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The Makara Jyothi Agenda

Well before the souls of those who parted with their human bodies, as a result of the stampede in pulumedu, near Sabarimala, would have crossed the ‘vaitarani’ river , the self claiming intelligent Keralites started debating whether the cause of their  deaths is their faith itself. The debate has already started  on the topic “makarajyothi – man made or divine”, where both atheists and theists say it is man made. The atheist accuse the theists that they have given it a ‘divine’ , but the theist do not accept the allegation. But who gave it a supernatural tag, is worth debatable.?

Following is a newscliping from ndtv, where rahul easwar, the grand son of the priest family, explains it two years ago.

So the tantri family, or the melshanti family have not attributed any ‘supernaturality’ to the makaravillakku. Then WHO ?

Below is the video clipping of ponnambalamettu :

The athiest have investigated about this and have a well documented Video clipping,which proves their claim.

The sabarimala remains closed(except for 5 days every month)  for all the year except one month, which is called mandala kalam , the makarajyothi even is only a part of  this sabarimala season, more pilgrims come to have a darshan of ayyappa than to see the makaravillakku on sankranthi day. So why give so much importance to the particular day? Who gave it?

The very place this dirty debate is taking place, are responsible for equating makaravillakku with sabarimala. The media gave it undue importance, and is not very surprising to see the atheist communist media like kairali tv, and government controlled doordarshan are also giving a misinformation to the viewers. Why i said its not much surprising is because the goverment here are having a wrong notion that devotees are fools. They are only interested in the money put there by those fools.. The tragedy happened, and it is clear that, it happened because of the security lapse and poor arrangement at the place where it happened. So the government who use the money of ayyappa for ‘other’ purpose is more than fully responsible for the tragedy. Instead of thinking of making the government answerable, we are debating the faith of those who died. What can be more insulting to the parted souls?

The government of India, guarantees its citizens right to worship anything or anyone, above and below the sun.  Even if the makaravillaku is manlit, he can worship it, just like he worship the deeparadhana in the temple. If anyone is there who are unaware that it is manmade should be informed, just like we inform the people that our government is corrupt. Well known analogy to asking ‘whether all know this makaravillakku is man lit ?’ is ‘whether the government that we ourself have elected is corruptionless?’ . . If anyone is there who are unaware that it is manmade should be informed, just like we inform the people that our government is corrupt…!!

Now, as the athiests and the thiests, have no doubt in the fact that the light is not “divine” , but it is a custom of adivasis there, what really was the agenda ?

Hinduism is not a belief based on “miracles” like other semitic religions, The miracles have absolutely no place in hinduism, the main goal of Hinduism is to realise the secret behind the miracle called the “self” , and not that of outside. I doubt the agenda of anti Hindus was to make Sabarimala synonymus with makarajyothi, and finally prove it is fake, and they thought the Hindu will quit his “fake” religion and switch to “true” religions. To such day dreamers, the TIME will provide with answers .

The government should atleast now think about spending some money in sabarimala which they get from there itself, if they do not, the people should think whether to put the money in Government controlled Temples…!!

Swamiye Sharanam Ayyappa !!!

Note : ! for more details !!


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