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SC verdict and Uniform Civil Code

On february 9th the supreme court of India made an important observation, or in other words it observed what the people of this nation were/are always observing since India got independence. In a landmark judgement it said government’s attempts to reform personal laws don’t go beyond Hindus who have been more tolerant of such initiatives. Read more: Centre changed personal laws of only Hindus: SC – The Times of India. It also added “The Hindu community has been tolerant to these statutory interventions. But there appears a lack of secular commitment as it has not happened for other religions”.

As usual no main stream media discussed this issue, because they were busy reporting mubarak and egyptians. It is a fact that evrybody knows that there does not exist any Uniform Civil Code in our country which is actually must for a secular democratic country like ours. Only Bharatiya Janatha Party has such a mention about UCC in their election manifesto. Even they had got the power to Rule the nation for six years, they could not keep the promise it made, due the political and coalation pressure. The congress and the leftists who are secular to its core consider the Uniform Civil Code which is something anti minority and never talk about these issues.

Take a simple example of two laws that exist in our country : Hindus are supposed to observe monogamy and muslims can be polygamous. Why it is to be so ? Historically speaking both hindus and muslims practiced polygamy, but hindus evolved to monogamy, and muslims still practice the old laws. Now speaking it in terms of population, when a hindu couple have two kids, a muslim man-4 women have 8 kids (minimum)! So only the fools do not see any agenda of a population revolution behind this polygamy.

Uniform Civil Code will pay the way to a healthy Indian democracy, it must be made into reality,no use in keeping it in election manifestos.


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