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The tiranga debate

These tweets are indeed a shock for the people who care for the nation, the  citizens of democratic and republic india who are going to celebrate its 62nd republic day within a couple of days . These tweets are from none other than the Leader of opposition in Lok Sabha , Smt. Sushma Swaraj , who was not allowed to exit the airport in jammu by the Omar Govt . Reading the tweets , it seemed to me whether I am witnessing the arrival of “emergency rule” about which my parent’s generation have narrated to me in detail. A similar incident happened yesterday when karnataka BJP workers who boarded train to Jammu were insulted by routing the train back to the boarding station. It expose how the congress government at centre  opposes the unfurling of national flag in JK. The situation is getting more serious and alarming.

The unfurling of Tiranga at Lal chowk on republic day is a part of Bharatiya Janatha Yuva Morcha (BJYM)’s ekta yathra. They decided to hoist the national flag at Lal Chowk because it is a place which is very significant which has witnessed the hosting of pakistani flag many times in the past. So the reason to hoist national flag in Lal Chowk is justified from BJP s part ! So where is the problem ?

The Jammu and kashmir Chief minister himself explains and you can read from his tweets :

Now  JK democratically elected CM has fears about security issues in the valley that might happen in reaction to National Flag Hoisting by X, Y or Z. So the situation in valley , how much anti national the people  ther are, is visible from the statements of the person who represent them ! Now is it not a serious issue?  if a particular set of people are  anti india flag they are certainly anti indians and dealt in the same way that we should treat such criminals.

The journalist cutting across all the channels, have come together to call BJPs ektayathra a political gimmick and a pseudo nationalism. Well , every one including those who lobby for congress have the right to accuse a political parties. But the issue is far more serious than just BJP called pseudo nationalist. It expose the situation in Jammu and Kashmir. It is high time government of india do something else the nation will lose its crown. So coming back to the question of whether BJP is nationalistic or not, all I have to say is it doesnot matter at all. What you and I will gain if we prove the degree of nationalism BJP posess? The issue is some guys are having an immense desire to unfurl tricolor in Lal Chowk. They have determined to do it and they will do it. It is the fundamental right of any citizen of India to hoist National flag in any part of the country. If bjp is playing politics, let them, if it is testing nationalism of the people of kashmir , let them, but how can you not let them the right to exercise their fundamental right?

I have been following this debate from the beginning and I remember one debate from times now where a retired army man made a significant point about the whole controversy,he said he is not a BJP supporter , but he think that anyone has right to hoist national flag in any part of this country and the JK  government is duty bound to provide them security “. That was a sifnificant point that the army man made, which rajdeep sardesai deliberately forgot to quote.

Kashmir was /is /will/should remain the integral part of India at any cost. Many places in the Kashmir are occupied by Pakistan due to the inaction of Indian Governmen succumbing to internal and international pressure. It is high time we need to regain those lost parts of our crown before they will be sold to terrorists like lakshar e toiba. Similar controversy if you remember happened a few years before, and the topic of debate was “whether minorities should sing national song or not ?” . Today they are asking “whether any one can hoist national flag in places whether minority are a majority “. Tomorrow they will ask “whether we should sing national anthem or not ?”. Are we waiting for such a tomorrow or we are heading for a even worse fate  ?


2 Comments on “The tiranga debate”

  1. Anil Kohli says:

    Everyone one is entitled to their view and opinion.

    The fact is that they cannot pass value judgment. More so the discredited individuals in the media.

    Union and State Governments have put cart before the horse. Those opposing hoisting of the Tiranga are on the wrong side of the law and not those who want to hoist it.

    Pontifications not withstanding those who profess love for country, Flag and anthem forget that this involves being sensitive to feel such emotions.

    Oh god if only they had even a small measure of sensitivity in them they would have removed themselves from the profession of media given the humiliation they face on a daily basis.

    Such individuals cannot be taken seriously. For they lack credibility.

    Anil Kohli

  2. Raj says:

    Wow nice article. The truth is they want us to act like big brothers all the time forgetting and forgiving while our younger sibblings (kashmiri muslims or just muslims) riot, insult or berrate us

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