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Mahatma’s message

Many great men have had their death tragic , be it the Bhishma who was killed by his own nephew  Arjuna , Be it the jesus christ who was crucified by his own people. Gandhiji too joins the list of these great personalities who lead a selfless life for the nation and its freedom, but finally he was too assassinated by nathuram Godse , who thought Gandhiji is responsible for the division of the nation and humiliation of hindus. The foolishness that nathuram commited , made the organisations he associated with , particularlly the RSS(although he was never a part of it)  being insulted as the murderers of Gandhi. The write up is dedicated to Gandhiji and his several thought concerning the welfare and wellbeing of our country.

Now where all we see Gandhiji? In text books we learn about him, his stories connected with the Indian independence. In our public life we see his smiling face probably in every government offices where corruption is a daily happening. Everywhere and everytime we see his face in currency notes of every denominations, which we use for different purposes. Gandhiji has become the part of our day to day life, but the ideology he preached and practiced is becoming more and more alien to the very same people who use gandhiji for many selfish motives.

Gandhiji had a great vision for The free India. He dreamt India will be self sufficient, self reliant. But what we have become now ? We are not at all self sufficient, we do not produce any thing which our people need. The ghost of consumerism has already driven us crazy to the western and foreign goods. May be in the globalised world, a nation can not live depending on itself, but certainly a nation also can not live for long if it always depends on others for its daily life. Starting from the tooth paste we use every morning, everything is paradeshi. The vegetables that we eat today are contaminated with the fertilizers which are imported from the foreign countries. The vehicles we travel do not even have an Indian connection. It will be easy to list out what all Indian made goods we use daily, as the other list will be endless. So who is to blame ? The people or the government policy? Needless to say, we are both responsible and we both disrespect gandhijis concept of “swadeshi”.

The second and most important contribution of gandhiji to the world of secularism is that he brought both the Hindus and muslims under the name of Ram. No one could, during these times, ever imagine such a situation like this. Gandhiji was a practicing hindu and a person who heavily criticised the religious conversions. The latest judgement about Darra singh , who is convicted in an australian missionary murder case quotes Gandhiji who said : “ If I had the power and could legislate, I should stop all proselytizing. In Hindu households the advent of a missionary has meant the disruption of the family coming in the wake of change of dress, manners, language, food and drink.” Also many of the hindu christian conflicts happen due to the “conversion agenda “ of missionaries. Yes , there are many poor in this nation of 110 crore people , but the religious agendas mixed with poverty destroys the secular fabric of the country. That is why Gandhiji who understood the root cause of hindu-semitic religion conflicts , said without any hesitation that he is damn against conversion. The present government who strives with votes from organised minority pockets in South india , can not imbibe the Gandhijis ideas nor we should expect any anti conversion law will be passed by any parliament.
So if we can not change the corrupt and communal system that is existing in our country, what can we the common men do ? Our father of the nation has answers : “ be the change you want to see in others “. We can not fight against corruption if we ourselves are corrupt, we can not resist the conversion if we indulge in sinful practices like caste discrimination and allienation of poor! So we need to change our ways , and that will derive the energy to fight against injustice and anti national forces.

The most important principles of Gandhiji are truth and non violence, and the world need to pay much attention to these principles today. The “tit for tat” attitude serves no purpose, but on the contrary it worsens the situation. We have no right to take law into our own hands, and if we do , India will cease to exist. Our culture is not only about tolerence,.but also about acceptance. We should accept anything and everything from this world as Vedas proclaim “aa no bhadrah krithavo yanthu vishvata:”, also we should give everything that is ours to human society around us and then only our motherland will be lifted to pinnacle of glory.

Gandhiji was a yogi, and it is beyond words to describe about how he dedicated his entire life to the cause of nation. The present congress party should disassociate with Gandhiji’s Indian national congress, as gandhiji himself wanted to dissolve the party after gaining independence. May be , gandhiji know the degradation that could happen to the organisation. So the congress needs to think twice before marketting the Brand “gandhi”.Gandhiji would have never remained in congress if he were alive today.  The political system is suffering from the cancer of corruption, dynasty politics and violence.
Gandhiji’s Ram Rajya is a distant dream for all the followers of Ram and Gandhi. But the dreams of great men rarely go unrealised. Let us be optimistic enough to believe, the dream shall come true…..!!

PS: my take on nathuram godse in my old blog. click here


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4 Comments on “Mahatma’s message”

  1. Good article.. We see Gandhi ji’s photo all over, just to remind & advertise the surname “Gandhi” because our dynassty rulars are using this surname for political benifit. If Gandhiji’s suggestions are really implied than his 1st wish was to finish congress party after independence. He was against conversions. He Was against Cow Slaughtering.. I’m sure he must be an admirer of RSS too.

  2. Gauttam says:

    Gandhiji and Godse were both Nationalists in their own ways but the assassination oF Gandhi made him a martyr from a saint and Godse a criminal equivalent to Hitler. I respect both of them!!

  3. Mahalingam says:

    Well, in my opinion, i would say it is good Gandhiji is not here today… he would have been heartbroken on seeing all his efforts going in vain as the whole country is getting drowned in the matters of “crores” and “corruption” – the most dangerous “C”s we can find, worse than “Cancer”. So, Godse did justice to Mahatma actually.

  4. Karmasura says:

    Good article, some minor nitpicks though about home made products in India but indeed the thrust of that argument was in the direction I think is right – that we could help ourselves by being more self reliant. Other minor flaws are your thoughts about non violence being an ideal doctrine – well, the world can do without non violence, peace can be insured through MAD (not necessary the nuclear aspect of it) as well. Besides, Gandhi’s hold over Muslims was weaker than over Hindus, I wonder if you’ve read Godse’s testimony in court.

    Overall, we need to emulate Gandhi’s USP more – that he was able to generate a mass movement for the nation’s freedom and could connect with many people across the broad societal spectrum that we find in India.

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