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mediamafia and internet hindus

It was exactly one week ago that my exams started and since it is not a healthy practice to concentrate on politics and all during exam time I just suppressed my desire to write about #barkhagate and #mediamafia controversy which also started trending the same day when my exams started and which is trending even now after my exams finished! So what is so much “halla bol” about this gates (‘barkhagate , virgate ,  etc) ? Was it a new information for many of us that media in general and ndtv in particular is pro congress and anti “rightwing “ ? Obviously it is not for me and many other internet hindus in twitter. Since I started watching english media , I felt it is always reporting against bjp ( because of its hindutva agenda ) and pro congress (pro first family of congress).

So what is #mediamafia which is at present trending in twitter ? It is nothing but underlining the fact which internet hindus already knew, that is many journalists in national english media have an anti hindu or in otherwords an anti indian agenda. I am not saying all those who criticise media would love to be clubbed under the tag “internet hindus”. Many tweeples have called me “communal” for using this term for the fight going on between tweeple and the media ! For their info , it is not we who called ourselves IHs , but the host of “face the nation “ show in cnn ibn , mrs sagarika ghose was the first to use this term. We accepted the term and are proud of it. We are hindus and we do not differentiate between the hindu identity and the indian identity. Every citizen in india is a hindu and those who are using internet for the cause of india are internet hindus !!

Many IH s are blockedby these mediamafia. I was blocked by @sardesairajdeep @sagarikaghose and @bdutt , @virsanghvi for unknown reasons. I have not used any derogatory terms against them and have only asked criticised them. Why did they block us ? because they cant answer our questions , they called us loonies and finally we all know who is running like a mad girl defending herself ? The #barkhagate controversy was just a tool for us to enlighten other tweeples. So it is indeed a blessing for internet hindus!

Some doubts are yet to be cleared about #mediamafia.


Mr virsanghvi wrote in his Counterpoint: Is the RSS run by crackpots?

And in the tapes vir spoke like this

What kind of story do you want? Because this will go as Counterpoint, so it will be like most-most read, but it can’t seem too slanted, yet it is an ideal opportunity to get all the points across.

Now my question is who was on the other end who wanted this story about RSS ??


barkhadutt was busy blocking the loonies who accused her of being a congress agent? Now will she block all the “lynch mobs”?


Now will the media interospect or will realise their opponents are not that weak as they were in the past?


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