wash – partly – this taint off Hindu Nationalism~

  10. Gopi says:

    Gandhi and Godse: A review and a critique – by Koenraad Elst

  11. It is amazing fact. However we have all been brainwashed by system to never look at truth. I really would like to read the official recorded version of the prosecution of ghodse and the defense

  12. Chakri says:

    Really a good post….
    An Eye Opener for everybody (Well.. If they are not sealed completely by the Hypocritical Lessons we have been learning from childhood….)
    I hope everybody starts thinking on this………..

    I feel lucky to come across this blog while searching for books written by Nathuram Godse…….

  13. esshridhar says:

    Dear Nationalizer,
    In this blog you have echoed my views.While I am ardent Gandhi fan (though not a Gandhian) I am certainly not a Nathuram hater. Nathuram will be remembered as long as Bapu is. Every assassin -if I have to use that term- has his own reasons. I am sure Godse knew that if he had not killed Bapu, Mahatma would not have lived very long thereafter based on his age. The point is was Justice delivered by hanging NVG? This was a complex case which involved questioning an individual group’s religious freedom. He took the extreme step of killing Mahatma. Did the law and therefore justice make a provision for majoritarian view of this land called Bharatvarshis? Even today it is sadly NO. Under the garb of secularism we are slowly and steadily decimating the sentiments and aspirations of the majority. God save this nation. Jai Bharat

  14. Sachin says:

    Very useful information. Thank you for sharing it.

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