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The pastor and kini debate !!

This is from a  letter of “saint” Francis Xavier who was in mission to baptise goa !

As I go through the Christian villages, I often pass by the temples of the Brahmins, which they call pagodas. One day lately, I happenedto enter a pagoda where there were about two hundred ofthem, and most of them came to meet. me. We had a longconversation, after which I asked them what their gods enjoinedthem in order to obtain the life of the blessed. There was along discussion amongst them as to who should answer me.At last, by common consent, the commission was given to oneof them, of greater age and experience than the rest, an oldman, of more than eighty years. He asked me in return, whatcommands the God of the Christians laid on them. I saw theold man’s perversity, and I refused to speak a word till he hadfirst answered my question. So he was obliged to expose hisignorance, and replied that their gods required two duties ofthose who desired to go to them hereafter, one of which was to abstain from killing cows, because under that form the godswere adored; the other was to show kindness to the Brahmins,who were the worshippers of the gods”

Taking information from these letters , the following is the conversation that might have happened between them  ( my imagination , which can be very much true also, (kini,pai,naik are surnames of gsb konkani brahmins , and pastor is francis xavier )

One evening in the year of 1543

Pai : re kini, to patiri eylo assa !( that pastor has come )

Kini : oh koncho ki ? (which pastor ?)

Pai: to re ,peri anga ammi jevnche vallari eylolo ? (the same who had come when we were having lunch )

Kini : ho tove ? ath itya monu kalna ettha ? (oh is that he ? donno y he  is coming now ? )

Pai : oh takka ithiki dharma vishayari ullovnncha assa monu sangun ta aiyla !! (he says he has something to talk about religion ?)

Kini : vai ve ? vaccha bitheri evnka nakka tane, avnka bhaiyra vochun ullovya !! (better not allow him to come inside, let us go and meet him)

Pai : mr patiri pls be seated in the bench there !!!

Pastor : okay !! praise the lord !

Kini : ok shall we start ?

Pastor : yes , what is your religion teaches you ?

Kini : sorry our religion doesnot teach us anything , we have some duties and we are happy doing that duties?

Pastor : ok what are your duties ?

Kini : we being brahmins, our duty is to teach and practice dharma !!

Pastor : it seems that you have many gods to worship , why is that so?

Kini : yes in a sense , we have many forms of god to worship and we celebrate the diversity.

Pastor : you are worshiping idols made of stones !!

Kini : god is everywhere in stone also, it is only that we invoke the god in that stone !

Pastor : but that is illogical , god can not be in stone !

Kini : yes , may be that is what your religion teaches you !!

Pastor : yes and it is only truth !

Kini : we do not mind  , every one has the right to think what he believe is true  !

Pastor : do you know about our god !

Kini : no , but I will be interested to know about your god !

Pastor : ours is only the true god and he is jesus christ , he only can cure ur illness , he is a historical person , without worshipping him you wont be allowed to enter heaven, you will be living an afterlife in hell !

Kini : hell and heaven concept is there in our philosophy also , but unlike you we do not say if we do not worship some god, we willl go to hell and all !! we say paropakaram punyam, papam parapeedanam (helping others is virtue, and sin is harming others ) and papa leads to naraka , and punya leads to heaven.

Pastor : no u will suffer if u do not worship jesus christ , he is the only way ?

Kini : I do not know about this god , but if u worship him we also respect your person of worship ?

Pastor : it is not enough, you need to stop all these foolish and devil practices , and start the praise of the lord jesus christ!!

Pai (shouts) : re naik mam ,kadi re baddi , to avngel deva khellu loru ta aiylla !! (hey naik ,take that stick , he is insulting our gods )

Kini : re , rab vellu jallona (time has not come for it )  ,

( to pastor ) hey, please use your words carefully !

Pastor : the lord will shower curse upon you !!

Kini : We do not want such a god who sees his devotees like slaves. Rather we call it devilish practices ,

Pastor : I will see to it that all this foolish practices is stopped , do you know who is ruling this place of yours !

Kini : we very well know but we do not fear, we are not cowards !!

Pastor : so best of luck!  Bye

Kini : yes ! dharmo rakshati rakshitah !

( Pastor left them . he was very angry as he could not baptise us )

Pai : kini , to koppan ta gella, avngele aalalagii tayyar javnu rabbu sanghath ve ! ((he is angry , shall I ask naik to arrange securit for temples?)

Kini : vai, te naika laggi avngele devllak rakku sangh ! (ask that naik to protect temples)

Pai : re naik , savdhan , Taggele aala toghadevalleri devvall pharu ethani ! (they will come to loot our temples ).

Kini : deva , avnka raaki ! (please god , help us ).

(But in that letter it seems that the pastor has twisted the story , because if it had been the case , no one would have left goa , it is only because we can not leave our dharma, that we are forced to leave the place which belonged to us. So I have not subscribed to what the version that those brahmins were baptised  at the end of conversation, but I refer to the brahmins who were quite learned ! )


4 Comments on “The pastor and kini debate !!”

  1. Ranganaathan says:

    Dharmo rakshati rakshitah, Well narrated, true those ppl. who were so courageous would have been killed, punished as a non-believer & the survivors migrated. That has been the fate of the courageous of our Nation…We are still here, preserving (even i would say trying to preserve) our Dharma..Well said..ashok ji.Jai Hind..Vande Mataram

  2. sreenivas says:

    yes, well naratted conversation,
    really gud…..
    but u missed ‘kamath’ in this conversation…..!!!
    just joking….
    go on buddy

  3. ashok kini says:

    yes kammath will be in next part !!! this is only one part , there is more things yet to come out !!

    • Sachith Bhat says:

      But the most important person you missed in this conversation is Vadhyar/Bhat, who is a part of all matters related to temples & our dharma.

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