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The Narendra Modi


I have only a vague memory about the day when I first heard about narendra modi, and when I look back I think I heard it when modi won the elections after the 2002 riots and some sangh supporters celebrated his victory here. I was too young at that time to think about politics and I even do not know what the sangh is all about. But the name “Narendra Modi” whom we now affectionately call as NaMo, got automatically added to my minds “favourite” list! Even after this 8 long years neither I nor the five and a half crore gujrathis and million other hindus did not delete him from their “favourite” , but rather they seemed to have subscribed to him ! we do not know why we support modi, even though as of now we are not under his governance, and many of us have never visited gujrat! There is indeed something which attracts us to him, and this is my little attempt to discover that secret.

The timing of this post has nothing to do with “SIT gives clean chit to modi” news, except from the fact that this made me remember some thoughts about narendra modi. We have never held him guilty, and we are in no need for any certificate on his innocence. Many words have been put out of context in his mouth, the famous being his “action and reaction theory”. I myself has searched many times to hear a “communal” speech of narendra modi , but I could not find any in the net. As far as I could understand modi is not a “togadia” when he speaks, this does not mean I disrespect praveen bhai. So no one can nail NaMo by citing any speech of his. The other allegation is that “he willfully allowed the post godhra riots to happen”, this myth also busted when SIT reports came out today. What I can understand from the reactions of the left and human right activists like teesta is that they want to punish modi and make him an anti muslim face and install themselves as a defender of muslims and hence continue to be in power. The left is a bit worried after the local body elections in gujrat saw muslims voting for the BJP.

So what makes narendra modi great ? I myself has thought this many times. I have never seen him, never been affected by his governance, am not a bjp worker , so what is so special about him ? I had confused myself with thoughts like “ is he not just like any other political leader “ ? But everytime I refuse to agree with my confusions. For me narendra modi is a perfect politian, the man who stood firm to his ideology and answered his opponents with his silent work for the development of his state. For me he is a perfect swayamsevak , who always dream to work for “param vaibhavam” of hindurashtra. Again he is like a hero of bollywood films who is flawless and who always stand for rightousness.

Politics in sanskrit is “rashtra tantra”. “Tantra” means an “art” or it is a “trick”. So combining these meanings it means it is an “art of ruling a nation “. In a democracy pople are the rulers , hence onus is on us to think about “ rashtra tantra” . by running away from politics ,we will reach no where. So we are a part of good and bad sides of it, although the latter predominates the former. So those who want to selflessly serve the nation may join the good side. In that way I see the good side in modi, and always want to see good things come from him. I am sure majority of apolitical and political gujrathis will join me on the good side of politics because they know and they have experienced the goodness.

Now we all need to agree to the point that the post godhra riots made him a hero and a villian to many for whatsoever reasons. The local goons of Godhra set the fire on the boggy in which the “karsevaks” were travelling , and 59 of them died , and in the riots that followed many HINDUS and MUSLIMS lost their life. No doubt that the percentage of muslims who were killed by angry hindu mobs is quite high, but sometimes the fate is cruel to one particular community at certain times. During the mughal sultanate rule, many hindus were killed and many wells were buried using their dead bodies. No commission was there to investigate that time unlike today,and gujrat is one of the most affected state of islamic terrorism. The history of somnath temple shows us the cruelity of islamic invaders as well as the spirit and nationalism of gujrathis. So hindus also had once faced the “cruel fate”. Muslims are prey to their own terrorist ideology, their easily brain washable mind is prone to harm themselves. So after the post godhra riots happened, the “modi” came to center stage of politics. Some honoured him with the title of “hindu hridaya samrat” , and some other called him a “mass murderer of muslims”. Both of them had their own politics to call him what they called him. But I belong to that group of people who are proud of him because he never compromised his stand on hindutva, nationalism and patriotism.

Modi is a swayamsevak, and since I have observed how the sangh function , I can draw many parallels between him and sangh. Like a pracharak, he is a bachellor and hence can dedicate his full time to the service of nation. The nation first ideology that he propagates is derived from sangh. The military discipline he seeks from his officers is just another way of sangh functioning. So I love him more because he is like sangh and not of the “congressed” bjp type.

So narendra modi is a phenomenon of indian politics who have inspired many , who is a hero to many , for many reasons. I always want to believe what I wrote about him is right to its fullest , the only way I can check it will be when he becomes the Prime Minister of my country. So hoping for the day when he rules this nation of mine, and hope it will be one of the happiest day of my life. I bow to gujrat who are lucky enough to have got the Chief Minister they rightly deserve. Once again , NaMo Gujrat.. NaMo Bharat !!


13 Comments on “The Narendra Modi”

  1. Keep writing your Blogs..We need tons of blogs on india and do read old books written by British etc on india.Will show you the bais and the manipulation of British empire..

  2. I remember my first experience in NaMo land. Mumbai – Vadodara Highway at 2005. To a person like me from Karnataka where highways are normally 2 lanes, It was like moving on Foreign country!!
    Later in 2009 I stayed in Vadodara for more than year. I felt the development mantra everywhere. People are proud to having NaMo as their CM. Really NaMo can only give proper shape to emerging India.

  3. Gauttam says:

    excellent write up bro… NaMo is the future of india…. India needs him badly… hope we get him as our PM from 2014 onwards…

  4. Amit Kumar says:

    Jai Shree Ram..
    Vande Mataram

  5. Lalit Bhatia says:

    JAI SHREE RAM, My brother Ashokji, what to say about your writtings, no words, just simple you are great. Do keep up the good work,we need it.

  6. K.Sanjeevi Rao says:

    Besides being a swayamsevak since 33 years,I have been an admirer of Narendramodi for long. Once when he attended a function in Chennai Thuglak Anniversary. I could not attend even when I wished. So I procured the CD of the function and watched it. Wonderful speech. Your compliments for NAMO is not only for him but for the good governance. Keep it up. Congrats. #vandematharam #Jaihind #Bharathmatha ki Jai.

  7. Anil R Pai says:

    great writings…………keep it up……………:)

  8. sreenivas says:

    superb bro……….

  9. VOXINDICA says:

    Your analysis of Sri Narendra Modi is quite balanced. In retrospect, it appears Sri Modi has been most unfairly vilified to fuel the commercial appetites of nascent 24×7 television and certainly helped making the careers of some of its personae. It is ironical your apt comment comes at a time when nemesis seems to have caught up with some of those <personae and their employers in the exposes of their nefarious ‘quid pro quo‘ wheeling-dealing and financial malfeasance!

  10. Chirag Shah says:

    Nice article man…..

  11. Sachith Bhat says:

    Narendra Modi becoming India’s PM is a distant and near to impossible dream you are seeing

    Wake up, Ashok!

    Voters will vote for BJP……

    But when actual counting begins, dirty political drama ensures the opposite result.

    So without BJP gaining mojority in our nation, we will never witness NaMo as our PM.

    All we can do is HOPE for the CHANGE…….

  12. […] him and He deserves us as well. Having said this let me come to the topic. Narendra Modi, about whom I have written in the past as well, is a phenomenon. People love him for many reasons, some other people hate him […]

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