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Distinguishing the Incomparables : RSS and SIMI

Before I start the simple task I have undertaken, ie distinguishing the incomparables , let me make it clear the reasons behind attempting this. The year saw the rise of wikileaks , and also as a byproduct of the wikileaks there were many fake wikileaks and one of them is diggyleaks which said saffron outfits are terrorising people , and another is raul leaks to US ambassador that saffron terror is of more concern than that of terror emanating from Pakistan and Lakshar E Toiba. As the malagaon accused  are again denied bail on the grounds that if they are left out the trio will turn this secular hindusthan to a hindu  hindurashtra , and one RSS worker from my state who moved to gujrath six years ago is under watch for ajmer bomb blast case , and the following media hallabol, made me more and more crazy to attempt the topic.

So raul baba err.. Rahul Gandhi started it by saying “both these organisations have fundamentalist ideology … “ in his typical italio spanish style , the whole of congress echoed the prince’ word, and made the digvijay singh , the sole head of diggyleaks as the chief propogandist. (It is important to note that Rauls great grandfather, whom we passionately call chacha nehru, was also a criticiser of RSS, who invited the RSS to republic day parade for some (unknown !!)  reasons. ) The RSS protested it democratically, the remark of the “only youth(age 40) polititian” of congress, and later he was wikileaked nad now he went into hiding. The diggyleaks carried on the work raul had started, with the blessings of mata soniaji (antonio maino), and ended up himself as a cartoon figure. The latest hallabol which inspired me to write this post came from a local, marxist  news channel which showed the clippings of RSS camp and clubbed the news that one RSS activist under watch for ajmer case and 17 simi activist for their secret camp in wagamon. The sinister idea of marxists may not fool the people of kerala and india, we very well know.

Coming to the core of the topic,   what makes them differnet, the Rashtriya SwayamSevak Sangh and the Students Islamic Movemment if India.First of all we need to understand what is RSS, their objectives, and the way they work to realise the dream. The dream of RSS is very much stated in their daily sangh prarthana : विजेत्री च नः संहता कार्यशक्तिर् विधायास्य धर्मस्य संरक्षणम् । परं वैभवं नेतुमेतत् स्वराष्ट्रं  समर्था भवत्वाशिषा ते भृशम्  ! (May our victorious organised power of action, by Thy Grace, be wholly capable of protecting our dharma and leading this nation of ours to the highest pinnacle of glory). Sangh wants to see a spiritually, economically , culturally strong India , hindu rashtra. Its ultimate aim is not “to create” HINDURASHTRA , it is to preserve the HINDURASHTRA from the attack from inside and outside fanatical elements who attack hindus in the name of faith. HINDURASHTRA is not something that will happen in the future , but it is the HINDUSTHAN we all live in now. If you still have doubts whether india is a HinduRashtra , please read on….

A nation is identified on the basis of the behaviour of the people living in it , their national symbols , and the history. So  india is , without no doubt identified for the multi dimensional views on spirituality and religion, which is an alien concept to islam and christianity. So we the indians,never say christianity and islam are false, but rather we say it is also true, although many of  the followers of semitic religion are forced to believe hinduism is demonic and foolishness. So  you can see the people of india are essentially hindu in  their perspective, culture and traditions. Now coming to national symbols,  many of the national symbols of india lotus,tiger, peepal,ganga  are  are intrinsic to the Indian and hindu identity and  heritage. . Also history of our freedom struggle starting from mughal invasion underlines india was /is /(will be ?) a Hindu Rashtra which has adopted secularism, ie people of any faith can freely practice anything, provided it is not in any way hurt the sentiments of any other religion.

So RSS is not day dreaming about Hindu Rashtra, but they are working hard publically to preserve it as so , from the attacks of SIMI like organisations. Their daily shakas are open to anyone , their camps are held at public places, and it do not demand neither privacy nor publicity.  So what about SIMI, their goals and way of functioning ? SIMI as such is a secret organisation which is working for Pak Based Terror outfits to expand the territories of Islamic Republic Of Pakistan. The SIMI guys wont deny this , but yeah our secular guys will say they are working for the poor muslims in India and by saying thus these respected secularists  let down the nationalist muslims of India. SIMI is a banned organisation as of now, and the Indian Mujahidin is a pseudoname of simi, which has carried out several bomb attacks in several parts of our country in which many people (read kafirs) had died.  SiMi believes in violent methods to realise their day dreams of an islamic india , and pride themselves being the sons of mohammad ghasni and aurangazeb.

So dear secular (read sickular) politicos and media houses of india, you can draw similarities between India and Pakistan, because they were one part of akhandh bharat, but never ever try to compare RSS and islamic outfits, for whatsoever agenda you may have. The people of India are brilliant enough to differentiate the incomparables, the future will prove  it for you , and you will repent for your selfish actions..

Vande Mataram


5 Comments on “Distinguishing the Incomparables : RSS and SIMI”

  1. ksanjeevirao says:

    Wonderful pic. It proves dat animosity between communities is fuelled only by the politicos. Common people understand the neceesity of coexistence &mutual respect.

  2. Anil Kohli says:

    Hi Ashok,

    Forge ahead. We Indians will defeat the designs of the extremists(disguised as secularists) who are out to cause irreparable damage to the social fabric of our great country.

    People are awake and will not be swayed as they desire. A large family does have its difference and will also find ways to settle these without loss of life or spilling of blood.

    We have and shall co-exist peacefully.

  3. Mahalingam says:

    extremism & communalism is the enemy within!!! combat it!!!

  4. B K CHOWLA says:

    I have always maintained that communal problems are in existence because of political parties.In India Congress ha splayed politics of communal divide and results are there for everyone to see.
    Can you send this picture to congress HQs?

  5. Gauttam says:

    the pic attached to the post is brilliant… RSS are patriots and SIMI are terrorists… those who think there is no difference between the 2 are either retards or TRAITORS….

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