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Beware of Media

Binayak Sen has been sentenced of life imprisonment on charges of sedition by a Raipur court for helping the Maoists in their fight against the state.  As the name suggest he is not a saffron terrorist, but a maoist sympathisers cum a civil rights activists. The “secular” media seems outraged at this verdict and they were quite open in criticising the judgement and also they have lined themselves behind the mao sympathisers. But my problem is not that they exercise their right to freedom of thought to support any man on accounts of human rights, even they have exercised the right to debate whether Afzal Guru should be hanged.let them do it if it gives them the pleasure they seek.

It is to be noted that the same channels who are rallying behind the mao and seperatist sympathisers like arundathi roy and geelani , they do not apply the same yardstick when a “hindu” terrorists are caught. Take the case of Sadhvi Pragya, She is accused in Malegaon blast case , and the charges against her is not yet proved , but she has not been allowed bail on grounds of MCOCA, a draconian law like POTA. Same is the case of COL purohit and latest Swami Aseemanand. Now indresh kumar, Rss leader , is only named  in the chargesheet, they twist the news that his name is chargesheeted. So those who wear saffron dress and work for a hindu cause and their sympathisers and supporters have no human rights ? I am not claiming they are innocent , I don’t know ,but they also deserve the same treatement (if not more) as these anti nationals get. So media needs to re think about their impartiality and agendas if they plan a future in this nation.

So who are these maoists ? Maoists are the group of people who have no food to eat and starve out of poverty , but has an AK47 guns and bombs in their hands. They are denied education in government schools, but these Intellectuals take them free classes to work against the government of india. They do not have any mainstream support, but has the support of majority of english speaking media. So maoists are a peculiar kind of people in this nation of ours. And binayak sen was a pediatritian who treated these children and in a kangaroo court , he was punished with life sentence for treating this mao kids. This is the overall picture of maoists that we get from the respected media. If any one got confused with these statemnts , do not worry, so are all.

Not trying to confuse you more, the same maoists killed the swami lakshmananda of khandamal , who was working for the upliftment of the tribals. The evangelist maoist nexus has now been exposed , when the  reports say Sen used evangelist money to fund maoists. For media lakshmananda was a terrorist who converted the christians by force, but binayak sen is a doctor. Enough is enough, dear media , we promise you will be exposed and all will laugh at you someday. The street  kids will shout ” the king is nude ”.

These are the tweets which sagarika ghose of cnn ibn made when she hurt the “tragic case of binayak sen “.

  1. “Shocked at the Binayak Sen verdict. The corrupt go scot free, a doctor is convicted of treason. Can a man who spends his life working among the poor, as a paeditrician, be anything but loyal to his country?”

Dear lady, corrupt get scott free ,  does that mean if a doctor who is accused of sedition should not be punished ? And about swami lakshmananda was working among the poorfor last 40 years or so , what is your stand upon him ?

  1. Two of the laws under which Binayak has been convicted are themselves being questioned. my heart goes out to brave Ilina and their daughter.

Why are you so worried about their family. Does not the police officers who were killed by these maoists have no families? Why does not your heart go to them ?

Almost all the journalists from cnn ibn and ndtv are quite worried about the fate of binayak sen (check their tweets ?

I wonder when will they start worrying about the nation ?

Or atleast about themselves…………


5 Comments on “Beware of Media”

  1. sreenivas says:

    yep ….. still these guys says afzul guru is human so should not be hanged….
    wot abt the famalies of the jawans including a lady security …arent they humen????
    they dont deserve “neethi”…..!!!

  2. ranganaathan says:

    Ashokji, yes it is so true that the media is hyping up the case of Sen, but isnt it their paid job to do so, arent the MSM acting on the behest of Vatican masters who need these dividends. lets stop watching these crazy channels & ensure its demise, so that from then on the other media will reflect neutral events.
    Jai Hind..Vande Mataram

  3. arunnnnn says:

    hell with these biased human rights n crap pvt media which sprung up from no where only to save animals pretendin as humans….:-x

  4. ashokmkini says:

    these maoists and all terrorists are “manushya rupena mriga : charanthi !! quite true !!!!”

  5. Jaymin Panchal says:

    A vey succintly put thoughts a real nioce effort. congrats

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