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I guess all of you know the importance of todays day,  ie “kashmiri Pandits exile day” , Main stream media never report the democratic protests of kashmiri hindus who were forced  out of their homes by violent islamists in kashmir in 1990s. I have always wondered why I feel so sad about kashmiri hindus,their fate and the tragedy they faced.But then I remember the cruel fate both of us faced, may be at different times, I understand my cause of concern for my brothers and sisters  in north india . If the kashmiri pandits were forced out from kashmir, my ancestors were forced out from Goa,for the former islamic terrorism was the cause,for us it was christian terrorism. Both of us fled our homelands we loved more than ourselves, for keeping our traditions and dharmic duty alive before they would be  butchered by extremists, we both are now away from our homes. Now the temples which our forefathers made for our dieties are either remaining demolished or are modified to churches and mosques in our respective home lands.

We are different in some respects, that we the Gowda Saraswath Brahmins faced the same tragedy in 16th century AD. Now we are happilly living in coastal areas of karnataka and kerala, and we already forgot the sufferings of our Great Grand Fathers, or it will be right to say time washed away our memories. We now never want to go back and settle in Goa, only because the memories of Goa has faded and quite disappeared from the very genes of our community.But personally I think it is a matter of times and circumstances  that led us to think  differently from KPs. I am quite sure , if we had the exodus happened in 20th century, we surely would be fighting to get our GOA back.

The kashmiri Pandits,may be I heard about them and their exodus from kashmir when BJP lost the general elections in 2004.I did not know the alphabets of politics that time , but I still remember the conversations between my relatives atttributing the loss of BJP to their inaction on the Kashmiri Pandit issue,and also about their  Ayodhya Ram Mandir  issue. I probabbly heard about kashmiri pandits for the first time during their conversation .Much later when I got access to internet and magazines, I  read more about them and later came to know more about Kashmiri Pandits.

When I see the kashmiri muslims throwing stones at indian army and shouting “azadi.. azadi” , at the same time hoisting Pakistani flag in Lal Chowk, I have many a times wondered whether these all problems would have ever occurred if Kashmir was Hindu Majority , as it usd to be,once long ago. The latest issue is more than just horrible, the opposition party is criticised by the Government of India for their plans of hoisting national flag in the place where pakistani flag was hoisted by the seperatists. No abnormalities of  this kind  would have happened if kashmir was a hindu majority state,or at least it had a drop of hindu blood,once it used to have.

On this occasion of their 22nd year in exile,I from the bottom of my heart pledge my support to them,at the same time I feel very guilty at times, I could not do anything for their cause. Inaction against Injustice is a sin,more sinful than the original sin itself. Like Bheeshma, we all just repent the acts of duryodhanas around us, but never raise a small finger against Adharmis. It is time that we come out as Vidhuras and Bheemas, instead of shedding tears like the old man of Mahabharata.,The time has come to throw  the blind Dritharashtras and old Bheeshmas around us and regain the well deserving Hastinapura throne….!!

I was only two year old  when the cruel exodus of kashmiri hindus happened , and I dream  to see all kashmiri pandits happily living  in their homeland Kashmir,atleast two years befor I die…!!!!

Vande Mataram !!

please go through for more information about kashmiri pandits !!!

ALso Pls read We,the Hindus by Deshdazz

And plight-of-kashmiri-pundits By sudhir pai !!


3 Comments on “KashmiriHindus”

  1. Lalit Bhatia says:

    Kashmiri Pandits complete 21 years out of their homes, and we could only say that we stand by them. We should feel guilty, we could not do anything concret for their cause.
    I can understand their pain as my parents have also faced in 1947.

  2. In India, things sadly wouldn’t happen unless political muscle is flexed. Sadly, when minority appeasement is the order of the for vote bank politics, taking strong decisions on a Muslim majority state will remain elusive. Also, there is vested interest in keeping the Hindu-Muslim divide intact because Hindu anger towards Muslims will only unite Muslims to vote in unison for the party that appeases them the most.

    The only way the exodus of the Kashmiri Pandits can be reversed today is by repealing the provisions under Article 370 of the Constitution. Only then, people from other parts of the country can dilute the concentration of the anti-national forces operating in the Valley. For this, our only weapon is our vote.

  3. VOXINDICA says:

    I have a personal friend who had to dispose of personal property worth Rs 2 crore for a paltry Rs 35 lakh around 1989-90 and run away to Jammu to save his family from being butchered.

    It was at the time the barbaric Islamic militants were taking control of the valley and resorting to ethnic cleansing.

    My friend was lucky he could salvage something of his property and begin a new life. For a majority of others it is a wretched life in “camps”.

    Our secular polity abandoned this intellectual community to a wretched plight just as the Jews were driven away from many Christian nations two thousand years ago.

    The Jews could reclaim their land in 1948. Till then they used to greet each other with “Next year in Jerusalem!” Let’s pray the Pandits too will return home soon.

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